Ancient rivalries between Canines and Felines will have to come to an end... (Dog/Cat Rp) Sign-ups Open

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  • So do you actually have a plan how they do ecsape to the shelter? I mean cages can't be breaked/ opened without humans help, as either dog or cats have hands which could open the door?

    Clan I've be and the cats

    Nettleclan - Darkfeather, Duckfeather, Sweetthistle, Littlecrescent, Islandpaw, Horizonpaw, Fadingheart, Panda

    Lakeclan - Goldenwillow, Shadowmoon, Nightingalepaw, Pinky, Christine

    Glacierclan - Bloodwolf, Blossompaw, Spottedthorn, Patchedheart, Featherpaw, Sparrowpaw, Elmfrost, Pumaspark, Frostnose

    Tawnyclan - Butterflypaw, Queen Catherine (Snowpetal), Bumbleheart, Chestnutberry, Jackdawnfrost, Wagtailclaw, Lunapaw, Graykit, Mintkit, Pitkit

    Stormclan - Hayspark, Rashpetal, Ashenscar, Sunnydapple, Cherrypaw, Bushpaw, Berrykit

    Smokeclan - Petalthorn, Goldenbrook, Sagebranch, Alderfeather, Witheredspark, Horizonpaw

    Beastclan - Vanillalight, Nightmare, Onewing, Eclipseburn, Jewelglare, Soulpaw (dead one)

    Tundraclan - Whitefur, Snowstream, Spottedflower, Wildheart, Nightheart, Cloverpaw, Hailpaw, Vixen (dead one)

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  • black-kitten-7-weeks-rolling-15263527.jpg.webp

    Name: Lake

    Breed: Somali short hair mix

    Gender: She-cat

    Age: 2 moons

    Rank: Kit

    Personality: Lake is the sweetest thing. She loves everyone and always wants to help. Though because she is a kitten, she is very playful and loves to talk. She is a big daddy's girl and being apart from him hurts her more than anything. She tries to follow rules but when with her siblings, she is easily convinced to do otherwise. She will also believe anything you tell her and do anything she is told to do.

    History (Why are they in the shelter? Or why not?: See Onyx

    Kin: Tadpole (kit-tom) Splash (kit-tom)

    Mate/Crush: None

    Roleplays I am in

    Tawnyclan: Owlpaw, Falconwhisper, Fawnstep

    Direclan: Crowpaw

    Lakeclan: Tigerclaw, Wolfpaw, Ferretkit, Remi, Quailflight, Eaglepaw

    Roseclan: Warblermask, Minkpaw, Cliffside, Thunderpike, Cloudpaw, Antpuddle

    Stormclan: Badgerstar, Maplewish, Troutclaw, Jaypaw, Emberpaw, Vipertail, Hyenakit, Silentmist, Ospreynight, Rowansong

    Nettleclan: Pantherscar, Briarthorn, Snakebite, Kestrelkit, Redpaw, Lionheart, Antstorm, Poisonshade

    Avatar: The Last Airbender: Prince Akiro; firebender

    Kingdom of Eboraxus: Lord Osferth