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  • Volary Flights wasn't too much was a fun place. It barely got any conflict and struggled any troubles throughout the winter. To some that sounded like a dream, to live a peaceful life and not have to worry about much. But to a girl who had fire in her lungs and the capacity to destroy, sitting tight and doing nothing was boring. Which is why she extended her reaches to Painted Brigade without telling anyone. They recently had a massive loss, and were proving to come back stronger, promising to teach her more about the cruel world that the Flights could even offer. Blood stained their grasses while a mere few of their members suffered vague trauma.

    She could phrase it as her wishing to become stronger and protect her fellow Volarians - or she could lie by omission and continue to leave them in the dark. It wasn't like Painted Brigade was an enemy Clan, after all. She just didn't want word getting back to Ver or her siblings that she joined an enemy of the Veil. In a few months it'd be over and she'd be a full time Volarian again; it'd be that simple.

    Littlepaw dropped a few prey carcasses onto the fresh-kill pile, the scent of the other Clan washed clean off of her pelt, instead replaced with the smell of ash and soot, just in case someone with the power decided to try and get sneaky. She said nothing and stretched out her body for a moment, tail flicking behind her.

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  • To leave the Flights, even just to spend some time with an allied group, was betrayal in Winston's eyes. He could never bring himself to up and abandon his family. What if things went south while he was off loafing around somewhere else? Win wanted to be here at all times and divided loyalties were nothing but a hassle to begin with, anyways.

    The winged feline was fresh off his latest exploration, idly picking stray leaves and twigs from his fur, when he spotted Littlepaw and her food haul. His stomach growled. Man, he could always go for a good meal.

    He was content to swipe one and be on his way... when something else caught his attention. Winston's sense of smell was dulled compared to that of his other feline peers, leaving him to rely much more heavily on his eyes and ears. But, even he could identify that this girl smelled weird. Almost like a fire. "You burn somethin'?" he asked offhandedly, quite obviously more focused on her recent catches than the answer to his question.


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  • The eastern jungle and the clan that inhabited it was Freya's true home, she was coming to realize. There was a sense of belonging here that she hadn't even felt in her own parents' nest as a child. She was just now beginning to enjoy being alive, and so thoughts of splitting her alliance between clans wasn't really something she thought of often. Not when she had most everything she could want here in the Flight's. That was besides her twin sister. Nadine, her sister in law, and her nieces and nephews all lived in the Ruins, and because of that, the subject had been on her mind as of recently. The desert Queen had offered her citizenship in her clan, to move there for half of her time, but she wasn't sure if that was something she wanted to do. Their beliefs and morals weren't something she could get behind, and that was just another reason to go along with the many others. She missed her sibling while she was away from her in the Flights, but this was her home now, and she was content with just visiting the Ruins often to stay in touch with family. Her other family was here.

    A smell similar to smoke harshly filled the lungs of the mountain lioness as she walked passed the fresh-kill pile, and looked over to see Littlepaw placing some new prey at the top. At Winston's comment, Freya decided that she was curious of the same thing and wandered over, the presence of soot obvious to her as either a cover for something or a sign that someone hadn't bathed after a few campfires. She wouldn't cast her judgments on her clan-mate though, as she didn't know the other very well, but was curious to hear her answer. "Did you cook yourself a meal before bringing the rest over?" Added Freya as she stopped beside the two, letting her own body rest on the ground and relax next to Littlepaw. "Glad you brought us the leftovers, I was getting hungry."


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  • ✦ ✧ ✦ Noir hadn't seen Littlepaw in a while, he was beginning to wonder if the apprentice was avoiding him. It would be completely valid, considering how up her ass he was. "Bringin' me some lunch?" Jokes the serval as his lanky legs carry him over to join the group. It seemed everyone was bothering Littlepaw, despite her lack of desire to talk to anyone.


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    Littlepaw was a tense individual, that much was true. She was sorta mean, maybe more than sorta, but Atlas quite liked the fiery femme regardless of her thoughts of him. She was a strong soul and he knew that though she could be angry so often, she was a valid and powerful part of the Flights. He had been worried when she had disappeared, worried that perhaps she too had been swept up but as the smell of burning mingled with her familiar one, Atlas felt comfortable that she had returned just as safely.

    The vulture approached though stayed a short distance back, watching the small scene unfold with mild amusement. Lil would no doubt be frustrated with the crowd that gathered, but Atlas figured she could deal with it all the same. "Perhaps others could add to fresh kill pile too, yes?" Atty would rumble in amusement as he finally settled close, blues flickering amongst the crowd. It had been dwindling lately, and he hoped there would be more interest in filling it now.



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  • ★ ★ ★ enjolras was surprised to see everyone talking to littlepaw . he hadn't seen the young girl around for quite some time , and would've assumed she'd returned to the veil if he hadn't had a dual alliance there . instead , it had become clear that she'd dipped off to be somewhere else , though where that ' somewhere ' was , he didn't know . littlepaw was hard to deal with , sure , but she'd become a familiar face in the clan . she'd carved out her rugged space , and he'd been oddly sad no longer seeing her every day . enjolras allowed the barest threads of a smile to tug at his maw as he comes to stand beside winston , attempting to gently nuzzle his younger child . " littlepaw , fancy seeing you here , " he attempts to tease .



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