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  • is it viable for a character to become infected with various diseases without actually coming into contact with carriers?


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  • idk what specific "diseases" you have in mind, but irl there are other ways that they can transmit from infected to healthy without the need of direct contact.

    Airborne and waterborne (not sure if that's the right term) comes to mind. Airborne diseases can easily stay up in the air and can go into somebody's respiratory track to infect them. Via liquids, some kind of cut in the skin and contact with an infected body fluid is enough to do the job.

    Also you got others that can hang around surfaces for a long time, which is another way.

    Not sure if this is specifically what you're looking for and staff might have a completely different take as what I said comes from the real world, but a?? Hope it helps.

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  • i have no specific disease in mind.

    the character in question is meant to be a personification of pestilence, so i planned for her to attract a large variety of diseases to herself.


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  • There’s a large variety of diseases that also arise simply from contact with certain animals! Take rats for example who carry tons of bacteria even though they themselves are not actually affected by the disease! In this way y/c could contract through the food train whether it be direct or hella distance since the small chance does exist! In this way they could sort of be a magnet for accidently eating these creatures without even realizing that’s how they keep contracting things!

    So i guess, you can look at the sources of the diseases and see if they occur randomly in nature rather than having to find a chain of actual characters! Some are also transferred biologically from parents though there aren’t as many of those in the disease realm that i assume you’re looking at lol

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  • It is impossible to contract an actual disease unless you come in contact with it in some variation. There are a lot of methods of transmission/incubation that don't involve direct contact with the carrier but it has to be at least in the vicinity of the character infected. For example, let's say there is a virus in Africa and somebody in the US contracted it. They wouldn't have gotten it unless they had been in contact with somebody who had it or had visited Africa. Now the method of spreading may be airborne, so they'd just have to be in the general vicinity, but they still have to come in contact with it.

    That said, if you're thinking of a disorder, those can be genetic and develop as the character ages. That doesn't require any connection with an infected character!