Unbroken I will remain [Obsidians' tags & Storage]

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    Obsidian Halcyon

    Demisexual Panromantic | Cis Male

    8 months| Leo | Ages every 7th

    Born August 7th 2019 | Created January 26th 2020

    The Painted Brigade | Malachite Ensign


    Single | [ 0 ] crushes | [ 0 ] "maybe" crushes | Not looking for a relationship currently

    Ivory x Hawaiin | adopted by Amelia Alcides and Ozymandias Halcyon | siblings: Oleander, Porcelain

    No mentors or apprentices |

    Friends: None currently

    Enemies: Ver Million, Adara, the Shadow Veil, The Hellraisers, Porcelainknife, Beelzebub

    VISUALS — HELLHOUND — STATUS: Healthy [100%]

    Born a Hellhound, still a Hellhound

    Pelt is black, with several white speckles of varying sizes all across his body, making him look like a living piece of snowflake obsidian, and dark brown eyes. He has a fairly muscular build, relying more on brute strength then speed for most situations. Stands at 3'0" at the shoulders

    Pelt spikes out and crackles with blue sparks and arcs of electricity during periods of heightened emotion, has little control over this, shock from contact would be a bit like touching an electric fence.

    Always wears bandages, or cloth wrapped around his entire body, usually both if he has a choice, as well as a patchy, brown, hooded cloak

    Black wool scarf around his neck, made by his adoptive mother before her death.

    Carries a single dirk under his cloak on his left side

    Scars: One long, jagged scar from the top of his muzzle to the corner of his left eye, one from his right shoulder to about halfway down his leg, and several smaller ones across his body

    injuries: None currently

    PERSONALITY — ISTJ — Chaotic Good

    Tends to keep up a cool, distant, and collected front to hide most of what he actually feels, and doesn't let it, or his guard, down very often

    Speaks in a calm, borderline monotone voice most of the time, tends to only change this when showing others his true self

    Heavily curious about new things, likes exploration and finding new areas of his home, as well as reading, also likes playing non-contact related games on occasion, especially strategic ones such as chess or checkers

    Can come of as a bit abrasive at times due to his tendency to be blunt, and very straight-to-the-point in conversations

    Has an intense, burning hate of Ver Million Tormenta for killing his adoptive mother, and would hunt her to the ends of the earth. Mildly upset he didn't get to kill her himself with her supposed death

    Dislikes torture due to his own experiences as a prisoner of the Exiles, but will make exceptions if he can rationalize it as being necessary to keep the Brigade or his family safe, or when dealing with enemies that have harmed his family

    Blames himself for the death of Amelia, wants to redeem himself by bringing her killers to justice, preferably by killing them himself, and hopes this will fix his currently broken family

    Is a chronic insomniac due to his sleep being plagued with nightmares

    SEVERELY afraid of being touched, will, at minimum, experience heavy anxiety upon being touched, or when thinking about being touched, may experience panic attacks or fainting when touched for longer periods of time, or repeatedly over short periods. Covers as much of his body as he can to avoid being directly touched, but contact this way is still somewhat anxiety inducing and uncomfortable for him, becoming far worse with any extended contact. Tends to keep a minimum distance of two feet away from others at all times. Currently incapable of tolerating anyone touching him

    Can have a bit of a short-temper at times, especially when family, Beelzebub, or the Veil is involved, or with those that touch him despite his condition.

    Has a soft spot for his family, cares greatly for them and would go to almost any length to make them happy or protect them. Family is everything to him

    disorders: Severe Haphephobia: Fear of being touched


    Medium physically | Medium mentally | High strength and pain tolerance | No maim, kill, or capture

    Electricity Elemental

    Not very trusting of strangers | Will occasionally lash out or start fights over being touched | Will kill enemies, would torture if ordered to, or to keep the Brigade safe

    Can powerplay peaceful or non-violent actions, so long as they do not involve directly touching him, touching the bandages or coverings he usually wears are fine, if somewhat uncomfortable for him, but he can and will try to dodge direct contact if he is able

    Attack in italicized underline & @ account | penned by Machiro