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  • He'd never been the particularly romantic sort. When he was a boy, he'd always dreamed of becoming a princess and having his 'prince' do everything for him, then when he grew older and matured a bit he still felt his lovey-dovey desires had been quite selfish ones. Then there was that period of time where he was alone with dangerous thoughts and had been on a self-destructive path for what felt like years, but now was not the time to talk about that. The scars were there clear on his face, he needn't bring it up on what was supposed to be a nice holiday. This was the first time was celebrating said 'nice' holiday, the first time he and Slade had managed to stay in the same place together for longer than a few months and it felt good. He felt more secure then he had ever been, felt like he couldn't be hurt anymore, felt loved and elated whenever he got to spend private time with Deathstroke. Whatever troubles he had with their behaviour, at least for today, had disappeared in a display of thematic adoration. Perhaps his nerves were still a little rocked after the raid, but Feliks tried not to talk himself out of this.

    Urging his clanmates to stay hidden in the foliage at least until he'd given his partner their gift, Feliks had left a letter by the other lupine's bedside. Nothing too cryptic or out of tune for the wolf, just a decorative note telling them to meet him at the Glowing Lake as soon as they were awake. There, the fallow brown lupine would be waiting, seated by the water's edge. Something was tucked behind his paws, something he wouldn't show until Slade was ready to receive their Valentine's day present. For now he didn't give any indication of what it might be, and his eyes wandered off towards the decorations he'd put up - roses tucked into some of the bushes and shot glasses arranged in a heart-shape. As someone who abstained from alcohol, there didn't seem to be any of the substance around, Feliks was positive that would change when someone caught wind of his little outing. After a bit more time he sighed and closed his eyes, letting his tail thump against the ground in an act of mild impatience. Did I wake up too early?





    Waking up on that particular day brought with it a fresh mystery. The wolf found the note that had been left for him rather easily, though it had been hard to miss. Though finding his nest devoid of another body had been saddening, but the note at least gave him some clue as to where his mate had gone. A sense of curiosity swelled within him and guided him from the warm sanctuary of his bed, stepping through the den until his paws found the chillier ground outside. A quick look around seemed to bring up an empty looking camp. The wolf lowered one ear down as he tilted his head to the side, but he decided to ignore it as he began to make his way towards the glowing lake, as referred to in the letter.

    Slade gradually neared the location and he found his tail giving a light wag as he caught the scent of Feliks in the air. On light paws, he carried himself round towards the other wolf, his ears now angling forward sharply as he looked at his mate.

    "I got your letter, what's up?"

    He queried as he neared Feliks, his hungry curiosity only growing further still as he took note of the decorations. It was rather beautiful, if he was honest, and he hadn't really expected this at all.


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