I can't wait to go home ~ FLAMESTAR'S NINE LIVES CEREMONY

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  • The sun was beginning to set by the time her and her daughter arrived. The journey there was quiet, and Flameseeker desperately wished they could talk, but she was pretty sure that wasn't allowed. Her stomach burned with nervousness, but something within her kept telling her it would be okay. The ginger tabby paused before the entrance to the cave. She looked down at her paws, wondering how many new leaders had traveled along this path. The ground seemed indented, and there was many paw prints that lead into the dark cave. She would turn to face Sunflowerglow, doing her best to mask the uneasy feeling within her gut. After Sunflowerglow walked in front of her, she would follow quietly. Once they arrived inside, Flameseeker's jaws would part in awe. It was so...beautiful. Her gaze wandered around the cave, taking in the pure beauty as the moon's light reflected along the caves walls. She watched as her daughter pressed her nose to the stone, and then she would do the same. Soon, sleep would overcome her, and the world around them would become black.

    As she opened her eyes, she found herself in the place she had called home for a moon. It was hard to be back, but she was fairly certain she would wake up in her body once the ceremony was over. Her body was still weak, but she was no longer sick. She gulped nervously, waiting for those chosen to give her lives to appear.


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    *~Foreststar, formerly Iceforest *~* former (traditional) Thunderclan Leader #7, now StarClanner *~* cisfemale *~* silver tabby chinchilla; white with vague pale cool gray stripes, dark blue boots, and dark forest green eyes; scars on nose, cheeks, thigh, and underbelly *~* approx. 47.5 moons old at death *~* 'vanished'; died in the gorge and was covered by snow until spring *~* last mentored LightningSpirit *~* calm and thoughtful mom-friend *~* has a Russian-esque loner accent ~*

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  • Squrrielpaw had known Flameseeker for a short time. Before the apprentice passed on into Starclan. She watched her clan from above. Watching Flameseeker go through so much and go. Sheepstar picked a perfect deputy in her mind. The fleety foot she-cat danced across the stars as she came to stand before the new leader of Thunderclan with some other cats. Her eyes looking then over with joy.

    The she-cat took a step forward, "I am Squirrelpaw. Once a Thunderclan apprentice." she greets them, thinking back to the days she was alive. ”I am here to give you the life of self control.” the feline aims to press her nose against their shoulder, transferring a life to them. ”We so often get caught up in our own emotions and forget what is truly best. Let this life guide you into doing things with peace of mind and never rashly.” Squirrelpaw then went back to the other felines who were waiting for their turn to give a life to now Flamestar.

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    IC: As Squirrelpaw stepped back, a molly with an icy pelt stood and broke away from the starry crowd to approach Flameseeker next. This particular leadership ceremony was one she absolutely had to be a part of. This one made her somewhat nostalgic, and very proud. Her old friend Pumpkin's 'lineage' of deputies and leaders were consistently brave, intelligent, compassionate cats, the best ThunderClan could have ever birthed, and she couldn't be more proud of those to come after her. In addition, she was pretty sure this particular cat was just a newborn kit when she herself had died! How fascinating that even though it felt like her time was long dead, with the world moved on, it lived on in a way, and not just as the spirit of ThunderClan in general. Or at the least, it was a tangible sight of how the old and new were connected. And for bringing such an odd sense of peace to her, Foreststar would have to keep an eye out for this one specifically.

    Eager to meet this no-longer-a-kit, the snowy she-cat stepped forward swiftly and paused in front of Flameseeker with a warm smile full of excitement and youth, a much different look than Flameseeker would have known if she could remember this past leader at all. Responsibility had made her a wreck once, for all it was partially her own fault. "You might not remember me, but my name is Foreststar. I was leader when you were born, before my friend Pumpkinstar stepped up to take my place and led ThunderClan into a bright future. As you will now for Sheepskin, I'd imagine~. I am here to give you the life of Patience." She aimed to stepped forward and press her nose to Flameseeker's head with her gift of a life. "As leader, choices will be demanded of you at every turn, and quickly. But you must not be reactionary or rash, if you can help it. Use this life to allow yourself time--time to rest, time to remember that you live in a clan, time to stop and think. Be patient with yourself, with others, and with StarClan." The life given, the old ThunderClanner gave Flameseeker one last reassuring smile and bounded back to the ranks of StarClan.

    *~Foreststar, formerly Iceforest *~* former (traditional) Thunderclan Leader #7, now StarClanner *~* cisfemale *~* silver tabby chinchilla; white with vague pale cool gray stripes, dark blue boots, and dark forest green eyes; scars on nose, cheeks, thigh, and underbelly *~* approx. 47.5 moons old at death *~* 'vanished'; died in the gorge and was covered by snow until spring *~* last mentored LightningSpirit *~* calm and thoughtful mom-friend *~* has a Russian-esque loner accent ~*

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    Padding up after Foreststar, a broad and faded figure makes her way over to the flame colored molly. Her starry eyes shone with tiredness, and her faded state made her look rather frail and weak. Yet a smile was on her lips, Flameseeker had been a member of ThunderClan longer than she had been within the clans... It was nice to see that a face she had known from long ago was now taking the throne as leader, even if that throne didn't sit within SkyClan. "Flameseeker, its good to see you." The older feline purrs as she slows down to a halt. "Its good to see you here finally. I may not be a ThunderClan cat but I knew in my gut you'd be getting your nine lives eventually. Only back then I never believed I'd be dead at the time, let alone giving you one." A small chuckle escapes her maw at her words.

    How she missed being on the ground... and maybe with StarClan's current state she'd one day find herself missing StarClan.

    She moves to press her nose against the others forehead. "Its important as a leader to have some compassion... You are tasked to make judgement on cats every single day. Tasked to make choices. A warrior has broken the code, how harsh should their punishment be? Its difficult questions like these you'll be forced to decide on. Think with your heart and mind, what may have caused them to do this? Have they done it before? What is their own reasoning for it? How many cats did it harm by doing so? If a cat is deserving of it, show them compassion. Forgiveness."

    With a flick of her tail she moves her nose away from the soon to be Flamestar.

    "Remember to keep faith in your ancestors... remind you clan-mates to keep faith in us. It may seem like we're not watching at times, or that we don't care, but we wish the best for all the clans. We'll never stop rooting for the clans, don't stop rooting for us."

    After a few moments of silents after her words she dips her head, "Farewell Flamestar. Lead ThunderClan valiantly." With that she turns around and disappears back into the crowd of StarClan members.



  • It was always nice seeing Flamese-Flamestar.

    Even though their time was not as long as it could have been, he treasured it with all his being. He was happy she was able to continue on, be happy, beyond him. Ah...he still remembered being a clumsy apprentice who couldn't hunt- the two of them dancing around unknown feelings until her return.

    He thought on all those moons fondly.

    The bulk of fluff steps up next, nervously tossing a smile to the leader who had gone before him. Goodness, he'd never done anything like this before. This was far different from just speaking to her in dreams.

    Clearing his throat Pebblecloud looked at the new leader with a mix of fondness and nerves.

    "Never done this before," he whispered to her, "hope the big names don't make fun of me."

    "Flameseeker," was this right?

    "As leader there will be a lot of decisions made, like a lot, more than just naming kittens and wondering if they'll like them. But, uh, yes, right, um... There will be a lot of tough choices, and a lot of things you won't be able to handle. Cats will come and go, victory and defeat, pain and love."

    He paused, gazing at her with the same love he'd held onto since they met.

    "It'll be hard," his words came easier now, "really hard. You'll wanna scream, cry, kick and just hide. It'll make your heart ache and make you wish you never knew it. But...that's part of life, and part of leading.

    With this life, Flamestar, I give you acceptance- the ability to move on through the hurt, the ability to learn and continue on, whilst knowing the hurt is there. With this life I give you the ability to accept the hardships, to move forward, to love again.

    I hope you know that I love you, and that I'll always be watching over you and the kits."

    He leaned forward, pressing his forehead to hers.

    Pebblecloud blinked the starry tears away, and swallowed the lump in his throat.

    The pain of grief would wash over her again, the strain of choice, the worry of defeat or victory. The pain of loss and life, of existing in a world of choice. But, it would mellow to a passing pang, opening to a way of calm. The feeling of acceptance. Of understanding.

    The final stage of grief, after all, is acceptance.