Scary Love {P}

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    Tristan blushed deeper at his comment, not expecting that at all. He stepped back a little, trying to regain his sense of thought. He looked down as if he would find it there but in reality, he couldn't exactly look Killian in they eye right now. "I-I don't greet you like that! I.. um.. fuck.." the blond started to defend but realized his argument wasn't going to led him anywhere. Tristan bit his lip. Maybe he should open a window. It was getting hot in here. So to busy/distract himself, the criminal went to the window and opened it so it didn't feel as hot as it did.

  • Killian let out a genuine laugh as Tristan moved away. He took another sip of his drink before speaking again, watching with amusement clear on his face.

    "Sorry, sorry. It's just really easy to get you flustered and that is hilarious to me. I'll give you a break before you die of heatstroke from blushing so much." Killian waved his hand a little as a dismissive gesture. "So, how are you feeling? Any better?"

  • Tristan listened and looked at him, walking over quietly. Mighy as well go for it. If he didn't do it now then he never would. He reached up and kiseed his cheek. "I'm feeling a bit better," he answered before stepping away casually. "Anywhere else you wanna go to in my house? I think it'd be not to show you around," the blond explained

  • Tristan was... something. Anything Killian said tended to fluster him, though that was often the reason why Killian said the things he did. Tristan was sometimes timid and other times, he did things like that. Frankly, it was kind of fun. Though the other boss seemed to follow through with the timid act, it showed that there was more to him than that and Killian quite liked that.

    "Pretending like that didn't happen? Mmk." Killian tilted his head a little as he thought, settling the feathers that had puffed up a little from the surprise. "The practice room? That sounded interesting."

  • Tristan looked at him as he mentioned the little kiss and grumbled a little. "Why? You want me to pretend it to happened? You want more," he asked as he watched the other man. Then he heard him ask about the practice room. "Okay, let's go," he hummed before guiding him upstairs and down the hall to his practice room.

    He stopped by a closed door, reaching up and grabbing a key above the door frame before unlocking the door. Tristan stepped in and held the door for Killian. The room held the same dark aesthetic that was shown earlier. There was a desk in front of the window, its sill filled with different plants. Above the window hung a black ram skull. In the center of the room was a pentable carved into the floor neatly. The rest of the space was filled with bookshelves filled with books, jars and other paraphernalia.