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    Welcome to the Coven of Elysia, formerly known as Hyperian Isles and the Tribe of Unbounded Sky. Amaranthine and Spiritline worked together to create a new era for the group, turning it around in a matter of days. Now, Elysia is a peaceful proclan residing among the floating islands of Agrelos, focusing on community, forming close bonds with each other, as well as strengthening and honoring these bonds through interclan activities. It is a group that revolves around the stars and sun, incorporating the celestial into their everyday lives.


    theme information and changes credited to sinnlos. / guide by simply / graphic and accolades by puppy

  • ੈ๑՞☆ TERRITORY

    Elysia's territory is a series of magical floating islands that are accessible by magical boats that dock from the sandy seafront.

    The main island (formally known as the third island) is extremely mountainous. The peaks push through the clouds, though the base remains grassy and level below the clouds. This land is often used for agriculture, as the rivers that run down can easily be accessed for tending to gardens. Elysians often challenge each other to climb to the peaks, making training sessions and games of it. The meadows on this island are peaceful and quiet, and the weather here seems to be forever mildly warm. Upon further exploration, the mountain was discovered to be full of tunnels and caverns that are lit by crystals embedded into the walls of the tunnels. There are some loose stones that glow for light as well. The main chamber, where meetings are held, is illuminated by a large standing crystal that glows bright enough to cover the entire hall. Magic glass is embedded in some of the walls to serve as windows to the outside world. The Polaris and their family reside at the highest room in the mountain, symbolizing being closer to the stars that guide the Coven. The rooms in the Coven are filled by rank, with the lowest ranks living at the bottom, and highest towards the top.

    The second largest island is stuck in a perpetual twilight. The trees are shorter and darker here, and not as dense. Light fog coats the ground, and fireflies are constantly awake. The entire island is bathed in a soft purple glow, though it's source has yet to be identified. At the heart of the island is Shimmer Lake, which seems to hold the stars themselves. Drinking the water does not cause any harm, though the consumer's mouth will give off a faint light for a few hours, as will their pelts if they go for a swim. Elysians like to collect this water in jars and keep as faux night lights in their cottages. At the northern edge of the island is a grassy knoll, and atop it rests the Albedo Ruins.

    Discovered by Spiritline, the Albedo Ruins are the remains of what appears to be a crumbling roman temple. The stone slowly decayed to an off-white due age, and is covered in vines and ivy, with a few holes littering the roof. The Oracle and Lagranes in the past used to come here to work with Nalaren, carrying out ceremonies and offerings. In the middle of the temple is a pool of water from Shimmer Lake, and at the back is a public shrine. There is a smaller side building where the Oracle and Lagranges used to make their homes in, though it was not necessary. Wedding ceremonies were often held here.

    There is a third island (formally known as the main island) is where the group used to make their home. It is richly forested, providing an abundance of wildlife and shade during warm months, as well as providing protection from the harsh snowfall during the winter. At the heart of the island the trees thin out, allowing for a community of stone cottages to be built that were destroyed during the floods. At the center of camp is a towering stone Obelisk where the Polaris previously held meetings and discussions. The Obelisk now is cracked straight through the middle due to a thunderstorm. The Grand Cottage - where the Polaris and their family often reside in - was close to the Obelisk. Towards the edge of camp is a longer stone building that was used to house medical patients, where a separate room lays within where the healers would stay with their patients for extended periods of time.

  • ੈ๑՞☆ RANKS

    POLARIS ― The highest position in the Clan. They keep the Clan in order, speak for the Clan, and finalize decisions. They have the right to command all members. There may be more than one Polaris in the clan, though uncommon. Often referred to by the title of 'Archbishop.'

    Archbishop  aphrodite s. k.   & Dreavyn

    VEGA ― The second in command. The Perihelion's duty is to take charge whenever the Polaris is absent, as well as help the Polaris, give advice, and make sure the Polaris's rules are put in action. They may take place of the Polaris if the Polaris can no longer lead or steps down.

    VIDEO & arcane .

    POLLUX ― A carefully selected group who will be consulted by the Polaris on topics such as diplomacy and warfare. Beyond this, they are secret personal bodyguards for the Polaris if needed, and are especially skilled in combat. At times, they may be called upon for spy missions.


    IVAN & Felibri

    CELESTIAL KNIGHTS ― They manage the lower positions, often hosting private meetings for the teams and hosting things like training sessions.

    HEAVENLY HEALERS ― Know the trade of healing and are highly respected in the Clan. They take care of the sick and wounded, and can be deployed as field medics when applicable.

    aphrodite s. k. & Dreavyn


    HEAVENLY APPRENTICES ― Training to be a full Heavenly Healer. They learn all about medicine and first aid, and are promoted to Heavenly Healer when the Polaris and Heavenly Healer believe that they are ready.

    STAR SEEKERS ― They make sure the Clan is always welcoming to new joiners, keeping things civil and happy, and trying to keep as many threads as possible open. With permission, they can host training sessions.

    Hakumen & Nikoazure *

    SUN JUMPERS ― These members have shown their activity and potential, and with hard work will go on to be a Star Seeker. A stepping-stone rank.

    SUS GANG . . . & Kuga *

    ANNELIESE. & *

    ICECAP. &

    KUIPERS ― The regular members, old and young, in Elysia. They are no less valued, and can easily earn a rank by being a prominent figure in the group.

  • ੈ๑՞☆ TITLES

    SUNFIRE GALAXY ― Given to members who contribute towards the preservation and strengthening of alliances through visits, attending events from allies, and hosting events for allies.

    SUPERNOVA ― Given to members who show their dedication to Elysia by hosting combat training sessions, strengthening fortifications in the territory, and lead raids during war.

    ORION ― Given to members who undergo major character development plots involving Clanmates or suggest/participate in major Clan-wide plots.

    INTERSTELLAR ― Given to members who go above and beyond in welcoming new members into the clan and include everyone in roleplay, especially by offering to have threads with other members, responding to overlooked threads with little or no replies, or reaching out to fellow Elysians in the OOC community.

    NIGHTWATCH ― Given to members who frequently and successfully gather important intelligence from enemies or rescue captured Clanmates with permission.

    ZENITH ― Given to members who have resided in Elysia for a consecutive year. You can have gone inactive during this time period to still qualify, but characters who have left the clan during this time period do not qualify. Please contact the Polaris with proof to be awarded this title at a future meeting.

    EXTRAGALACTIC ― Given to members who have a knack for organizing and hosting events in Elysia, suggesting ideas to better the community, or hosting weekly tasks and OOC prompts.

    STARGAZER ― Given to members who are new to the group or young, but have demonstrated much promise in their contributions to the Clan with their activity and ideas.

    EQUINOX ― Given to members who have gone above and beyond in serving the clan and managed to earn all other available titles. Holders of the Equinox title are honored by having their names featured in the guide.

    PENUMBRA ― Past leaders who have stepped down or returned to Elysia. They are highly respected and can be called upon for advice by the current Polaris.

    Adonael S. & tully

    ~VALE~ & Mirror's Edge

    desiderio & simply

    spiritline & sinnlos.

    Kady Keyper &


    STAR WALKS ― This is a monthly tradition that honors the dead. During the day, members work on crafting paper lanterns, adding designs to them as they see fit. These designs are generally related to the sky, the stars, etc., though can be personalized if someone is honoring a specific person. Just after sunset, a bonfire is lit. Messages on slips of paper can be burned on the fire, asking for well-wishes and support from the dead. Then, small candles are secured under the lanterns and released to float to the sky. As the lanterns are let go, members are encouraged to say thanks and give well-wishes to the dead/their ancestors.

    OURANOS PAINT ― A kind of war paint for the Elysians. Before going into battle, members will often go to the Albedo Ruins, where the Polaris has set up the paint. The paint is blessed by the Polaris to bring protection and good fortune onto the wearer. The Polaris will help paint the members, usually decorating their backs in stars and constellations, and their heads in planetary circles and designs. The paints are often in gold, yellow, white, silver, and black, though specific colors can be set out and blessed upon prior request.

    SOLAR DANCES ― At the change of the season, a dance is held in celebration, with allies being invited. they are grand events held around camp, with everyone decorating the area. There is always food and drink to share. Members and guests are encouraged to make offerings to the stars in order to bring in a good season, and thank them for the past one.

    SOLAR MURAL  On the last week of the month, all new joiners for the month are invited to paint an addition to the mural painted on a mountain's cave wall. The mural is painted in the Coven's idea of the Solar System and what it looks like. Newcomers are welcome to add a star or a planet to the mural, signifying their connection to the stars and leaving their mark on the Coven's cavern wall for as long as the stars still shine.

  • ੈ๑՞☆ POLITICS

    Elysia is a proclan ― they do not seek aggression but will retaliate if needed. All groups not listed are considered neutral.


    Volary Flights

    Painted Brigade

    Solaris Kingdom

    Dark Dynasty


    Court of Halcyon *


    The Exiles


    Sanguine Ruins


    IC actions have IC consequences.

    The Polaris's decision is final.

    Harming/capturing children of any group with malicious intent is forbidden.

    Those with positions in the Clan should be respected.

    Any issues should be reported to the Polaris if they cannot be resolved in a peaceful manner.

    Only Celestial Knights and above can lead raids on enemy groups.

    Suspected crimes will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

    Anyone can accept new members into the Clan.

    Anyone can accept invitations from allies.

    Discrimination against Clanmates is prohibited.

    Only enemies may be attacked or harmed.