let's forget who we are and dive into the dark

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    full name: abel finn river

    nickname[s]: n/a

    age: twenty one

    gender: cis male; he/him

    sexuality: heterosexual

    species: human

    scent: pine and smoke

    rank: bastard son of the king of terran

    country of origin: terran

    language[s]: terran [high valyrian] and the common tongue

    religion: he follows the old gods

    relationship status: single


    likes: reading poetry, cloud watching, exploring the world, making new friends, learning new things

    dislikes: deep water, ships, thieves or otherwise dishonorable people, responsibility, walnuts

    fears/phobias: aquaphobia [has a fear of deep water - never learned to swim]

    favorite color: red or black

    hobbies: hunting, drinking, reading, exploring, learning

    motivation: he is motivated by the death of his first love

    talents/skills: tracking, archery, horseback riding, combat, battle planning, stealth

    family, friends, and foes:

    parents: azariah carbera and rowan burke

    step mother: skyler artan-burke

    half-siblings: charlie burke, casey burke, dakota burke, and emory burke

    other important relatives: a cousin named landry carbera

    best friend: his brother charlie

    pets: a female sabertooth tiger named elli and a mare named eostre

    enemies: tbd

    exes: tatum charles and milan kari


    head canons:

    - his first love was named tatum and he grieves her everyday

    - he spends most of his day in the library

    - he is one of the best warriors in his kingdom

    - he doesn't plan to ever marry or have children

    - he rescued a sabertooth tiger as a cub and raised it. now she is his companion.

    - he will go off for days sometimes just to explore or hunt

    - he knows he will never be king and he has no interest in it

    - he writes poetry from time to time but he has never shown it to anyone

    - his heart is closed off and it is hard for him to trust

    aesthetic: autumn leaves, seedlings peeking out of snow, boot prints, arrowheads, the night sky, a camp fire

    faceclaim: kit harington



    「 tale as old as time ———— ・゚✧ 」

    ❝song as old as rhyme!

  • basics:

    full name: aspen loretta james

    nickname[s]: her mother called her penny, and she's been very selective over who gets to use that nickname since she abandoned her a few years ago.

    age: twenty

    gender: cis female; feminine pronouns

    sexuality: heterosexual

    species: half fae/half human

    scent: warm spices, like cinnamon

    rank: n/a

    country of origin: terran, but was raised in another dimension entirely

    language[s]: english & possibly the language of the faes(?)

    relationship status: single


    likes: photography, cooking, reading, hiking, nature, organizing, architecture, rain, driving

    dislikes: cats, raisins, invasive and nosy people, heights and small spaces, coffee, being alone although she often is, losing control, the unknown

    fears/phobias: acrophobia [fear of heights]

    favorite color: royal blue

    hobbies: photography, baking, reading, gardening

    motivation: she's motivated by the disappearance of her mother

    talents/skills: perceptiveness, lying, adapting, leadership although she doesn't assume the role very often, building, working under pressure

    family, friends, and foes:

    parents: janessa james and an unknown fae

    siblings: n/a

    other important relatives: unknown

    best friend: she was best friends with a girl names emery, but they had a falling out after aspen closed herself off.

    enemies: the king of terran

    exes: there have been a few short flings, but no one significant enough to be mentioned


    head canons:

    - her and her mother had always been close, but one day she packed up all of her things and left

    - the only thing left behind was a gorgeous golden necklace that aspen has yet to put on

    - she was a straight a student, and was on the road to an ivy league

    - she used to move around a lot with her mom

    - she was looking at adopting a puppy once she hit 21

    - she never made it to college, and had to support herself from an early age

    - she works at a flower shop and does photography on the side

    - she lives in the apartment above the flower shop, as the owner and her mom were good friends

    - she takes pictures of EVERYTHING, but really loves taking portraits

    - she's a really nice person, but she usually isn't mentally present in a conversation

    aesthetic: pine trees, foggy forests on high mountains, beanies and winter clothes

    faceclaim: stefanie scott

    //this took so long, and i'm so sorry!! i hope you don't mind that i decided to use your form; it's a lot more in depth than what i would have come up with on my own ^^'


  • omg i absolutely love her! i'm so excited for this rp. how should we start? i was thinking maybe with aspen going through her mom's stuff and putting on the necklace?


    「 tale as old as time ———— ・゚✧ 」

    ❝song as old as rhyme!

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    A S P E N J A M E S

    Aspen hadn't been home in a very very long time. Now, obviously, she'd had a home per se, but this was different. Her last few years with her mother waited behind an old red door with a faded 73 nailed poorly onto its face. She honestly couldn't tell whether she hated her mother, or if she hated herself for being the reason she'd left. Of course, there wasn't a note from Janessa James explicitly stating that her daughter was some sort of horrendous burden, but when you ditch her on her eighteenth birthday, a girl begins to wonder. Maybe she really was just taking care of her until the world would accept the fact that she could care for herself.

    But mom was never like that, she thought then. She wasn't a fake. If she never loved me, she definitely would have told me. Aspen chuckled lightly at that, shaking her head as she waited for a man that smelled too strongly of some sort of luxury cologne. Daniel, if she remembered correctly.

    "Sorry to keep you waiting, Miss James," a voice called. Aspen spun around in momentary surprise before telling the man that everything was fine. "Who knew that lobbies had such crowded bathrooms." Aspen could tell that he'd meant it as a joke from the slightly embarrassed upturn of his lips, so she smiled with the sole purpose of humoring of him. She smiled in spite of the pit of dread festering in her gut. With as long as it had been, what remained of her life there had surely been disposed of, yet she couldn't help but worry. What if there was something both she and everyone else had missed? Something of her mother's maybe. Something that made her angry and sad and wistful all at the same time.

    Aspen had spent too long feeling those feelings, and she didn't want to start again.

    "Miss James?" Daniel's low voice called. He stared at her with an eyebrow raised, slick raven hair tilting in perfect form with the rest of his head. "I asked if you were ready to go inside. This is our last stop for today."

    "Oh! I'm so sorry, Daniel," Aspen responded, stepping aside and nodding her head as a signal for the man to open the door. "Guess I'm just tired from all of the places we've looked at today." They carried on like that for a bit, but Aspen wasn't really listening. Instead, her mind was replaying scenes from some perfect movie she'd had the privilege of living in.

    The kitchen, where her mother had made her chocolate chip pancakes every morning before a math test because it was her worst subject.

    The living room, where they'd spent all night on the couch every Friday, watching old films and arguing about how bad the acting was.

    The spare bedroom which she hadn't called hers for a few months, because she had a lot of trouble adjusting after their most recent move.

    Then, finally, there it was. Crisp, clean, and newly painted, her mother's old bedroom was nearly unrecognizable; save for the scratched wooden floors. As she swept her foot over the panels, Daniel spoke again, telling her that the floors were going to be replaced before she moved in, if she chose to buy the small apartment on the far end of town. But, truth be told, she hoped that the floors were never fixed. There was always one loose board that she would hide gifts for her mother under. She wondered if any of them were still in there.

    "Hey, um, Daniel, I'll meet you outside in a second, okay?" Aspen said, giving the finely dressed man a tight lipped but polite smile. "I wanna get a feel for the place by myself. I promise I won't do anything illegal." He gave her another questioning look and then slowly nodded his head, stepping out of the room. Just to make sure he was out the front door, she backpedaled a step or two to peer down the hall. As soon as she heard the closing of the door and see his tall shadow pull his phone out of his pocket from behind the blinds, she all but ran to the first wooden rectangle on the left side of the bed, feeling around for the opening between that one and the next. When she found it, her heart stopped dead, and she wondered what she was doing. There could be anything down there, likely something she wasn't prepared for.

    But she had to know how much of her daughter Janessa had ever really cared about.

    She steeled her nerves and peeled the wood back, reaching her hand inside until she felt something dainty and metallic. Aspen scrunched up her face and picked up the chain with her index finger and thumb, feeling quite a decent amount of weight at the end. When the golden necklace emerged from the depths of the apartments foundation, she saw that the medallion on the end was ringed in symbols, words that she somehow understood though she'd never seen them before. In the center, a single golden stag.

    As if the animal were calling to her, she pressed down on his body, unsure of what exactly made her do so. For a moment, there was nothing, and she thought about hiding the gem in her coat pocket to study later. But then, there was a bright light, small white forest creatures frolicking out of the large chest of the mighty stag. The stag himself reared on his legs as Aspen found herself unable to breathe.

    Suddenly, it felt as if the world were swallowing her whole. She tried to scream as she felt herself tumbling, grasping at the floorboards, but no sound left her lips.

    It was mere seconds later that her body slammed against a soft green pillow, and her fingers reached out to feel that it was grass. Well, grass was ni-

    "Grass?!" Aspen whispered, her brows furrowed and mouth a gaping hole. She rose from her sore back and onto her hands on knees, frantically searching for the necklace once she'd realized that it had slipped from her grip. "Where are you, you stupid deer?" Just as she found it perched elegantly atop a rock, she heard men's voices, and felt her heart stop for the second time that day. Aspen thought she was going to cry earlier, but now she had a feeling that she was in for something much much worse.


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    abel finn rivers//twenty one//royal bastard of terran

    The hunt left at dawn. The king wanted wild boar at the feast that night. Prince Charlie rode with his father, so Abel had been allowed to join the hunters as well. It wasn't often that the king brought his sons with him on hunts, but perhaps he had been feeling generous that day. It was the annual celebration of his birth, after all, and that always managed to put him in high spirits. It wouldn't be too far off to say it was his favorite day of the year.

    No man knew the deep woods better than Abel Rivers. Unlike his half siblings, he had no obligation to attend classes or formal dinners. He had his entire life to explore the world, so long as he returned back to the castle at the end of the day. His father has always been lenient with him, had always given him space. He wasn't so afraid of him dying that he didn't let him live.

    His brother, the crown prince, had always resented him for that. Their father was so focused on him, so intent on making him into a good king, so that one day he may rule in his stead and continue their legacy. But Charlie was a young man, and he had an appetite for war that would not be easy to appease. He'd always been the impulsive type, it was common knowledge at this point. And Abel did not want to have to be the one to constantly talk him down.

    Majority of their early morning had been spent tracking the wild animal, which any other day would have excited Abel, but the rest of the men in their hunting party were trying to impress their king, even though he was certain none of them knew the difference between bear dung and rabbit dung. So instead the bastard had distanced himself, moving at a slower pace than the rest, sitting atop his horse and looking down at the rest of them from afar.

    His brown and white mare, Eostre, was nibbling at the tall grass, paying no mind to her surroundings. She was a rare animal, not afraid of anything, not even a sabertooth tiger, but even she seemed bothered by the plethora of men trying to gain King Rowan's affections. Abel patted her neck with a knowing smile, glancing again toward the rest of the party. They didn't even seem to notice his distance, so perhaps they wouldn't notice his absence. It wouldn't hurt to take a small detour, as long as he came back.

    Clicking his tongue, Abel pulled on the reins and started off in the other direction. Slowly at first, but once he was out of range, he started up into a trot. The forest seemed quieter, more peaceful, now that it wasn't tainted with the sounds of squabbling and bickering. The air was spicy with the scent of wildflowers, and filled with melodic birdsong. It was spring, and the ground was covered in nascent leaves and patches of leftover snow. The earth was thawing, and the snows were ending.

    Abel was enjoying the scenery when he noticed a flash of light; one so quick and sudden that he hadn't been entirely sure it had been there at all. Even Eostre seemed nervous, and that was unlike her. Preparing himself, Abel led his mare in that direction, his eyes narrowing as they grew closer, his grip tightening on the reins.

    But what he found was not at all the danger he had been expecting. It was a girl laying face down in the grass, wearing the oddest clothing he had ever seen. For a moment he wondered if she was dead, but then she rose to her hands and knees, and she looked to be searching for something. He was able to get a better look at her now from his vantage point. She looked to be young, perhaps a bit younger than himself. Brown hair with a slight shimmer of gold fell in a mess around her face. She was lean and strong for a woman of her stature, with long sensitive fingers that reached into the grass, searching. He had to wonder what for. It must have been important.

    Before the girl could find what she was looking for, she was looking up in his direction. The sounds of hooves beating into the earth and men shouting must have caught her attention. Turning to look behind him, he realized the hunting party must have actually noticed his absence, and they seemed to have come looking for him. The king was leading them, his expression serious. Charlie was at his side, his own expression mimicking the other man's.

    For some reason he did not yet fully understand, Abel felt the need to protect the strange girl. Without fully thinking it through, the bastard rode up to meet the other men.

    "You wandered off," his father stated.

    "Yes, well, I found other game I was more interested in. Perhaps this is where we part ways."

    The king eyed him with suspicion, as if he could tell his son was hiding something. There was a long moments pause before he spoke again. "Very well. Carry on. I expect to see you tonight at the feast."

    There were times - not many, but a few - when Abel Rivers was glad he was a bastard. And this was one of those times. Should he have been a prince, someone of importance, there would have been repercussions. Instead, his father simply nodded and headed back into the direction they had come from. The others followed, Charlie throwing him a look before he left, one that meant he'd have questions later on, and he expected answers.

    Once he was certain they were out of range, and that they were not coming back, Abel made his way back toward the clearing, back toward the girl. This time he let himself be seen. He dismounted his mare and took a few steps forward, out of the trees and into the open.

    "Do not be frightened," he told her upon noticing the fear in her eyes. "I will not harm you."


    「 tale as old as time ———— ・゚✧ 」

    ❝song as old as rhyme!