Welcome To The New Age (apocalyptic dog RP)

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  • ATKA


    Male || King Shepherd || Six years

    Retired military working dog


    It would all start in the big city. A morning like any other.

    Constant traffic of car horns blaring, people always bustling down the streets, the noise of a city in the early morning. Atka doesn't mind the ruckus of the city. The retired USMC dog is much too used to constant noise to be annoyed by it now. The truly enormous male is in the living room while the noises drift in through the open window. Laying at the feet of his human, Natalia, and her mate, Connor, while they sit on the couch together to watch TV. Natalia and Connor's little seven-year-old pup, Layla, plays on the rug at the center of the room and Atka keeps a watchful eye on her as she builds a tower out of colorful wood blocks. The TV drones on in the background about meteor showers later in the morning.

    The king shepherd switches his attention away from Layla, and up to Natalia. His beloved human, who he had once walked the warzone with. Even now, both of them wear their tags and always do, hers on a chain around her neck and his clipped to the sturdy green camo collar around his own. He flicks soulful amber eyes to Connor, his human's mate. Atka likes him too, and has come to be just as protective of him as he is of Natalia. And finally back to Layla, the human pup. He loves her as if she were his own pup. He swears he'll do anything to keep all three of them safe from whatever tries to harm them. And the scarred war dog just can't shake the feeling that this oath will be put to the test very soon. Atka sighs heavily and lays his head on the floor.

    And the very next second, the whole house shakes with a thunderous KABOOM from the back yard and the sound of glass shattering bursts through the back of the house. Atka whips his head up with a growl, baring his teeth as he leaps up and trots to the back door. Natalia is hot on his heels, with Connor scooping up a frightened Layla. Both dog and woman freeze side by side as they come across the back windows shattered and glass littering the floor. Natalia creeps forward as Atka follows protectively at her heels, growling lowly. She opens the back door. Sitting in what used to be a fenced in back yard, is a giant smoking crater, the impact of a startlingly large meteor having taken out the whole back yard and the shockwave knocking out the windows. Slowly, Atka looks up at the sky and dread wrenches his gut.

    Thousands of red streaks are hurtling down toward Earth from the sky. Thousands of meteors just like the one that blasted his back yard away. Natalia doesn't say anything, she turns and runs back inside. The retired military working dog hurriedly follows, reaching the living room to see Natalia pushing Connor holding Layla in his arms towards the door while yelling that they have to get out of the city right now. Natalia swivels to call him to her, "Atka, van!" The dog runs ahead to the door which Connor jerks open. Atka runs out ahead of them, and this is the only thing that saves him from death as he halts and turns to wait for his humans by their car.

    A sudden flash of light blinding him, a cacophony of noises exploding in his ears, bursts of searing heat on his fur, a shockwave knocking him off his paws. Everything goes black as the next meteor strikes his home, instantly burying his family in rubble and sending Atka skidding across across the pavement. All across the city, more meteors start to batter the Earth and send buildings crashing down. Atka lays dazedly in the driveway to his family's house, just barely clinging to consciousness as he watches and hears and feels the downfall of the city he calls home.

    The end is here.

    Welcome to the new age.





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  • MAXINE || MUTT || FEMALE || 4 years || BLIND

    Maxine couldn't be an outside dog. She was blind. But she could see differences in the lightings around her so she knew if she was in a bright room or a dark room. She'd always been an inside dog with her just sleeping, eating, and drinking since there wasn't much else she could do. Her owners were really nice, though, and took great care of her and would guide her around to where she wanted to go. They were a middle aged couple with no children and Maxine would recognize their names as 'Daniel' and 'Jennifer'. But that was all. Maxine had simply been snoozing on the living room carpet, having a nice little dream whilst her body curled into a ball. That's when Max was woken up by a loud booming sound that sent her straight up onto her paws with her ears perky and her tail rigidly between her hind legs. What in the world was that!? Her head swiveled with her ears trying to pinpoint the exact location of the boom. Her collar tags jingled in time with her body movement as she went around, in which she presumed to be, a circle.

    The next thing she knew, she was being hoisted up off of the ground by Daniel and she could only tell that she had her front paws on his shoulder. It looked like they were going to get the heck outta here before things got worse. That was good enough for the mutt. Though it took a while since they didn't head for the car right away. Jennifer was grabbing bags of necessities that they would need. With that over with, they were making their way to the vehicle when another crackling boom occured that sent her two humans down and Maxine out of Daniel's arms and rolling onto the gravel. A splattering sound was heard but she didn't know what it was. In a daze, Maxine got up onto her wobbly paws whilst being in a disoriented state of being off balanced and dizzy. Were her humans okay? Maxine wanted to check it out but she feared another boom might occur and crush her underneath debris.

  • BAXTER ~ WELSH CORGI ~ MALE ~ 5 years

    Baxter was a small dog owned by a couple that were in their early sixties. He was one of those laidback and relaxed dogs with occasional boosts of energy. His owners preferred a calm and quiet dog anyways and Baxter was alright with that. He’d been with his owners since he was six weeks old so he’s accustomed to them and nothing really bothers him anymore. Baxter was also a little chubby in the stomach since the missus liked to feed him such delicious leftover table food so he wasn’t complaining. He was a good mannered dog too, knew how to behave and act in the house with rare mishaps of him being sent outside to the backyard as punishment for doing something bad. In the morning, Baxter was asleep on the bed before being called to come eat some dog food for breakfast. The little dog had waddled his way out of the bedroom and waddled into the kitchen and over to the dog food bowl which was decently full with dog food. Pumpkin and chicken stew flavored... his utmost favorite. Immediately did he dig in and ate his breakfast of dog food before lapping up some water.

    Then the missus let him outside to wander around a bit and get a bit of exercise. Never did he wander far from the sanctity of his home. Usually he stayed out there for about thirty minutes but well... that was about to change. About fifteen minutes into his daily outside exercise and wandering around, Baxter’s ears twitched upon hearing a thundering crackle. At first, he thought it was mere thunder but that was immediately proven wrong a minute later when the sound of wood splitting was now prominent.

    Baxter’s body turned to see that his... house was crumbling after being hit by something that he didn’t know. The wooden house was crumbling and splitting with his owners inside. Or maybe... they got out and was waiting for him to come find them. The corgi stayed on the pavement and by that time, the whole house structure fell into ruins and unbeknownst to him... his owners were dead.

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    |~| RUSTY |~|

    Gotta break it loose

    Gonna keep em movin' wild

    Gonna keep a swingin' baby

    I'm real wild child



    IC: A deep and throaty yawn parts Rusty's jaws to bare rather frightening teeth to the air, the wolfdog's thick coat brushing against the lush grass of his backyard and he plops his head back down on the ground. The male's life has always been behind a fence, walking on leashes and dealing with a collar around his neck since he was just a wee pup. It was okay at first, fresh food and water everyday wothout even working for it, allowed to go outside whenever he wanted, and playing with the humans sure is fun to be honest. But it never felt like enough, he always wanted more than this. Not to mention, he can't stand the city.

    When Marie first bought him off a man who breeds Czechoslovakian wolfdogs, she still lived out in a quiet little town Jesse's father was still around. Rusty lived in a modest house with the little family in that town for most of his life. But when Jesse's father left Marie for a reason Rusty never figured out, he kicked the two out with no remorse and Marie took the dog with them without hesitation. And now, he lives in a big and noisy city. And quite frankly he hates it. The house is nice but even if he lives with two loving humans that feed and pamper him, the young male has always thought of life outside of a fence. An irritating itch begins under his collar and pulls his attention away from his thoughts. Rusty scratches at the leather encircling his throat to relieve the feeling as his tags jingle before the distinct and familiar sound of a particular squeaky ball causes his rust brown ears to perk up.

    His golden orbs rest intently on Jesse, the human pup that lives with his owner, Marie. Despite the neon green squeaker ball being his favorite toy and the kid being his favorite playmate, even those two put together doesn't hold the wolfdog's interest or encourage him to play. Rusty looks away as the kid pouts and heads back inside. He's finally decided, today will be the day. He'll roam the streets as he pleases, run into the woods if he so wishes, and live in the wild just because he can. Panting with anticipation, the dog stands up and regards the fence. It's high, but not impossible to jump, and he wonders if he can maybe even dig under it before the humans catch him. Rusty paces in front of the fence and silently ponders how to escape. He's just about to try to jump the fence when an earsplitting sound screams overhead and a sudden shockwave from behind throws him into the fence.

    The shockwave sends Rusty crashing right through the wood and the impact hurts something awful. He lands on his side among the broken pieces of wood, struggling to draw breath with the painful ache in his ribs. He fears the collision broke something other than the fence, but he knows he's miraculously unwounded when he manages to scrabble up onto his paws. Golden orbs frantically search for the cause of the sudden explosion. He spots it in the form of Marie's house. Demolished by some giant hunk of rock. Backing away as more crashing and explosions sound in the distance, the wolfdog turns tail and runs down the street as fire rains down on the buildings and people around him.

    Up ahead, Rusty spots two smaller dogs standing outside, one a corgi and the other appearing to be a mutt, while their houses crumble to bits. The wolfdog howl as he runs by them, "Don't just stand there, run! The city is comin' down! Run!" And he keeps on running down the street.


    |~| CHARLIE |~|

    I ain't at home

    Home is where I'm going

    I close my eyes to see



    IC: Near the quieter part of the city lives a family of four. Jessica is a stay-at-home mother happily married to a man named Vincent who works as a psychologist, and of course their two teenage kids both of which are old enough to be in highschool with older sister Amanda and little brother Toby. This modest family also lives with a dog, a pretty black mixbreed who had been professionally trained by the Seeing Eye to be a guide dog. The two adults bought the well-behaved female for their son who had been born blind, and the two were frequently at the Seeing Eye for a time to get the two used to working together. The boy named the dog Charlie. Charlie and Toby have been together for four years and the two are nearly inseparable at this point.

    The dog is in the kitchen watching Vincent make breakfast when it happens. The man is making the classic bacon and eggs breakfast combo, every so often tossing bits down for Charlie who sits nearby to stare him down with hopeful eyes. The whole family loves her just as much as Toby does and it's apparent by how they spoil the dog with affection and treats. And table scraps. Charlie loves table scraps. Vincent tosses a piece of bacon down for her and the lab mix scrabbles after it. She chomps on it happily, craning her neck to keep her eyes on the man at the stove. A sound at the steps prompts her to look towards them, and see Amanda assisting Toby down the stairs. Jessica emerges from the living room. Charlie wanders away to go greet the rest of her family. And then everything comes crashing down. Literally.

    The ungodly roar of an explosion shakes the entire house and the world seems to go into slow motion as the ceiling crashes down onto Vincent. Burying him in the rubble of the collapsing home. He lays under a pile of collapsed debris, eyes devoid of life staring at nothing and splatters of red seep from underneath him. Screaming in horror, Jessica runs to her fallen husband and tries in vain to dig him out. A scramble of legs run by as Amanda deposits her sightless little brother by his guide dog and runs to help her mother. Amanda tugs at the woman's arm, telling her that dad is gone and they need to get out of the house. Another impact roars through the house, and this one brings the whole house down on their heads. Debris crashes down on them, pain explodes through Charlie's frame and suddenly everything goes dark.

    A few minutes later, the mixbreed comes to with something heavy laying across her back and a sharp pain in her right side where she knows a jagged piece of debris is speared into her flank. But alive. Somehow alive when she knows the rest of her family is not as lucky as her, dead underneath the rubble. It doesn't take her long to realize the heavy thing that lays across her back is the body of Toby who threw himself over the dog to protect her. Scrabbling out from under the rubble not quite pinning her down, Charlie emerges out onto the street. Utterly alone and not knowing what to do next, her wavy black pelt streaked with the blood of her human. She has no time to mourn yet, as more meteors are crashing down around her. Across the street, she sees a massive shepherd laying on the gravel drive way to a collapsed house. The other dog doesn't appear to be alive at first, and Charlie starts limping away until she spots movement. The dog is breathing, they're still alive! Her instincts to help others in need kicks in.

    Charlie limps as fast as she can acriss the street, narrowly avoiding being hit by a speeding car trying to escape the deadly meteor shower. Once across, she beelines for the shepherd and finally she recognizes him. She doesn't really know him, only his name and that he was once a dog in warfare, and that she'd sometimes see him at the dog park. Charlie pushes her nose against him urgently, hoping he isn't hurt too badly, "Atka!" She barks worriedly as hell continues to rain down around them, "Atka, get up!"

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    It had been a big day for Jojo. The small mutt had been rescued, adopted by kind people, and packed up into the back of the blue car that now cruised down the busy street. It had all been absolutely perfect. She couldn't wait to arrive in her new home, to be able to have the family that she longed for. The little red crate that sat in the back of the vehicle wobbled as the scruffy canine inside moved about excitedly, twisting around and padding in tight circles and wagging her tail in joy. What did the house look like? Did they have a big yard for her to play in? Did they have cats? Oh, she hoped they didn't! Such horrid beasts. Many a thought fluttered about in Jojo's head, and for one split moment, everything was normal and she was so happy.

    And then the next, explosion after explosion. Panicked shouts from her new owners filled the car as they struggled to make sense of what was happening. What was happening? Jojo couldn't tell from where she stood in the small crate; but a glimpse out the rear window told her what she needed to know. The world was on fire. Meteors were falling from the sky, and crashing into buildings. She watched with wide eyes as one of the tallest buildings began to fall, and let out a loud whine. She could hear screaming outside the car from pedestrians, and her ears flattened so tight to her skull that it hurt. A sudden dread washed over her, and then, all at once, her humans screamed, and then a rocking impact hit the front of the car, and the small dog was thrown against the back of the crate, which began to roll around violently. The car was moving, tilting, and then Jojo was falling, and then there was darkness and nothing else.

    Minutes later, the mutt awakens to find herself splayed, hanging out the shattered rear window. The car had been turned upside down by the explosion, and the knocking about had opened the crate, which appeared to be somewhere under the back seat - or what little was left of one. The whole front and middle of the car had been obliterated by the meteor that had crashed directly into it, and had killed Jojo's new owners on impact. Blood drips from what had once been the driver's and passenger's seats, spattering the ground where the windshield has been blown out. An arm can be seen hanging lifelessly from the driver's seat - Molly. Her boyfriend, Michael, had been in the passenger's seat, but he is likely too far gone to tell where he begins and where the meteor ends.

    A whine leaves Jojo's throat as consciousness brings with it many things: Pain, awful, searing pain, and fear. And an awful ringing in her ears. And as she slowly twists her aching head to look at the carnage caused by the meteor, a new feeling develops: Overwhelming sadness. The stench of blood among the reek of smoke doesn't have to tell her what she already knows; her humans are dead. But she is so devastated by this finding, that she almost doesn't realize that the car is on fire, or that she's injured. Badly. Another whine leaves her, and she feels her chest clench in agonizing grief. She had liked them. She really did. Why did this have to happen?

    As the ringing in her ears began to subside, the crackling of flames and the reek of gasoline snapped the scruffy mutt out of her daze. Tearing her eyes away from what little remains of her dead owners, she sweeps her gaze over her body, and fear turns to panic. Shards of glass stick out of her golden-white coat, where blood has matted the once perfect fur, and a quick glimpse at her paws tells her that they are badly cut up, too. She doesn't know what else has been damaged by shattered glass, but she knows she has to get out of the car before it explodes - again. So, weak with bleeding injuries and bruised beyond measure, and sick with heartbreak, Jojo tries to stand. Her legs wobble and her paws and everything else stings and aches so badly that she yelps in pain, but she manages to take a few steps before tumbling over her bloody paws and rolling out into the middle of the street. The small mutt doesn't try to stand again, instead opting for crawling her way away from the burning vehicle.






    22 + female + pagan & witch + chaotic neutral + spiritual practitioner

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    Many dogs these days were professionally bred and bought as companions to humans. Some had jobs and some did not. But they all had one thing in common. They were pets. No matter their purpose, no matter the breed or pedigree or lack thereof. No matter which way you sliced it, dogs were supposed to be bought as pets. Companions to keep you company. To always be by your side. To love you and to love them back just as much.

    Eifel was not a pet.

    Eifel was a weapon.

    A mutt with prominent pitbull blood, he was bred by professionals and bought as a pup with dreams of having a nice forever home to live out his life with. Just an innocent puppy wanting to live the good life. Alas. When Lyall got home with a barely weaned Eifel in tow, it was straight to being chained to a doghouse in the backyard with a chain mesh fence. He wasn't ever allowed inside even when it was freezing outside, and all the pup could do was curl up in his doghouse and hope he didn't freeze to death. He was fed good food and given fresh water daily so he would grow strong, and grew swiftly. Once he was a year old, his life went from mildly bad to straight hell.

    Because Lyall was a man who put training and effort in to his fight dogs before setting them in the ring. And the next four years of his life were the worst. The man would yell at him at best and be physically abusive at worst. He was still fed good food and fresh water. Until an upcoming fight rolled around. Then Lyall wouldn't feed him and put him in the ring as a ravenous beast. Eifel quickly learned that winning a fight was the quickest way to get food. And so the pitbull mix grew up knowing nothing but humans being hateful beasts towards him and he bled his way to the top of the fight dog roster. Fight after fight, scar after scar, eventually taking a severe mouth full of teeth to the face that took the vision from his right eye. He fought and never gave up, he was a scarred gladiator. Up until a miracle came along. A swarm of humans in uniforms busted in and slapped cuffs on Lyall, and any others who were caught. Humans who were nice and gentle took him and the other dogs away in vans loaded with confortable crates and cages.

    Today, Eifel was lounging in a kennel of the rescue shelter that had been made specifically for dogs like him. The kennels were truly luxurious. Large plush beds, fresh food and water, even a doggy door at the back for the dogs to go out to their respective backyard kennels. It was nice. Eifel had only been there for three weeks when doomsday wreaked havoc upon the world. The pitbull mix was splayed lazily on his side in the center of his kennel, he didn't like using the dog bed as he was still too unfamiliar with having one, snoozing as humans milled about. Some were families browsing the selection of former fight dogs to adopt, some were rescuers who worked at the shelter checking food and water dishes.

    And all of them started screaming when the whole building shook violently like a massive earthquake just hit. An explosion rocked the foundation of the rescue shelter, and Eifel's eyes popped open; one clear and cold blue, the other clouded and milky white. His head snapped up and ears perked, jumping up on his paws when a second explosion roared in his ears and the building once more shook violently. A couple loose pebbles dropped harmlessly on his head. Eifel looked up. And the ceiling caved in when something huge smacked down in to the shelter.

    Yelping, the pitbull mix backpedaled from the ceiling caving down in from the impact epicenter. He watched the other kennels get buried in rubble, dogs howling in fear and pain and humans running about like headless chickens. The ceiling above Eifel's kennel was starting to collapse too. Time to get the heck out of dodge while the going was good.

    Time seemed to go agonizingly slow as he turned and dashed for his kennel's doggy door. Outside, the fencing that separated all the dogs from each other was demolished. Eifel could see great flaming orbs battering the city from where he stood, people running with their families only to be buried by the collapsing buildings, people in cars driving madly were crashing left and right, and the flaming orbs weren't letting up. Deciding he wasn't gonna stick around and get smooshed by meteors or crushed by falling debris, the scarred warrior jumped the destroyed fencing and made a mad dash down the street while trying his best not to get hit by cars, meteors, or debris.



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  • Bernese-Mountain-Dog-2-e1533687023107.jpg


    When I fall Asleep

    I can see your face

    What I lost in you

    I will not replace

    Rosco kept a steady pace ahead of his chattering humans, a long leash the only thing connecting them. The short, gentle woman, Anna, held his leash while her two best friends and roommates, Stan and Tony walked beside her. He looked back, wagging. Though, he knew they were all his masters, he knew if they parted it would be just him and Anna. Even though they lived in an apartment, Anna always made sure they would get out and go to the park or just a short walk around he building. He was quite far out on the retractable leash, almost as mar out as it could go. That was, until there was a deafening roar. The four of them looked up, Rosco watching as his three owners began to run in fear. Anna kwpt running, screaming at Rosco to go. The dog turned and began to run, still keeping almost at full extension.

    A crashing sound and the tearing of dirt and grass he knew well sounded close, then the screams of his three owners, sickening cracks and splatters of liquid in his ears . He continued to run, until the retractable leash stopped him dead in his tracks. Her let out a choking sound, then stopped and turned.

    He looked back, his ears flattening and his legs shaking. He whimpered, shaking when he saw his leash seemed to disappear under a gigantic flamong rock. He tugged himself, trying to get his collar off by instinct, supressing the thought he knew to be true. With effort, he released himself, hesitating for a moment and wanting to go back for his Anna. A grief filled him, as he made a few steps toward the stone. He closed his eyes, looking away, then ran in the opposite direction as he heard another meteor fall.

    I get the feeling

    That you're somewhere close

    And I want to get up

    To the rhythum of your wild

    To the rhythum of your wild heart

    It beats

    Been beating since you've gone

    I always thought

    I might be bad

    Now I'm sure that it's true

    Cause I think your so good

    And I'm nothing like you


  • On a small plot of land, just outside of the city, was a sheep farm. The farm was the only place Artemis had ever known, a safe haven from the rest of the world. She had never left the fence, and never intended to. Besides, her owner needed her to look after the sheep, and he always brought her inside to a full bowl of food and a warm bed after a long day. Why would she ever want to leave? On a rather blistering hot day, Artemis was sprawled out in the grass, her tongue lapping at the air in an attempt to cool off. Her eyes were slits as she looked over the flock, her thick coat ruffled, reflecting some of the suns rays. Even the sheep, who had just been shaved, couldn't stand the heat. It was as if it was getting hotter by the second. Art bent around to look to her owner, who was facing to the sky with a look of sheer dread. A distant roaring filled her ears, and she flattened them against her head. Flaming orbs almost as bright as the sun itself dotted the sky. She let out a soft whine. What was happening? Her owner had ran out the gate, his hand around her collar. It was already hard enough to breath, the air was as thick as lava. She scrambled into the back of his beat up truck, and in no time, the farm was only a speck in the distance. The car shook relentlessly. It felt like her fur was being singed. In panic, Artemis leaned up again the tailgate as the meteors looked close enough to touch. A pothole in the road jolted her out of the car, and onto the pavement below. In a final attempt to save herself, she rolled into a nearby ditch, and awaited the inevitable.

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    I always thought

    I might be bad

    Now I'm sure that it's true

    Cause I think your so good

    And I'm nothing like you


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