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    Daughter of Hekate

    Alkaia | 23 | Demigoddess/Witch

    Alkaia was ashamed to admit... Well, no, that wasn't quite right. She could be rather open about her, eh, proclivities, in the right circumstances. Talking with some of her fellow soldiers she was fairly blatant about her feelings towards women and the lack of affection she had for men ("including you, assholes") and at taverns she might be seen with a lady on her lap, but that was different. It was advantageous and specifically planned then. Alkaia's preference for woman made her fit in among the male soldiers and in both situations stopped men from trying to put their hands on her. It was easier to make it clear they weren't wanted than to have to toss them away later and deal with both a fight and their fragile male egos when they inevitably lost. Yet, while she wasn't quite ashamed she certainly wasn't proud. She had experienced the sneers that came from onlookers, had heard the comments whispered under people's breath. Her own father, though Alkaia loved him so, had been repulsed by the idea. He didn't want to be stuck taking care of Alkaia her whole life because she was unfit to marry and he certainly hadn't liked the idea of Alkaia having to take care of not only herself but some other woman without the possibility of sons or husbands to support them.

    Alkaia liked the idea of herself, was committed to it, but was frightened of the judgement it would bring down upon her. Her mother had made it clear that she wasn't watching over Alkaia, especially not when she was off entertaining herself or working with her fellow soldiers, those were not places a woman like Hekate would bother dirtying herself. That was safe, the Titan would never hear of her daughter's activities there, but this? Talking of her fondness for women in front of another Goddess? One who might very well known Hekate, or say something to one who did? That was terrifying, utterly terrifying... Yet, Maia didn't seem judgmental, in fact she looked near tears. Was it truly that bad that Alkaia didn't want people to know? She didn't think she had kicked the blonde that hard, and even if she had the woman was immorta- "-I like girls too-" Oh.

    "Maia..." For the first time since she'd met the Goddess, Alkaia's tone softened with true, sincere apology. She hadn't meant to make Maia feel poorly about herself, not in the slightest, but the witch could see now how her vehement rejection might have negative implications if Maia felt the same way. Alkaia's lips curled into a quiet frown and she reached hesitantly across the table, reaching for the Goddess' hand. The waitress returned before Alkaia got there and the witch was forced to refocus. She looked towards Maia, waiting for the other woman to speak before coming to the conclusion that Maia wasn't going to be saying anything more until this was sorted out. With a heavy sigh, Alkaia thought it best to just order something generic and the barmaid wandered back with their order, this time looking a bit too concerned about the pouting patron and Alkaia's outstretched hand to try her luck at another shoulder touch.

    "Hey," Alkaia tried again, folding her arms and leaning into the table to get closer. She knew they had to talk about this, yeah, but she wasn't about to yell about it. The closer they were the softer she could speak. Besides, she wanted to be able to see Maia's face, get a feel for the other woman's reactions. "There's nothing wrong with it, but that's not the kind of thing people advertise down here. Women are meant to marry and have children, and with another woman that can't happen. It's not that w-" The witch stumbled over her words, that same panicked as before flickering in her eyes. Not 'we', but she couldn't say 'you' either because that was rude. "it is wrong it's just..." Brown eyes turned to the side as the witch struggled to find a word to explain. There didn't seem to be any that she could think of that could justify the dislike people had towards same gendered couples. It just was. The rich could get away with it but only if they already had someone else, someone traditional, that they were married to. "It just isn't done." There was a raw, quiet kind of sadness in the witch's voice. Longing, that was what it was. She needed to change the topic. Now. The witch cleared her throat and blinked rapidly, staring down at the varnish of the dark wood table for inspiration.

    "I think you're a child of Aphrodite." She announced, the idea coming to her as a relief. Truthfully it hadn't been a fully considered idea, just a topic she thought Maia would find attractive enough to be pulled back into conversation and out of her shell, but now that she'd said it... Well, the pieces fit rather nicely. "You are highly in touch with your emotions, blonde, beautiful, and you speak of love so freely. It's said that Aphrodite truly loves most of her children, so it might make sense why she gives you grand gifts and why you are so fond of her." The idea that one's mother would love them simply out of obligation or commitment to their child was not foreign exactly but neither was it at the forefront of Alkaia's mind. There was always a reason for love, so the little witch thought. "What do you think?"

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    Maia decided that she didn't like this world as much as she thought she did. Well, at least this certain aspect. She felt that every single person should be free to love who they wished, mortal or God. She couldn't help but feel powerless at the fact that she could do nothing to stop this prejudice against same sex couples. She always imagined that her soulmate was a woman, she could simply feel it in her bones. She wished she had some control over choosing how this world functioned and she thought that she ought to talk to whatever God was in charge of how this world was ran. But then she realized that the problem was rooted in humans and their hateful mindsets. Anything that was different was wrong and terrifying, even it was something as simple as a woman loving another woman. It left a sour taste in Maia's mouth. She glanced toward Alkaia, her blue eyes shimmering with a vulnerable nature. She looked almost like a fawn, wide eyed and staring with a child-like innocence. She didn't understand why this was something 'wrong' or something that was simply not done. She had a child's mentality in many things and this was one of them. She felt that love was simple and straightforward, that one couldn't help who they loved. And the fact that not all humans felt this way made her upset. She wanted to do all she could to prove to these humans that people could love who they wished but that was not how the world worked, as much as she wished it was. As she looked to her travel companion, she noticed that she felt bad for what she chose to say. She seemed to understand that Maia now felt that how she loved was wrong. She had never been with a woman or even been in love but she felt that that didn't matter. She knew she could love a woman the same she could love a man. She couldn't help but feel that she was wrong for this, for finding women just as beautiful as men. The Goddess had tears welled in her eyes as she looked to her companion as she called her name. Alkaia's tone had been gentle and even sincere and apologetic. It was unlike her and it caused Maia to pay closer attention to her. She inhaled shakily and her brows knitted together. She held one leg still tightly against her chest, her eyes becoming clouded as she grew more distraught. She had been mortal once, a Demi-Goddess. She had a mortal father, after all. But, she had never been condemned for how she chose to love. Then again, she had never been public about them because she had never found love with another person, even a woman. Maia gazed up slightly to see Alkaia move to gently try and grasp her hand and the blonde slightly hoped she would. She nearly frowned at her own thoughts. Why would she want comfort from a woman that was so keen on staying pessimistic?

    Alkaia finally spoke once more and Maia kept her head low. She didn't want to draw more attention to them than she already had. She bit the inside of her cheek, a single tear rolling down her cheek. Her whole life, she had been told that loving a woman wasn't wrong. And now, she was being told that it was in fact wrong and loving a woman just wasn't how things were done? It was very confusing for the young Goddess. She squeezed her eyes shut as Alkaia spoke again, causing her bottom lip to tremble. Another tear ran down her cheek, connecting with the other at her chin and dropping onto her borrowed cloak. Alkaia spoke that it simply isn't done and the thought made Maia want to grow angry at the world. She felt very torn and conflicted. She spoke of how women are meant to marry and have children and this caused Maia to slowly open her eyes. No, she told herself. That is not what women are meant for. Women are meant for whatever they wish to do. She heard a longing in Alkaia's voice and she felt this longing, wishing things could be different. The Goddess clenched her jaw. Alkaia then moved onto the next subject, as simple as that. Maia nearly scoffed. No, her mother wasn't Aphrodite. It didn't feel right to call her that. And she made a face when Alkaia mentioned the Goddess of love being blonde. Maia simply saw a blurry vision of the Goddess when she thought of her but she knew she wasn't blonde. She sighed softly, feeling a strange sick feeling in the pit of her stomach that she couldn't quite shake. Alkaia spoke her explanation as to why she might be Aphrodite's daughter and Maia chose not to correct her but rather sit there in silence. Their food arrived and despite the howling that her stomach had done before, Maia had lost her appetite. The blonde stood, her deft fingers on the table to stable herself. She looked to Alkaia, her usually soft features hardened into a frown and her eyes swimming with this new truth. "I'm not hungry, I'm going to the inn for the night." Maia said with a serious tone, her voice devoid of its usual bubbly optimism. She noticed Alkaia move to follow her or stop her as she moved away from the table. "Alone. I need time to think." Maia grumbled out, a bitter side of Maia showing that was extremely rare. She moved to exit the tavern, her steps as graceful as a swan.

    She made her way to the inn and she undressed herself. She tossed her torn and dirty silk gown to the side and bathed herself, crying and hugging her knees to her chest. She cried and cried until her throat gave out. And then, she dressed herself in some spare clothes Alkaia had and tucked herself into bed. She was too tired to keep crying so she fell into a deep sleep, distraught and feeling as if something was wrong with her to love who she loved. A brown owl was perched outside of the tavern and glared inside the window, right at Alkaia and seemed to be much more than the average owl if one paid enough attention. It seemed upset by the situation that had happened by Alkaia and Maia but brooded in silence.


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    Daughter of Hekate

    Alkaia | 23 | Demigoddess/Witch

    Alkaia didn't try to stop Maia from leaving. For one it wouldn't be practical, someone still needed to get the food and only one of them was immortal. Alkaia still had very human needs to be filled as well as her more supernatural ones, she would be casting a protection spell on their rooms later and that required a certain amount of energy that a long hard day of riding had sapped from her. She needed food, and perhaps even more important, Maia needed space. Alkaia was an advocate for boundaries... So long as they didn't put Maia in danger because by proxy that would mean Alkaia herself was in danger. Hera had been pretty clear about what happened to Alkaia if anything happened to Maia.

    Her food hit her tongue but held no taste. It sank to the bottom of her stomach like a rock and Alkaia resented it. She knew, or at least thought, that she hadn't done anything wrong. The world worked a certain way down here, and it certainly would be different if Alkaia was the one making the rules but she wasn't. Why should she feel badly because she told that girl the truth? It wasn't like she approved of it, and someone had to bring the poor naive thing into reality before she got them both killed somehow. Rationally, Alkaia knew she was innocent but she still left the tavern feeling like she wouldn't be able to look Maia in the eyes when she reached their room.

    It was a relief to find the Goddess already asleep in bed, even if it meant Alkaia was now down to just a single set of clothing and that she would be sleeping on the floor.

    Ali woke first, just before the sun started to creep into their room. It was for the best, she decided, since it left time to prepare for the day before her companion awoke. The majority of Alkaia's ill feelings had dispersed in her dreams but still she wasn't eager to find out how Maia would be feeling. This at least meant that the witch could gather herself before facing it.

    Ali folded her bedroll and padded quietly across the small room to the tub that was still filled with what Alkaia assumed was Maia's bathwater. It didn't look dirty and these days people didn't have the ability to be picky, but even still something felt sacrilegious about stripping down and reusing a Goddess's bathing stand while said Goddess slept. Still, Alkaia felt dirt crusting her face and sweat on her chest from the last two days without wash and decided it would be fine enough to dampen a cloth and wipe it along her exposed skin for a quick moment of relief. With that complete her attention turned elsewhere. Specifically, to her books.

    Despite knowing that she was going on the run and was limited to what she could fit in a few saddlebags, Alkaia hadn't in good conscious been able to leave her books behind, at least not the ones that mattered. In her pack was three books, all with leather bindings pressed with careful designs. One was Alkaia's first grimoire, the other her current spell book and the last was the latest tome that Circe had given her for her studies so she could continue to grow her magic while this quest continued. Pouches of useful materials were scattered throughout the bag as well, though Alkaia only removed a mint leaf to chew on and freshen her mouth rather than anything with a more magical purpose.

    Alkaia sat atop her folded bedspread, did some reading and then opened her grimoire to the proper page and began her morning prayers and meditation. Her pleas to Athena for wisdom and willpower as well as those to her mother for protection and strength were whispered as to not disturb Maia but Alkaia hoped that the Gods would hear her nonetheless. She doubted something as minuscule as volume would prevent her prayers from finding their way. She couldn't have known the words were trapped in a web of magic as they had been every day since Alkaia was old enough to speak to the Gods. She heard Maia wake- or at least get up- while she was meditating. The witch sat cross-legged with her eyes closed and hands forming shapes and gestures in gentle twists and folds of her hands. The air felt heavy, pressing you into the ground like clothing soaked and heavy with rainwater or a pair of hands resting securely atop your shoulders. Alkaia found it comforting, grounding, and to her there was the added tingle of magic in the air, nothing man or god-made just an acute awareness of her own power and that of the Goddess nearby. Alkaia's own magic felt like a light blanket of static against her skin but with Maia around the sensation felt softer, like what Alkaia imagined a thousand little butterfly wings would feel like brushing against her arms and neck. It would have been nice if it wasn't so foreign.

    At first she remained silent, lifting her hands to hover above her knees as she waited for Maia to say something, but after a few moments Alkaia spoke up instead.

    "I didn't bother waking you, you deserved some rest." Alright, maybe she still felt a little guilty about last night. "We've covered enough ground that I feel comfortable with just a half day's travel today before we set up camp." Eyes still closed the witch moved each of her hands in small half circles until her palms met. Only then did her brown eyes open, the witch blinking blearily at the invading morning light. "We will need to pick up some more supplies but they can be retrieved along the road or saved for a later date... I find sleep can be illuminating, do you feel any different than you did yesterday?" Hopefully the Goddess' memories would return with time, that would indicate a health issue rather than a curse for Alkaia to unravel. Though, she supposed she should just be thankful to not have been covered in vines and flowers when she woke. Baby steps.