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    Many moons ago, a pack lived in this place we call home. The Pack was known by other packs as Pack of the Feral Valley after the dog who founded it who was named Feral. The dog was a former pet-turned-stray when they were swept away from home by a flood and into the city. Anyway, the pack brought together many strays of the city. The clan also taught them how to fend for themselves and each other thus ensuring survival. Everything was peaceful until Feral died. Things fell into disarray as many dogs realized his deputy, a young damsel named Dark River, was unfit to be leader as she grew crazy and admitted the leader had been her mate. Being forced from her position, a new dog decided he would take this as an opportunity.. an opportunity to make this pack his. The dog was a stray who had been exiled moons before for some.. in-equal views. He thought Dams were toys, and that Brutes were superior. However, Feral disagreed and, as a result, the brute was exiled as Feral was sure he would try starting a rebellion. The brute, however, formed a group of supporters and brought facts to the table including how emotional the Dams were. Soon, he had claimed the role of leadership. Many changes were made by the Brute, changes which only further turned the Dams of the clan against him. Fifteen moons after being made leader, a Dam birthed a litter of his. The pups were hated as she did not want them to begin with and so she named them as such: Malice and Spite for the two brutes. However, the dam she couldn't bare to give an ugly name and so, she named her Breeze. The pups grew and the eldest, Malice, was trained by Spade [the leader] to become the next leader, the heir. And nine moons prior.. Malice became Leader at 2 years. After his father had died, Malice renamed the clan in his honor..

    Beliefs and Opinions

    The pack doesn't believe in much in terms of an afterlife, however, they do believe in Reincarnation.

    As for their opinions, they have low views on Damsels - or females - and think Brutes - or males - are superior. They also have poor views toward homosexuality but aren't entirely against it. Lastly, the canines of the group are very harsh to former pets and see them as weak.



    Spade-Minded - A term damss use for a dog who thinks like Spade, the ex-leader.

    Damsel-framed - a term for a brute that has a lithe or feminine figure.

    Damsel/Dam - another word for Female dog

    Brute - Another word for male dog

    Malice-Hearted/Spade-hearted - a term for a cruel dog.

    Dam-Hearted - A term for a soft/emotional or weak dog.

    No-fur - A word for a twoleg.

    Feral-One - A term to describe an animal that has reverted to it's wild instincts (a feral).

    Stray - A dog without a pack.
    Claimed - A dog belonging to another pack.

    Chained - A dog that is a pet.

    Food-giver - Name for no-furs who leave food.

    Slush-Brain(ed) - A word for a dog who is dumb or foolish

    Mouse-Backed - A term for a dog who is fearful.

    Wolfish - a term for a dog who is fearless/brave.

    Rabbit-footed - A term for a dog who is particularly agile.


    The dogs live in an abandoned town. The town has been abandoned for many years for an unknown reason. The houses are decrepit, the buildings are falling down and being over-taken by nature. The dogs have taken shelter in an old pound. The small town is surrounded by woods, grass and a trail which leads through the forest. No-furs hike the trail and, if they see the dogs, they'll sometimes leave food. Puddles litter the street supplying water and food comes through the city as it's been taken back by nature. Grass, dirt, and trees are quickly populating the old town.

    on the opposite side of the town, in the forest far from the trail and the Spades' is an Amish community. Their dogs visit the area a lot and the amish (sometimes) throw scraps out for the dogs.


    i. Brutes and Dams can begin mating at 1 year and 6 moons.

    ii. All Dams must mate with a different tom to ensure a variety of genetics. This means no mate is permanent.

    iii. All Brutes learn to fight first as an apprentice so they can fight off rebelling Dams.

    iv. Dams may not learn to fight. However, this law has been broken before and so, those teaching and learning to fight will be executed by Malice and Spite.

    v. All pups names are final. Names are given by the mother and only the mother. These names may not change unless requested by the dog once they reach 6 moons. A Dam's name change may be rejected.

    vi. All Dams are allowed to move about freely when Brutes are awake. But once night fall comes, they are to sleep in the open while a group of Brutes guard the only exit.

    vii. Pups may not leave the camp until they turn six moons. Basically no pup may leave at all, only apprentices.

    viii. Dams are not allowed to leave camp unless accompanied by a Warrior. However, no Dam may leave at night accompanied or not.

    ix. Dams found of being unable to produce pups will be executed or chased off.


    Brutes; 2 | Damsels; 2

    High Brute-only Ranks


    Malice | Me

    Deputy [assists leader in making major decisions, forms patrols]

    open | ?

    Heir to Leader

    Takes leader's place after death, is related to the leader.

    Open | ?

    Heir to Deputy

    Takes deputy's place after death, is related to the deputy.

    Open | ?

    Healers [0/2]

    Open | ?

    Healer's Trainees [0/2]


    High Dam-only ranks

    Nurses [0/2]

    mates to healers. Assist birthing Dams. Also assists in healing brutes

    Open | ?

    Nurse trainees [2/2]

    Mates to healers, learns to help birthing dams. Learns to heal the brutes as well.

    open | ?

    Leader's Harem [0/3]

    Dams chosen to mate with Malice. WILL CHANGE. Chosen in rp each moon.

    Deputy's Harem [0/3]

    Read the above.

    Open | ?

    Semi-High Brute ranks

    Guards [1/10]

    Guards the entrance on a rotating basis. 5 during the day, 5 at night.

    Spite | Open to be played

    Guard Trainees [0/5]

    Replace the eldest guards. Trained by eldest guards.

    Average Brute ranks

    Warriors hunt & fight.

    Tipper | Me

    Trainees 0/8 train to be warriors.

    open | ?

    Elders 0/8


    Low Dam ranks

    No-Pups Dams without Pups.

    Breeze | Open to be played

    Sapphire | Me

    Eden | Me

    Mothers [0/5] Dams with/expecting Pups


    neutral ranks

    Pups [0/25] [Max of 5 Pups per mom]

    Name | Gender | Mother | Played by

    Outsiders [0/10] All dogs outside the pack.


    1. FF rules apply

    2. Your Damsel isnt special. Eventually, she will have pups, and eventually she will be killed [elder dams are executed or chased off]

    3. No perfect characters.

    4. This roleplay will hint at rape. Please join with caution. There will also be character death and murder.

    5. No cussing. Read the Slang area for all slang that will be used in this roleplay.

    6. You may roleplay if you have one approved character even if your others arent finished.

    - In addition to that if you have at least one character approved you don't need to wait for my approval to roleplay the others. Just don't forget to finish them.

    7. Please be able to post at least four sentences for most of your characters, if not all, in each post.

    8. Avoid repition of characters. Dont make all your dogs one breed or gender.

    9. This thread allows Wolf-dogs, wolves, and dogs. however, i should say that i won't allow more than 5 Wolves and no more than 5 wolf-dogs. And, no one is allowed to play more than one of them at a time.

    10. Please be respectful.

    11. All names are acceptable.

    Mentors and Apprentices

    To be added.

    Family Trees


    Breeze | Malice and Spite's sister.

    Spite | Breeze and Malice's brother



    Roleplay -

    Chatting/plotting -

    Sign ups - (you're here)

    Discord - May come if enough people are interested~