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  • The sudden and sharp no was a definite surprise, especially coming from the black haired female. Giorgio looked at her in surprise, noticing the sort of panic in her eyes. He didn't question it though, not wanting to make her even more upset.

    "It's alright, you can have the upstairs bedroom if you're more comfortable with it." He reassured, hearing her wavering tone, obviously uncomfortable. Something must have happened to make her dislike either basements, confined spaces like it, or being underground in general. He may not question it now, but he would make sure to inquire about it once everyone was rested, but he would make sure to do it when they were alone. He didn't want to put her on the spot, specifically because Matteo would probably start teasing.

    There wasn't a gym, per say. It was more of an exercise area with a small walking track around it.

    "Well, I don't have a gym here, but there's an exercise area outside in the back yard. It's a fairly decent size, with a walking track." He informed her. Giorgio was sure Marco could find a punching bag if she really wanted one.

    "I can look for a punching bag when I make a run into town later if you'd like, Ms. Amalia?" Marco suggested, obviously seeing the look on the blonds gave. Giorgio smirked at him then stood up.

    "I'm sure everyone is worn out with the long day we've had, why don't we rest up and meet back here in two hours?" He suggested, turning his attention to Amalia. "I can show you the exercise area after we've rested. Is that alright? I'm sure you're just as worn out as the others from the trip here."

    Matteo wasn't too tired, more on edge than anything. Even if they were away from the city that didn't mean they were safe. Once Giorgio told everyone to rest he planned to head downstairs with the heir and go over security measures.

    "Bria will show you to your room, Ms...Fiore." Giorgio hesitated, wondering if it would be informal and rude to call her Amalia, even if she already said it was fine. He felt it was disrespectful, but maybe he'd try some other time. Matteo smirked at the blond, watching as the female capo led Amalia upstairs. Marco retreated down a hall and to the bedrooms on that floor, leaving Matteo and Giorgio.

    "I'm gonna come hang with you for a while, Gio." Matteo followed after him, seeing the blond start towards the basement door. Giorgio looked over at him and nodded.

    "That's fine, I wanted to talk to you about some things." The two headed down the stairs and in to the basement.

    It was a little chilly down there; very noticable once you got closer to the bottom of the stairs. Giorgio went to the kitchen area first, grabbing both of them a drink. Matteo took the can an popped it open, settling on a chair at the bar area.

    "So, what did you want to talk about?" He asked curiously as he took a sip of the drink. Giorgio joined him on the opposite side so he was facing the gun slinger.

    "I'm sure you know that even though we're here it's still not a hundred percent safe. I need you to make rounds at least three times a day; one in the morning, again in the afternoon, and lastly before we all turn in for the night. Anytime after that is up to you." He explained. Matteo hummed.

    "I'll make another round before I go to bed myself, since I don't exactly go to bed early." Giorgio nodded in thanks.

    "Another thing, no matter what happens to the rest of us your main priority is Amalia. Understand?" His tone was a lot more serious and stern than Matteo was use to, making him sweat a bit.

    "Yeah, of course, man. Why are you so serious about this? It's not the first time we've had to do this." He reminded, a frown on his face.

    "She's more important than the other people we've been charged to look after. So, her safety is the main priority above ours." He explained, opening his own drink. Matteo stared at the blond for a moment before a mischievous smirk stretched across the brunettes face.

    "Are you really concerned about that," he paused, laughing at the offended look on Giorgio's face, "or is it because you think she's carina?" He teased, making his friend glare at him

    "I mean, I don't blame you! She's a very bella ragazza after all."

    "Shut up, capella de culo." He hissed. Matteo laughed, noticing his friends face reddening just a smidge. Matteo wasn't wrong, Amalia was a very pretty girl, but it was the time to be distracted by such things. They were on a mission after all, a slip up like that could cost any of them their lives, which Giorgio was most definitely not willing to risk.



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    Amalia grit her teeth, brows furrowing as she looked to her lap, unable to meet anyone's gaze. He was most definitely aware of her hesitance, not that she had been low-key about it. She shifted, the holster digging into her thigh, uncrossing her legs. "How thoughtful, Mr Giordano," She smiled politely. Of course he was only doing it as a formality, but she was grateful he didn't press the matter nonetheless. She listened intently, pushing her hair behind her ear, a small habit that showed whenever she was paying attention. "If it isn't too much trouble, Marco, then that would be preferable. I'll fetch you my card whenever you're about to leave," She said, eyes finally flicking up to fixated on Giorgio.

    "Please, Amalia is just fine for you to call me," She responded, standing up. She scooped up her bag, slinging it over her shoulder once more. Meet back in two hours. Bria smiled at Amalia, motioning for her to follow as they moved upstairs. She fell in line behind Bria, carefully noting her surroundings on the way to the bedroom. Once she entered the room, she set the bag down on the bed, taking a seat as she began to pull off the long boots. She looked to Bria, for a moment, trying to find any sort of faked kindness, which, usually, she could identify. These people were hard to read, were they even showing their true personalities? Perhaps she was being to skeptical. "Bria?" She asked, feeling a bit odd without the usual last name basis she was on with most people. "Yes?" The capo responded, her tone warm and friendly without being overbearingly cheerful. Amalia's mouth opened to start to speak, but she chickened out. "No, it's nothing, never mind."

    After the guest had gotten situated, Bria left to settle in herself. Amalia quickly unstrapped the holster, tossing it into the bottom of her bag and kicking it under the bed. It wasn't like a knife would do much in a dire situation anyway, so she opted for the more comfortable option of going without it. She ungracefully flopped down onto the bed face first, groaning, slightly muffled by the plush bed. She shimmied out of her coat, putting it off to the side for the moment. Even just laying down for a second almost had her dozing off, enticed by the promise of a warm bed on her aching body. So she decided to just indulge herself this one time, and let herself drift. When she awoke, she sleepily searched around with her hand, trying to find her phone. She squinted as the bright screen flicked on, trying to adjust. It had only been an hour? She was sure it had been longer than that.

    She sighed loudly, begrudgingly pushing herself off the bed and stumbling around, trying to balance herself. She was useless whenever she woke up, whether it was from sleep, or a short nap, it would take her a while to snap out of it. She rummaged through her bag and pulled out the one book that she had actually brought. She descended the stairs, book in hand as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes. She returned to her seat from before, except this time she was comfortably leaning back, a break in her perfect posture, since no one was watching. Her eyes scanned the page, quietly reading as she waited for the designated meeting time.

    Although her eyes were trained on the book, her mind wandered to Giorgio. He was unexpectedly... Courteous? Perhaps the rumors that she had heard were horribly incorrect. They were correct about his handsome features. Of course, she had seen pictures, but his smirk was seriously dangerous. Heat rushed to her face, burning as she brushed off her thoughts. This was work. Only work for both of them. Nothing more.

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  • It wasn't the plan to fall asleep in the first place, there was simply to much the young heir still had to do, but from the awkward position he was in on the couch Giorgio knew he unintentionally had fallen asleep. He opened his eyes to be greeted by the ceiling, only just realizing he fell asleep sitting up and head back on the couch. He sat up, leaning an elbow on his knee while rubbing his sore neck. Blue eyes scanned the room until they landed on Matteo, who was cleaning his prized gun. Giorgio's gaze wondered over to the clock. It had only been about an hour and a half.

    "Didn't want to wake you, figured you needed the rest like everyone else," Matteo's voice caught his attention, "I checked in on everyone while you were asleep. The girls were resting, Marco was checking the cameras around the place to make sure nothing was going on. Clear so far, I'll make a round after he leaves to pick up everything." Giorgio replied with a thumbs up, standing and stretching his legs and back. The brunette put his gun back together and paced it back in its holster inside his jacket.

    "Wanna head up? I'll start making dinner if you get the stuff I need?" He suggested, making his way to the stairs. Giorgio followed, opting to go up last.

    "Yeah, I'll help you if you want. I'm sure everyone is getting hungry by now." He commented, ascending the stairs behind Matteo.

    The main floor was quiet, the occasional common house noises sounded every few minutes. The two entered the kitchen area, Giorgio closing the door to the basement after he entered.

    "I'm not sure what we have, so we'll have to look. If anything, we can just call in something and have Marco pick it up on the way back." Giorgio opened the refrigerator to look through it. Matteo opened a couple cabinets and searched through.

    "Hey, we could make squid ink pasta?" He suggested, pointing to the ingredients. Giorgio shook his head.

    "No, Bria doesn't like the taste of the squid ink." He pulled out a pack of frozen chicken breast.

    "We could make Mozzarella Chicken Marinara?" Matteo's mouth practically watered.

    "Yes, please!" Giorgio chuckled at the man. He turned the sink on and put a stopper in it as the water started to warm up. The blond placed the package of chicken in it to let it thaw.

    "I'll make the chicken and you get the sauce ready when it's thawed?" Matteo gave a mock salute amd the two walked out of the kitchen and into the common area. The two mafioso paused at the sight before them.

    Sitting in the common area was Amalia, engrossed in a book. Matteo blinked in surprise, not expecting anyone to be up or in the room yet. Giorgio was the same, but quickly shook it off and walked further into the room.

    "Buona serata, we didn't expect anyone to be here yet." He greeted, making his way over to the couch. Matteo soon joined him, eying the book she had curiously. He wasn't one to read, but he was definitely nosy.

    "Did you rest well?" Giorgio asked, frowning as Matteo bumped into him.

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    Amalia heard the two in the kitchen, only their voiced traveled, not their words. Obviously with this many people, there would be some amount of noise, but it still surprised her. The heir to the Giordano family and his capo... Were preparing dinner like domestic housewives? Usually her house was completely quiet, only the occasional creak or hum of a machine flipping on echoing through the mansion. It was cold and was never lively unless there was a superficial party taking place. Parties. Now that she was on the subject, she hated parties. The thought made her stomach churn. Maybe it was the fact that socializing with their allies was like a battlefield in itself, full of hidden meanings, passive aggression and endless rumors. Or perhaps it was just because she had to leave her room to be a part of the festivities.

    Giorgio Giordano was an interesting character, known for being flirtatious with woman. That didn't appear to be the case so far, but she had to account for the fact that she was under his protection, and an heiress to an allied famiglia. One misstep on either of their parts and there could be a feud, if not a war, or at least a break of their alliance. Besides that, which made up 90 percent of the information she could find on him, he was known to be fiercely loyal and protective of his people. It was almost upsetting that he didn't get enough credit for that, as he could easily let his affiliates fend for themselves.

    Amalia was ripped out of her thoughts by the man himself, and she nearly jumped out of her skin, slamming the book shut as her posture automatically straightened. She set the book down beside her, sending a professional smile to Giorgio. The addition of Matteo didn't do much to lighten her mood, but maybe she would rethink her first impression if he changed a bit. Why was it that only when Giorgio made an effort to talk to her that she got flustered and abandoned her usual carefully planned and thought out responses. "Molto bene, grazie. I wasn't expecting anyone either, although I'm certainly not opposed to it," Stupid. She could've left that last part out.

    She scoffed for a moment. She had forgotten that these considerate questions and small talk was just a way to pass the time. "You seem rather accustomed to having a house guest or... How did you put it... Babysitting? Do you babysit often?" She asked, no trace of real aggression on her features. She had just barely overheard their conversation through the door at the young mans house, and this was her hint that they should watch what they say. It had almost slipped her mind, but she had found a way to weave it into conversation. She couldn't honestly say that she didn't understand their feelings, even now, but it just reminded her that these people aren't her friends and they never would be. Marco and Bria emerged from their rooms, each sauntering into the common room at their own pace, and promptly sitting down. She knew she shouldn't, but she continued anyway. "Ms Bria? Would you like to sit next to me?" Her expression softened a bit, although the change was slight.

    Even if she knew she couldn't trust them, there would be no harm in playing friends for a while, would there?

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  • Oh, so she heard that part. It wasn't intended for offense, although she didn't really sound offended. Giorgio felt a little guilty she had heard then in the first place. It wasn't that he thought this wasn't important because it was, it was very important. On the other and, he didn't think it was any of their business meddling in the affairs of another group. He supposed this was an exception though since both of them had an alliance with the other, so of course it was important. If he was in his father's place then he certainly would have offered the same protection to his trusted allies.

    Most of people they were charged with caring for were...not the best. With that in mind, they had only looked after three other people–not including Amalia. The first one was a wealthy mans son who had to be escorted to Rome. It wasn't difficult but the boy was stubborn as a mule, he didn't want to follow directions, tried to wander off more than once, and almost caused a fight between them and a group of lowly thugs.

    The second was no better. It was an actor and actress couple, who were by definition snobs. They talked down about everything they saw, made rude and snide comments about his team. They even caused a scene at an extremely nice restaurant that Giorgio and his group looked after. When they left he apologized profusely, saying he'd pay for any damages or problems they caused.

    The last wasn't as bad as the second, but she was certainly bratty. The girl was the youngest heir of another allied mafia group located in Rome. She wasn't too bad, but she was demanding and one could obviously tell she was spoiled. Only the finest of high quality water, fancy clothes while she stayed, expensive makeup and fashion magazines, and only the finest and most expensive dining. Giorgio cringed at the amount she had managed to wrack up in just a couple days.

    Matteo hummed, not entirely feeling as bad as Giorgio. They didn't know how she would act or what would happen when they took on the job, so it was only natural to expect the same as the last three they looked after. But...he did feel a little bad, only slightly though.

    "Look, we didn't mean it in a bad way. We've just," he paused, rubbing his chin, "we haven't had the best luck with clientele we've looked after in the past." Giorgio nodded in agreement, figuring he should step in before Matteo actually offended her.

    "You see, none of us knew what to expect, even knowing the information we did. Everyone was still a little sceptical about this whole thing. We've looked after three others before you, technically four since one dealt with a couple." He explained, hoping he didn't offend her. "But, I can tell you, you're definitely no where near the horror we thought you'd be, compared to the others." He half joked, giving her a sort of anxious smirk. Matteo agreed quickly.

    "Oh yeah! You're ten times better than those piccoli terrori. At least Giorgio isn't at his wits end." Matteo nudged him playfully, the blond waving away his prodding elbow.

    "Yes, well," he cleared his throat, thankful to see Bria and Marco enter. Bria's eyes lit up as she gladly accepted the invitation and sat beside the black haired female. Marco decided on the rocking chair just to the right of Giorgio.

    Marco hasn't really been sleeping, but he did take a half hour nap. For the most of those two hours we was checking the traffic cams and the security cameras around the house. He had checked once more before coming out, only to meet Bria on his way to the living room. The ravenette figured now would be a good time to go ahead and make a supply run into town.

    "So, I think now's a good time to make the suplly run," he suggested as his eyes skimmed over each person, "if you'll make a list really quick I'll go get the car running and head on out." He stood up and made his way to the kitchen to put his shoes on and grab the keys. Giorgio stood as well and walked to a book case like shelf. He grabbed a notebook, along with a pen and handed them to Amalia first.

    "Try and think of anything you need, we probably won't be going back into town for a few days," he informed the group, "that means any kind of food or snacks you want, books, clothes, anything." The group nodded in understanding.

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    Amalia blinked. She hadn't intended to make them feel guilty, that wasn't her aim, but it was sort of amusing seeing them desperately try to explain themselves. She would lying if she said that it hadn't stung a little at first, but she had dealt with way worse. It pretty accurately described their relationship. Babysitter and child. She offered no comforting words saying that it wasn't a big deal, not even a small smile or a light-hearted laugh. If they had truly offended her, they wouldn't be sitting here right now, having such a pleasant conversion. She chose to keep that to herself, not wanting to stir up even more drama then she had already caused.

    She had understood Matteo trying to explain himself, but she hadn't expected Giorgio to jump in. If they had been smart about it, they would have just laughed it off and continued with the petty small talk. She couldn't tell if she admired their willingness to address the topic, or found it foolish. Most likely the latter. "Oh?" She raised a brow. "Oh? You assumed I was going to be a horror?" Internally, she was having the time of her life, teasing them, but perhaps she should give them a break. "I'm ten times better? We've known eachother for... Maybe six hours? You both have me completely figured out in that amount of time? Who's to say that I won't scatenare l'inferno after today?" She asked, grinning. Challenge accepted. She could easily be the worst they had ever seen, and would have fun doing it, but she had started taking a liking to Bria, so she decided not to.

    When Bria arrived however, her attitude immediately mellowed out, smiling to the capo. She took the book, fingers barely grazing against the male's as she pulled it back, opening it to a blank page. She loosely scrawled what she needed. Not much. Just some feminine products and a punching bag. Yeah, those two went together really well. She passed the notebook on and rummaged in her pocket, pulling her wallet out. "Marco? Here," She pulled out a card and held it out to the raven haired male. She wasn't particularly worried about the safety of leaving her money with him, not like it was even half of it anyway. If he wanted to spend all the money on the card, she didn't care. How privileged. Perhaps I am as bad as the other people they've watched. She thought, a smile still on her face.

    "Mr Giordano?" She asked. "Is it possible we could discuss something in private?"

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  • The blonde capo had no knowledge prior to her making her entrance, a she was extremely confused when Amalia mentioned the two thinking she would be a horror.

    "You did what?!" She yelled at the two, making Matteo flinch back. Giorgio, however, gave her a reassuring look.

    "I mean, we were just explaining some things, you know, about our past experiences with guarding people." He reassured her.

    "I may have mentioned that the others were uh, less than savory." Matteo admitted, refusing to make eye contact with the capo. Bria stared at them.

    "You both are stupid."

    Bria's gaze skimmed over the two males. She didn't really blame them for trying to explain, but they could have at least gone a different route about it. She found it funny though, the way Giorgio's face paled and Matteo's twisted in panic.

    "That won't be necessary! What I meant was, so far! So far you're better than them!" Giorgio frowned at the male.

    "You're just making it worse, stai zitto." The blond hissed at his friend. Bria had never seen the two become so flustered over something so small. She tried her best to block her snorts of laughter behind her hand, but it wasn doin much good. Even though she could obviously tell the girl wasn't entirely serious it still made the situation that much more funnier to her. Giorgio surely would pick up on it and she was sure he would get Amalia back in some subtle way.

    "You've managed to fluster them in record time in a conversation, congratulations, Amalia!" She laughed, causing the two men to frown at her, clearly not amused with the capo.

    It didn't take long for Marco to make a few adjustments to the Jeep and return. He carefully took the notebook, taking care not to rip the page of items, along with grabbing Amalia's card from her hand. He gave it a confused look, but didn't question it. He was not expecting to be handed a card anyway, but it really wasn't his business.

    "Is this it?" He asked. Bria nodded.

    "Everything aside from whatever you need, Marco. We're good." With the confirmation Marco bid them farewell.

    "I'll be back within the hour." Then he left. The garage door opened and the Jeep backed out, circling around the parking space and headed down the long path. Matteo stood up and made his way to retrieve his shoes as well.

    "I'll circle the perimeter while he's gone, be back in thirty." The brunette slipped his shoes one and out he went as well, starting at the back of the property.

    Giorgio watched him from the sliding screen door of the kitchen. However, his mind was not on his friend, but Amalia. More specific, when she had grabbed the note book from his hand and her fingers slightly grazed his. He wasn't sure how to explain it, but there was sort of a small shock. Almost like static electricity. At that thought though, it certainly could have been just that, so the though was easily and quickly dismissed from his mind.

    "You didn't have to give him your card. We don't mind buying the things you need, cara." Bria smiled at the girl reassuringly. Despite what the two had said she could tell Giorgio didn't mind spending the money to get the things Amalia needed, unlike the others. Giorgio nodded in agreement.

    "Despite what I said, I don't mind buying whatever you might need for your stay. You don't seem like the kind of person to uselessly spend money on things you don't really need." He shrugged, glancing at her. Giorgio could be wrong though. Amalia was right after all, they had only known each other less than half a day. However, from the way she's reacted a couple times and let loose for just an instant was all the information he needed at the moment.

    At the question of speaking privately Giorgio motioned for Bria to head to the basement area. She stood up and gave a nod.

    "When you two are done, why don't you join me downstairs? There's an air hockey table and I've been dying to try my hand at it! Maybe we could go a couple rounds?" She directed the question at the female heir as she descended the stairs. Giorgio waited a few minutes before his full attention was on the ravenette.

    "What did you want to speak about, Ms. Amalia?" He asked, returning to his seat across from her.

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    Amalia waved her hand dismissively. "Babysitters don't buy things for the kids they take care of," She informed, still messing around with the subject from before. However, the way he said that he thought she wasn't an impulsive buyer, made her want to prove him wrong. She would leave that for another day. Regardless, she was under their physical protection, not financial. It wasn't as if she was in need of money anyway. She couldn't ask them, or more specifically, Giorgio, to buy things on her behalf just because they were looking after her. In the first place, she wasn't quite sure how good of an idea it was to send her into the clutches of another gang, even if they were allied.

    She laughed a little nervously as Bria headed down stairs. "Ah, yeah... That's a bit..." She started, shaking her head. Amalia looked back to the blonde, sighing heavily. How could she just say no to that? Sorry, I can't handle basements? She clicked her tongue, the first visible show of irritation since she had met up with these people, although it was directed at herself. She watched as he took a seat, locking eyes before smiling a bit. "Let's drop the formalities, Amalia is just fine," She leaned forward, propping herself up with her elbows on her knees. She was already beginning to regret her decision. "I'm sorry about all of this, it wasn't my decision to force myself on you."

    "What do you know about the situation so far?" No one had kept her up to date with it, all she was aware was that her family refused a demand to hand her over, which was terribly old-fashioned in her opinion. She bit her lip in thought, shifting to tug at the hem of her dress. Would the attacks ever cease if she never gave the famiglia what they wanted? The best option was to wipe them from the map, but she wasn't in charge, so she was left to be merchandise, something that needed guarding.

    She leaned back into the couch, head in hands as she sighed once more. What in the hell was she doing? "Look, you don't have to worry about me. I'll be fine on my own like usual. I- Ugh. Nevermind, just..." She stood up, heading towards the bedroom she was staying in. "I'm heading out. I need air." She called over her shoulder before jogging up the steps, roughly pulling on some sneakers and heading back down. Sure, she knew it was probably dangerous to go out alone, but that wouldn't stop her, she simply put the holster back on and considered herself safe. She left the way she entered, through the garage and began a fast paced walk. It was suffocating inside and she needed time to think, and she couldn't do that in the basement.

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  • There was no need for her to apologize about a situation she had no control over, but Giorgio supposed she obviously must have felt that way regardless if he told her otherwise. Anyone in her position would most likely do the same.

    "You don't have to apologize. Even with the downsides it's my job to do what I can to help the people around me," he paused for a just a second, "that must sound pretty strange coming from someone in the mafia, huh?" Giorgio thought of how to word what he was trying to say. "What I mean is, I want the people in my district to feel safe when they see us walking the streets. If they need anything, they don't have to think twice about asking," his gaze met hers, "I want my allies to be able to count on us to get a job done and not have to worry if we'll fail or not." He explained.

    Giorgio knew how frustrating it was not knowing a situation because people wouldn't tell you. He debated on wether to tell her or not. If he were in her shoes then he'd absolutely want to know.

    "I'm not really supposed to say, but if you don't then it could turn out worse. The group your famiglia are dealing with are pretty upset they couldn't gain you in their negotiation for an alliance. When your father refused they didn't take it will and, in my personal opinion took the childish route and there's now a group out looking for you," he frowned, "wether they're trying to kidnap you for ransom or kill you, we don't know yet." He explained. He knew a little about the other mafioso group, but not enough to actually tell what they're planning to do. "I can guarantee you though that we'll do whatever it takes to make sure you're safe."

    Giorgio was a little put off by her dismissal of the whole thing. He knew she could fend for herself, from what the file said she was very skilled in fighting, but that didn't stop the worry.

    "Wait, Amalia hold on a second." He called after her, but the ravenette was already gone, disappearing up the stairs. The blond furrowed his brows, lips pursed in slight frustration. It wasn't safe going outside, despite being armed or not. Matteo was out there though, but if something happened he might be to far away to be of any help.

    "Dannazione, stubborn girl." He grumbled, walking into the kitchen to check the food.

    It was thawed enough to start cooking, so Giorgio opened the package. Amalia flashed through the kitchen and out the garage door, not bothering to look his way. She probably didn't even see him. The mafioso watched out the sliding glass doors as Amalia started her walk. He knew he should make sure someone was watching her, but Bria wasn't the type for simple observations like that and he wasn't sure what part of the property Matteo was on. So he sighed, deciding to give her a little privacy. At least until he was done getting the food ready to cook. She needed time to think and sort her thoughts, take everything in. His blue eyes would glance out the glass doors ever so often though.

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  • ✧ —

    Amalia shuddered, briskly walking at a fast but steady pace. People wanting her dead wasn't anything new, and she certainly wasn't afraid of small threats, but this was something entirely different. Useless gangsters off the street threatening her was nothing to worry about, as their threats were just that. Threats. Empty and never acted upon. Small gangs would never even dream to harm her, afraid of the Fiore wrath completely obliterating them. Her muscles screamed in protest, alerting her that she had already exerted enough energy for the day and that her body needed a rest. She ignored it. It was entirely possible that the enemy famiglia would act upon their impulses in spite. They could easily track her down and kidnap her, kill her, or anything they damn well pleased.

    She picked up the pace, even faster at a jog. Her parents had sent her away to receive someone else's protection, without even asking her. Although she certainly didn't act like it at times, she was a grown woman, couldn't she make her own decisions and fend for herself? But she couldn't argue when her padre told her about the plan. She couldn't say anything, not even trying to object out of fear of his disapproval. Was she some sort of yes-man? Then, she was sprinting at full speed, heaving deep breaths. The Giordano heir seemed confident that she would be completely fine under his protection, but did she even want that? If she was going to inherit the family name, then why not use this as a chance to prove herself? Instead, a man only two years her senior was put in charge of her. What good was she if she couldn't fight her own battles?

    Suddenly, there was a sharp twist of her ankle, pain shooting up her leg, and in less than a second, she fell forward on her hands and knees. Long locks of dark hair slipped out from behind her ear and gently brushed the ground, shading her face. A sudden boiling rage hit her, and she lifted a fist, punching the track material. Again. Again and again until her fist went numb. She could feel hot tears springing to her eyes as she grit her teeth. Droplets of salty water splashed on the ground, but it was soon over as she stood, blood dripping down her right knee, palms raw and scratched from the fall. The knuckles on her right hand were battered, luckily it hadn't broken the skin, or any bones, but it was enough to hurt. She approached the sliding door and silently ripped it open, slamming it behind her. Of course she had been so terribly clumsy and lost in her thoughts that she fell.

    Without speaking, she began searching the cabinets, moving around Giorgio. Finally, after opening the fourth one, she pulled out a towel and hopped up to sit on the counter, careful to choose an area where the other wasn't working on food, and pressed the rag to her bloodied knee. She looked to the ceiling, sniffing a bit as she flipped her hair behind her shoulder. "Do you need help?" She questioned, voice barely above a whisper. She hesitantly pulled the rag away, observing the small wound. The skin was ripped off, but nothing past that, and nothing that wouldn't heal in a matter of days. Hopefully he hadn't watched the embarrassing scene unfold. She would've been more careful if she had realized the male was right in the kitchen, with a direct line of sight to her.

    || If you want, he can react before she walks in (since he can see her), I just wrote out this way c: ||

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  • Silence had settled over the first floor after Amalia had left, aside from the occasional shifting posture or cutting of the food. Every few minutes Giorgio would glance out the window to see if he could still Amalia. Thankfully he could, until she got to the far side that was obstructed by the kitchen wall. Giorgio sighed as he looked back down and poured everything into the sauce pan. He wanted to make her feel better, a little more at ease about the situation but what was someone supposed to do when they suddenly had the full story as to why they were being sent off to stay with an unknown group of people? He didn't know if there was much he could do anyway.

    "Foods almost ready, Bria!" He called down, hoping she heard him. She confirmed that she had heard him by replying with a quick and muffled 'gotcha' from downstairs.

    'I wonder if Amalia likes mozzarella marinara chicken?' He hummed in thought.

    The marinara sauce started to boil, so Giorgio took it off the burner and set it aside to let it cool. Footstep's could be heard approaching the door, making Giorgio look up only to see Amalia coming back. His eyebrow raised at the sight of her. He immediately noticed her puffy eyes and distant look in them. What really caught him by surprise was the blood rolling down her knee, eyes widening a bit. What on Earth had she done while she was out walking around? Questions buzzed in his head, scenario's about what could have actually happened mixing with the questions.

    At first he didn't say anything, just observed. It wasn't super obvious at the time, but he did notice she had sort of limped around him until she took her position on the counter.

    "Uh...hey, Bri?" He called downstairs.

    "Yeah? Dinner ready?" She asked curiously.

    "Not exactly, can you get a medical kit for me?" He asked, hearing her moving around downstairs now. Not a second later she came upstairs with the white med kit.

    "What happened? Cut yourself, again?" Giorgio shook his head.

    "No, don't worry. Thanks, dinner will be ready in ten." He shooed her back downstairs before she could ask any more questions or see the state Amalia was in. He stared at her for a minute, blue eyes looking over the source of the blood and how far down it trailed.

    "You obviously hurt yourself, possibly your leg or ankle too, you've been crying and you ask if I need any help?" He joked, quirking his eyebrow as he smirked at her. "I'm not trying to make fun of you, but I think you're the one who need help right now." He walked over to the couch and set the kit down before going back over to Amalia, rubbing his neck awkwardly. "I know you can probably walk by yourself, but I'd rather take cautious measures just in case it's more serious than that, so, spiacente in advance if I'm being to forward." He internally laughed as he out his arms under her legs and around her back, lifting her with ease of the counter top. Giorgio tried his hardest to keep his smirk from widening as he glance down at the female heir. He was sure she would most definitely not be happy with him about this, but consider it payback for teasing him and Matteo earlier.

    The blonde carefully sat her down on the couch and kneeled in front of her as he opened the white box beside them.

    "Not to sound nosy, but what on Earth did you do, ragazza?" He chuckled, taking out a bottle of disinfectant alcohol and a cotton swab. She would probably want to take a shower after this, to wash the extra blood off. His eyes skimmed her face briefly. He frowned at her red puffy eyes and disheartened look. "Do you want to tell me what's wrong, cara?" He asked. "Despite how most people see me, I'm a pretty good listener." He coaxed, but refused to push any more than that. Giorgio knew if he pushed then he was sure to make her distant and less open than she already was. "Or, if you'd be more comfortable telling Bria then I could get her for you instead."

    ||That's fine! I think it would have been more of a surprise if Amalia showed back up without his seeing her and looking disheveled and bloody ^-^||

    I, Giorno Giovanna, have a dream~Giorno Giovanna, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure


  • ✧ —

    Amalia rolled her eyes, a faint trace of a smile on her lips. "Then I won't offer you my services again," She retorted, laughing a bit. He was probably right, although she would never admit it. In her opinion, the wounds didn't need treating, they were only surface level, but if even if she protested, she would probably be ignored. Her eyes flicked to him, narrowing at his words. Just as she was about to jump down and limp over to the common room, she felt herself being lifted, warm arms against her skin. For a moment, she was stunned, not quite understanding what was happening. Her face suddenly flushed, and with all of her strength, punched his chest. Although, it turned out to be just a weak tap since she had exerted too much energy and was worn out now. "Put me down!" She tried attacking again, and the result was the same, so she shifted in his grasp, trying to push away from him. But as she looked to the ground, she realized the height at which she would fall if he really did drop her and stopped struggling.

    She huffed, scowling at him in a sort of pout. She was going to get him back. "I fell. I just tripped," She answered, not entirely lying. Her bruised knuckles weren't a product of simply 'falling down' but she didn't have to mention that, did she? She scrunched up her nose at the mention of being a good listener. That was was she was worried about. Listening to a woman's, or anyone's for that matter, problems was not foreign to him, he was used to such things. It almost pissed her off. Her hand shot out and grabbed his sleeve. "No. Not Bria," She murmured, quickly releasing him. She didn't want to worry anyone. If anyone could understand her, it would be him, sadly enough. She wasn't too fond of his flirty nature, but he had been tame since she got here.

    She hissed as she alcohol stung her knee. It hurt like hell, but beyond her initial surprise at the sting, she didn't react. She examined her lightly swollen ankle, testing it's flexibility. Pain still shot up her leg every time she twisted it a certain way, so she quickly stopped. "Nothing's wrong I just... wasn't paying attention." She said vaguely, looking away. Even now, tears threatened to prick her eyes for no reason in particular. They were nice enough, she she didn't know why she couldn't be content with that. She clasped her hands together but forgot about her injuries and flinched at the pain. pulling them back, examining her palms. Had she really fallen down so hard? Now that she was relaxing, her body felt sore and mind muddled. She waited until he was done with her knee to speak.

    "I'm scared," She said, voice trembling slightly as she looked down to him. What a thing to say to someone she just met, she shouldn't continue. "Not that you and your famiglia can't protect me, but I dragged you into this. If you get hurt because of my issue... I'm scared that I can't even protect myself from the clumsiness of falling down. What in the world am I going to do if there's an attack? Right now, I'd be useless," She stopped, only because she was beginning to choke up on her words, a lump forming in her throat. A professional smile flashed across her face. "Or at least that's what I would say. But I really just tripped."

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  • The blond did his best to keep his laughing quiet, not wanting to fluster the girl any more than she already was but it was funny and sort of cute to watch her flail and try to push away from him.

    "Now, there's no need for violence," he gave her a sky look, "cara." Giorgio knew he shouldn't be teasing or playing around but Amalia's reactions were too funny to pass up on the opportunity. He failed to hold in the laugh when she started scowling at him in a pout.

    "What? I can't let you hurt yourself more." He smirked, starting to dampen the cotton ball.

    Amalia was an interesting case. One minute she looked stoic and uncaring, keeping a fake polite appearance but the next her eyes were lit up with excitement about what she was passionate about, fussing at him and 'beating' on him and teasing him back. It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out the latter was what she was really like. If Giorgio was being honest, he liked her better when she wasn't hiding behind her professional persona. Although, he shouldn't be one to talk about that. The male heir had basically been doing the same thing, wanting to seem professional and efficient at his job. He had to do this so often though, it just became natural around other higher ranking individuals.

    "Alright, I won't get Bria then." He reassured, crouching down in front of her as he carefully grabbed her hand once more, just noticing the scrapped skin on her knuckles. He pursed his lips, glancing up at the blue eyed girl.

    "Right, you just fell." He raised an eyebrow, but decide not to question it further. The blond released her hand and continued with what he was doing. He picked up some tweezers, put the cotton ball in it and started to disinfect and clear the scrapped area. He grimaced, knowing it couldn't feel that good. Giorgio didn't doubt her that she fell, her knees confirmed that she indeed had, but that wasn't the whole story. He wouldn't push any more than he had, she would tell him when she was ready. It may have been a strange to think this at the moment, but Amalia's skin was very soft.

    A silence settled over them as Giorgio continued to clean the cuts on Amalia's leg before moving on to the other. The male briefly glanced up at the ravenette, pausing in his work as she spoke. So she was scares after all? He wasn't surprised, but what did was her admission of it. He stayed silent through the whole thing, his full attention on Amalia. It was a reasonable fear. Giorgio himself often worried about his friends and other underlings the same way, but this wasn't about him. Blue eyes narrowed at that fake smile she had on once more.

    "You're not very good at lying," he told her with a frown, "I know you're not okay, no one in this situation would be okay. You put up this facade like nothing bothers you and you're this stoic and unemotional person when you're really not," he didn't mean to sound harsh, but he wanted to get to the bottom of this once and for all, "it may not be my place to say this, but despite what you think we do care about what happens to you, to all the people we look after. It's our job sure and you may think we just see all of this as part of it, the kindness, concern, lending an ear, but we all really do care about every charge we look after. We aren't like most where they'll act like they want to get to know you or play nicr, but I can one hundred percent guarantee that e everyone here wants to get to know you better while you're staying with us." Giorgio felt a little bad for unloading all of this on the obviously overwhelmed girl, but she needed to know that they were genuine in their attempts. "Now, you wanna really tell me how you feel about this whole I check out your ankle...Amalia?" He asked, giving her a small smile, eyebrow raised.

    Bria lounged on a chair at the bar, quietly sipping on a glass of orange juice while she waited. Faint voices could be heard upstairs, which piqued her interest. Ever since Giorgio asked for the med kit she was worried something happened to one of them. She moved to the bottom platform of the stairs that led up to the kitchen. The blonde could hear them a little better now. She didn't dare make a move or sound, afraid she ruin the moment between them. A frown placed itself on her face at Amalia's statement. She tripped? Oh no, she hoped it wasn't to bad. But what surprised her the most was Giorgio's stern tone he had taken on while speaking. He was right, Bria could vouch for it. Everyone on the team, even Matteo wanted to know her a little better. Instead of ease dropping even more she returned to the bar, taking her plave back in the seat with a sigh.

    "I wonder if he'll get through to her." She hummed.

    I, Giorno Giovanna, have a dream~Giorno Giovanna, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure


  • ✧ —

    Her eyes widened when he lightly grasped her hand, ears burning at the touch. She pulled her hand back quickly after he released it. His scolding frown startled her, she hadn't expected him to make such a face. Amalia looked away with a troubled expression, unable to look him in the eyes as he spoke. She bit her lip. hands clenching in her lap. "I'm not lying," She insisted. She would've continued trying to convince him, but he kept talking. How was he pinpointing every single insecurity she had and pulling it out of her? His words cut straight through. Of course she had known that people could see through the show she put on, but they usually chose to ignore it. No one had ever dared to speak to her like this, and it was somehow... Comforting, to talk as equals, something she had needed for a long time.

    She felt her shoulders tense up as she tried her hardest not to let a sob escape her throat. Despite her best efforts, her body began to tremble, and tears welled in her eyes. They streamed freely down her face as she vigorously tried to rub them away. "Yeah," She laughed shakily, nodding as she dried the last of the tears from her eyes. "Donnaiolo," She kicked him lightly with her good foot, trying to be somewhat intimidating. She rolled her ankle again, testing it again. The same sensation spread throughout her ankle, a slightly less intense pain than before. It really just wasn't a big deal, nothing like a sprain. Although she had just got done crying, she felt like messing with him again already. She grinned. "You could examine it and find the problem... Or I could run away from you to play air hockey."

    Before he could really react and understand what she was saying, she stood, taking a few limping steps forward and quickly hurrying down the steps into the basement. She took in a deep breath once she was down there, a sense of dread taking over for a moment before she forced herself out of it. "Bria!" She slid into the seat next to the capo, smiling warmly. "Can I get a drink?" Amalia asked, or pleaded more like. Not bothering to wait on an answer, she quickly moves to the air hockey table, admiring it. She had never seen one in real life, it seemed interesting.

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  • Tears were expected, even before he saw them. Just by the way she tensed up Giorgio could tell everything before and up until now cam crashing down and the flood gates finally opened. Even though his intention was for her to cry the blond knew she probably needed it. Giorgio stayed silent as Amalia let it all out, only briefly letting out a chuckle as she kicked him with her other foot.

    "A playboy, huh? Your words wound me, cara." A small smirk stretched across his lips. Maybe now she would loosen up a little, but he didn't expect by much. But at least it was a start. He got back to look her foot over but came up with nothing.

    'Guess it was just an awkward twist.' He felt relieved that Amalia hadn't actually hurt herself to bad. Giorgio separated the dirty and bloody supplies from the clean and put them back into the medical kit, gathering the old ones and throwing them in a waste bin by the couch. Giorgio quietly listened to the female as he put the kit up, glancing in her direction. Blue eyes widened when Amalia abruptly stood up and hobble ran away.

    "What? Run away, air hockey? Wait! Don't start running off yet, give your foot a minute to rest! Ragazza testarda." He chased after her, almost tripping himself as he missed a step.

    Thumping footstep's brought Bria out of her thoughts, making he look up at the ceiling. What were they doing now? The footstep's got closer to the stairs and headed down them. Bria's eyes widened when she saw Amalia basically sprint–or what she assumed was trying to, over to the bar stool beside her.

    "Oh, sure. Is there anything particular you wanted? There's lemonade, coffee, coke, water, uh orange juice?" She named off a few she remembered seeing in there. The blonde capo made her way over to the fridge, keeping her curious gaze on the other girl as she admired the air hockey table. Bria smiled, wondering if she had ever played before.

    Another pair of stumbling footstep's caught her attention. She looked over to see Giorgio almost face plant on the floor after missing the last two steps.

    "Whoa, what's the rush, Gio?" She asked, laughing at the man. His gaze swept over the room until they landed on his target.

    "Hey, what do you think you're doing? You shouldn't be standing on your ankle for long, at least let it rest you ragazza testarda!" He scolded, pointing a finger at Amalia. A snicker left the capo as she quickly put a hand to her face to stop from laughing.

    "You hurt your ankle, Amalia? Would you like some ice for swelling?" She asked, turning to look at the female in question.

    The perimeter check was finally done. Matteo sighed in relief as he stepped through the sliding doors and walked into the kitchen. He looked at the sauce, noticing it was off the burner. His gaze moved to the chicken sliced in strips. He raised an eyebrow at them, noticing they weren't cooked yet. The gun slinger sprinkled some mozzarella over the pieces and slid them into the oven to bake, then stirred the sauce to keep it from sticking.

    "Hey, where'd everyone go?" He called out, looking around the living room. The brunette pause when he heard yelling coming from downstairs. He tensed. In an instant Matteo had his gun out and quickly made his way downstairs. Upon entering the basement living space he paused, staring at the scene. Bria was by the fridge, trying to contain her laughter, Amalia was inspecting the air hockey table and Giorgio had a stern pouting face while staring directly at said girl by the hockey table.

    "What...the hell did I miss?" He was beyond confused.

    I, Giorno Giovanna, have a dream~Giorno Giovanna, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure


  • ✧ —

    Amalia smiled pleasantly. "Lemonade, please? I haven't had that in ages," She hummed, abruptly tensing as she heard the heavy footfall of someone descending the stairs. Rapidly. She dashed behind the hockey table, a challenging grin on her lips. If he tried to get to her, she'd just run the opposite way, using the table as a barrier and an obstacle. His scolding just amused her more, making her want to mess with him even more. "No, the swelling has almost already gone down, grazie." There was a pause in her playful attitude while she responded to Bria, but it quickly resumed. She turned her attention back to her victim, who looked exasperated to say the least. This was kind of... Fun. Something like out of a movie.

    She gave a quick wave to Matteo as he joined them in the inexplicable scene he stumbled in on. As soon as the blonde made a move towards her, she hopped over the table, sliding across as she stumbled into Matteo, moving behind him as she gripped his shirt. "Donnaiolo! Donnaiolo!" She antagonized as she peeked out from behind the brunette. In hindsight, she probably shouldn't have charged at someone with their gun out, but she hadn't taken the time to notice what was in his hands as she ran. She tugged on his arm, leaning up slightly to whisper in his ear. "Distract him and I'll only put one bottle of glitter in your hair," She smiled, quickly moving out from behind him to sort of run to the fridge and Bria, hopping a bit on her good leg to relieve the pressure on her ankle. It was beginning to ache a bit more with all the movement, but she ignored it, focused on retrieving her lemonade and staying away from Giorgio.

    In all the commotion, she forgot that she was even in a basement. The only thing that gave away that they were underground was the slight chill in the air, not even enough for her to really notice when she was occupied with other things. It was better that way, if she really stopped and thought about, it would be problematic. She nearly crashed into Bria, just managing to barely side past her, sneakers squeaking on the floor. She snatched the lemonade and took a sip, now taking refuge behind the capo, who was now laughing out loud. Who could blame her, it wasn't every day you could see the two heirs of their respected famiglia fooling around like children. Even Amalia was surprised at her own behavior, she had never acted on her impulses before.

    Normally she wouldn't be so reckless or childish, but the reactions of Giorgio were just too amusing for her to give it up. The exit was going to be harder to get to, and the stairs would be much harder climb. "My ankle is fine you uomo testardo, just let me play air hockey..." Her eyes slid to the table as she leisurely took another sip shifting her weight to her good ankle as she waited for a response. She was still hiding behind Bria, and she gave her a quick smile. "Ms Bria?? Can't you convince him?"

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  • Bria and Matteo watched in amusement as the two mafioso heirs danced around each other. Giorgio lunged to grab Amalia as she darted over to Matteo for cover. Even with the stern face he had this was the most fun he's had in a while. With keeping his image up as the sole heir of the Giordano famiglia, keeping his district safe from wannabe thugs, and the reports he had to file Giorgio didn't have much time left for things like this. It was refreshing in a way, extremely different but certainly not unappreciated.

    "Oh? A playboy am I? At least I'm not a plant, piccolo fiore." He smirked.

    Matteo was most definitely surprised when Amalia had bolted towards him, just to his behind him. The brunette looked over his shoulder at her in confusion. He thought she didn't really care for him, but whatever. He clearly had missed something earlier.

    "One bottle of glitter, huh?" Green eyes met blue as his attention turned to his blond friend. "You got it." He knew just how to distract him.

    When she rushed to Bria the gun slinger went into action.

    "Is dinner almost done? I saw the marinara sauce, but no chicken." He hummed in thought. Giorgio's eyes widened for a moment, momentarily forgetting about catching Amalia.

    "Merda, il cibo!" He started up the stairs in a hurry, but stopped to point at the ravenette. "We're not done with this...and no air hockey." He reassured her, then rushed up the stairs to make sure the food hadn't burnt. Matteo couldn't hold his laugh anymore and started wheezing.

    "Oh man, that was golden!" He laughed, planting himself on the couch. "I've never seen him so worked up and worried. I don't think it'll hurt to play air hockey. I won't tell if you don't?" He calmed his laughter, looking over at Bria and Amalia.

    The capo was almost in tears as she watched the two. Bria forgot when the last time she laughed this hard was. Seeing Giorgio also having fun made her happy, too. She couldn't remember the last time she saw him having fun like this, it warmed her heart. She imagined the life of a Dons child wasn't easy. Bria had seen first hand how stressful Giorgio's job could get and how drained he got from the amount of work he's done before. A sad smile made its way into her face as she recalled the memories. The only person who could cm close to understanding that was most likely Amalia. Bria was sure her life wasn't easy either.

    "I'm sure he wouldn't mind a round or two of air hockey. If he does, then maybe we could bribe him." She winked, a playful smile replacing the sad one. Matteo perked up.

    "Yeah, he's a real sucker for flowers-"

    "There are no flowers around, Matti," Bria cut him off, the brunette deflating a bit, "but, I probably shouldn't say this, he does like genuine compliments every once in a while. Maybe if you compliment the food he'll back off a little." She suggested.

    "Or cherries, sucker for cherries-"

    "Again, no cherry trees, Matti." Bria sighed. Matteo threw his arms up in defeat.

    "Marco'd back, come help him Matteo!" Giorgio's muffled voice called from upstairs.

    "Coming!" The brunette stood up, popping his bones in the process. "I'm sure the food is almost ready, wanna come on up?" He asked, looking between the two.

    I, Giorno Giovanna, have a dream~Giorno Giovanna, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure


  • ✧ —

    "No promises!" The heiress called after him, eyeing the hockey table. The game didn't require any real physical activity, she would be fine. "Yes! Mr Alessi, you're the best. Sono in debito con te," She sighed, brushing back her hair. She nodded at the mention of a few secret round of hockey. "I like the sound of that," She agreed, laughing a bit. The sad smile on the usually cheery female startled Amalia, such a drastic change was odd. She was stunned into silence for a moment, she moved out from behind her human shield and leaned against the counter, silently sipping her drink. She perked up at the mention of what she assumed to be a nickname. "Matti?" Oh this was interesting.

    She blinked, brows furrowing. "Flowers? Cherries?" She asked, confused. He certainly didn't seem to be the type to like such things. This man was just full of surprises. For some reason, she was curious. "What else does he li-" She was cut off by the man himself calling something from upstairs. Suddenly she was reminded that she was underground, and her whole body tensed, the hostler on her thigh becoming more evident than ever. She needed out. She nodded to Matteo, glad that he mentioned going upstairs before she did. She brought her glass, clenching it tightly as she slowly, shakily ascended the stairs. Once she got to the top, she nearly wanted to collapse with relief. With a nervous glance back down the stairs, she shook her head, taking in a breath. For a moment, she was disoriented, confused as to where the garage was, so she simply fell in line behind Matteo, following him. She quickly grabbed as much as she could carry, taking it inside.

    Her body felt sore, palms, knees, and fist bruised and scraped, so she decided to take a shower. She looked for Bria, approaching her once she was spotted. "Ms Bria? Is it alright if I take a shower?" She asked, shifting her weight to the stronger ankle when she was idle. Bria responded with an obvious yes, so Amalia returned to her room, rummaging around in her bag to find a change of clothes, a towel, as well as shampoo and conditioner. Her stomach grumbled in complaint, since she hadn't eaten in a while. She hopped in the shower, audibly hissing as warm water hit her wounds. Usually, she had a high pain tolerance, but everything was building up. Only taking a few minutes, mostly because she was rushing to get food, she jumped out and pulled on some skinny jeans and a loose fitting sweater that fell off her shoulder.

    She descended the stairs once more, looking around as she made her way through the common room to the kitchen. Would she ever get used to the layout? Probably not. With wet hair smelling of the scented shampoo, she silently crept up behind Giorgio. There was a momentary urge to scare the crap out of him, but she held back. Even if they were a tiny bit friendlier, that didn't mean she could completely open up. The mouthwatering scent of chicken hit her. "Donnaiolo? Whatever you're making... Dannazione, It smells great..." She muttered, freezing up as soon as she said it. Why was she suddenly so comfortable with him? Speaking so informally to someone of such a high rank... It would've unthinkable just an hour ago. She cleared her throat, immediately retreating backward to maintain a respectful distance. "Spiacente, I don't know whats gotten into me."

    Upon closer inspection of the ingredients, it seemed to be mozarella chicken. Her absolute favorite dish. The only thing better than that was probably watermelon, but that wasn't really a meal.

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  • Giorgio rushed upstairs, faintly hearing Amalia yell after him. He was surprised in a way, she seemed to open up more than he expected. A chuckle rumbled in his chest as he opened the oven.

    "Good, the chicken isn't burnt at least." He sighed. Placing the oven mitt on his hand the blond pulled the chicken out and turned the oven off.

    The sound of the garage door opening made him pause as his muscles tensed up. Giorgio walked quietly to the door that lead to the garage and looked through the peephole. He relaxed, seeing it was only Marco returning. The door was unlocked, allowing Marco to enter as Giorgio called down for Matteo to come help bring in everything. The mafioso returned to the food, getting plates down, and placing a portion of the chicken on each one.

    Matteo would not get over the fact that Amalia was openly being...cheeky and mischievous, most of all in a way better mood than when he left.

    "You sure you want me to owe you, bella? You might regret it, who knows what I'll ask for in return!" He smirked but it was quickly replaced with a grimace as Bria slapped the back of his head in disapproval. "What? I was only kidding!" He whined, traipsing up the stairs. "It's a name that stuck. An older woman at a café thought I said Matti instead of Matteo and it just kinda stuck," he explained, "if you wanna call me that, then feel free to. It better than Ms. Alessi anyway."

    The brunette blinked in surprise as Amalia shakily made her way up behind him. Eyebrow raised, he just watched her.

    Bria followed close behind as well, making sure the ravenette didn't trip going to the kitchen.

    Once there Matteo glanced at Giorgio who was cutting and plating the food. There wasn't a lot of bags, but he wasn't expecting for Amalia to help as well. Marco grabbed the last of the bags and closed the car door, walking inside.

    "Did you make sure no one followed you?" Matteo asked, setting his own bags down. The man shook his head.

    "No on followed, I made sure to take extra turns that weren't necessary and I check the traffic cameras." He confirmed. Giorgio hummed in contentment.

    "Good, thankfully we won't need anything for a few days now." He commented, ladling some marinara sauce on one of the plates.

    The male heir was completely focused on plating the food, he hated it when it wasn't done neatly–hence why Matteo wasn't doing it. He didn't even notice Amalia had slipped away to take a shower until a familiar smell wafted towards his nose. Thankfully there was nothing in his hand at the time because when he heard Amalia right behind him Giorgio whipped hi he's around, surprise to see her not even two feet from him. Why was her hair wet? When did she even get it wet. He thought for a moment until coming upon the realization that the smell was coming from her hair. Wet hair, smelled nice, new outfit, she had taken a shower. Now that he thought about it she probably needed one after tripping outside, he didn't exactly get all the dirt and dried blood off because she had run away.

    "Oh? It smells good huh?" He gave her a mischievous look. "I'm sure it can't smell as good as you, il mio fiore. Cute clothes by the way, suite you much better cara." He held out a plate of the food, having just put some shredded mozzarella on top. "Hope you're hungry, it just got done." Fixing four more plates the male placed them all on the table, signaling for the rest to grab a plate and have a seat.

    I, Giorno Giovanna, have a dream~Giorno Giovanna, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure


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    Amalia nearly jumped out of her skin when he twisted around so suddenly. Even though she hadn't intended to actually catch him off guard, it looked like she did anyway. The faint, amused smile on her lips fell at his words, quickly averting her gaze to look away to the ground. She was unable to meet his eyes as her face flushed a deep red. She had absolutely detested that sort of flirty behavior before. She looked to Matteo, and frowned. No, she still didn't like flirty people. Was that charming smile of his getting to her? "Donnaiolo.. womanizer, brute.." She muttered as she wondered how many women he had conquered with that sort of sweet talk. Perhaps she was just still warm from the shower, and her ears were burning from that, not embarrassment.

    She dropped down in a seat, nearly drooling at the sight of the food. It had been a while since she had eaten home-cooked food, too long. Her life consisted of eating out, and instant ramen. Simply because she didn't feel like hiring a chef, it involved a background check and she just didn't feel like letting someone into her home to cook. Even when she lived with her parents, they never cooked, instead leaving to to their maid, Raeliana. She crossed her legs, briefly glancing at the time on her phone before focusing her attention on the food in front of her.

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