TIMES UP || O. Murder (npc)

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  • "Im back"

    "And I thirst to see this world burn" — Nyria Stark

    She knew that it probably wasn't good to get exiles on Veil's personal shitlist this year but she didn't really care-they were probably already on the shitlist anyways so why not cause a little...problems and sadly for an npc who had just been minding their own business became the white dire wolf's target. Of course they struggled but when it came to it in the end Nyria came on top. She would've made it a messy kill to make it more horrifying but that wasn't her game and when the poor soul woken up pinned underneath the weight of the the white beast.

    The npc was clearly scared and began to struggle out of Nyria's grip but the lupine put only more pressure onto the creature to keep them squashed underneath her paws. Lowering her head she sunk her teeth into the creature below her. When she released her jaw from the creature. The npc just wanted to get away but sadly for them today would be the day they would draw their final breath. But first she wanted to let someone in the veil know she was back but she didn't want to make it clear to who it was or who she was. she wanted to play a little...game with them.

    She lifted her paw off of the npc and before they could get up and run away Nyria swiftly ended their life by grabbing them by the nape of their neck and snapping it. Normally she would of burned them alive but this time she wanted to right a small message in the npc's own blood. With swift movements she made the message on the ground that read I'm Back Bitches. After she was done she set the npc's body in flames and disappeared into the shadows before any veil could spot her.

    "What an interesting time to come back"

    "Speak" "Thoughts"

    Sorry for the crappy writing but Ny just murdered an npc ))

    I raise through the ashes

    ——— ⋆ Like a Phoenix

    Nyria Stark/Storage/Exiler


  • Ah, the smell of burning corpses. It was usually only something he associated with himself, as he was the only man he knew to burn bodies once he was finished, but he supposed it wasn't all too uncommon. He'd simply been born with a Stand that could create fire; he was lucky that disposing of evidence was so easy for him.

    It seemed though, as he came upon this scene, that destroying evidence wasn't necessarily the intent. Kira usually preferred his victims' absences to be noticed rather than their corpses, but it seemed that this killer had made a bonfire out of the dead. "How grotesque," he hummed, lavender hue flicking over the flames for a while. He only noticed the message on the ground after the flames had largely died out. I'm back bitches. Kira snorted.

    It seems like someone really wanted to put on a show, hm? He personally despised those who killed for publicity- it was very cruel, was it not? He was much different. He had to be. After all, he wasn't sick in the head, he just had unconventional methods of relieving stress. The feline turned back towards camp, wondering if anyone else might arrive. It was hard to ignore the stench of scorched flesh, though, so he assumed that there would be more on their way. Might as well save his commentary for later. He wonders if Enjolras will arrive or not, and hopes just faintly that he won't, if only so that he doesn't have to bear witness to such a fresh corpse.

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  • Still, to this day, she can't stand the smell of burning flesh. Annie knows that reasonably she shouldn't care - she has done to worse to her enemies when she is instructed to take her time and extract the information that she or someone else needs. Slow methodical cuts, systematically dismantling what can hurt enough to cause pain but not enough to cause too much and make someone lose their touch and their ability to feel pain.

    This is not one of those things. This is, by all means that Annie has seen, a rather tame corpse to find. Signs of a struggle, the stench of charred flesh and a message written in blood.

    "Well, ain't that fucking precious." She is not impressed, her voice managing to come out as passive at best. If the dragon that follows her like a second shadow is extra attentive to how his mother reacts to the scene, watching to see if she breaks her composure, that is for the gods to decide and no one else. The other person to find them isn't too impressed either, and the pair make for uninteresting witnesses. The killer would surely find both their reactions disappointing if they stayed to watch.

    She supposes a burial is in order. And washing away a message that she thinks is pointless - who cares who is back? The entire scene stinks of the Exiles and she cannot bring herself to care about the petty wishes of a murderer who was likely too much of a coward to pick on something their own size. Exilers are a peculiar type after all, the worst of the worst that lacked enough of a spine to harm children. Did that make Annie worse than the very scum that stained the earth?

    Probably. Possibly. Who cares.

    A flap of her wings sends a gust large enough to put the still burning corpse out. She mutters a very quick prayer for whomever this was out of courteous for the dead than any sentimental value and begins the process of digging a shallow grave nearby.

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  • ★ ★ ★ unfortunately for kira , the ragdoll was next to arrive . he'd already been in the area , and it was hard ( for him at least ) to ignore the scent of a burning corpse . if he'd just carried on , what would that say about him ? instead , the nightwatcher approaches with caution , only relaxing just slightly as he affirms that the killer is not still lurking about . something about the scene tugged at familiarity , though enjolras couldn't tell what , nor did he want to think on it . the exiles . he frowns , gently pressing himself into kira's side . " somebody's bold , " he states dryly , though he really shouldn't expect anything less from that group . if he'd know who was behind the kill , he might've been a little more unsettled , but anonymity saved him this day .




  • Like everyone else who had arrived, Calina was drawn over by the scent of burnt flesh. It was a familiar one to her, although typically it was not attributed to a sentient creature. Unfortunately, this time it was not a mere feral prey animal that had been brought down. It was a clanmate, the operative word definitely being was. She couldn't even tell who it had been, other than somebody who was not very engaged in the clan. One of those creatures that was there, but never went into the spotlight. Thank goodness; she was not ready to mourn somebody that she held any feelings of affection or respect toward. She had done that too many times. Even so, a light wash of loss hit her- another unnecessary loss for Shadow Veil, added to a never-ending and untraceable list. At least Anima put the body out. A fire could have started in the territory, and that would lead to an even bigger loss.

    The Exiles had never been on Calina's good side. She believed that they were nothing but a group of edgy, self-absorbed murderers. They had no real intentions other than to destroy, and they weren't even good at it half the time. She was disappointed that nobody had wiped them out at this point. "'I'm back, bitches'? Do they expect us to know who they are?" She spat, irritation flaring up in her. What a cowardly move; come in, murder, leave before there can be any retaliation. "We should pay The Exiles a visit. Obviously they want one." Her blurry eyes searched around for Ver, hoping that the shadowkeeper would appear so that they could get the go-ahead to seek revenge. Hadn't they just had a lovely, thought out enemy discussion? Calina was not in the mood for that again.

    She let out a last, disgusted scoff before turning to Anima. Digging a grave right next to the murder site, without a funeral, seemed quite rough, but she could summon no more ideas for what to do in her head. This clanmate of theirs had never done anything of note, and funerals were not popular anyway, so it was probably the best decision to just bury them and let Ver say whatever "rest in peace" shit she wanted to at the next meeting. Calina joined in the digging.




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  • I still can't smile

    the way you do —

    "I'll arrange for the visit." The flat tone of the midnightbringer could be heard as she approached, the cloaked figure observing the scorched ground and charred body with a wrinkled nose at the smell of smoking flesh. It was one of the few times that Adara was actively exercising her authority as an outer-clan midnightbringer. She had mostly just kept to herself, followed along on visits, gave her input whenever she felt like it. Her job was to simply keep the good relationships that they had stable.

    The relationship between them and the Exiles was not good or stable. Adara closed her eyes briefly, feeling a bit of a headache coming on, a paw rising to press against the frail girl's temple. "Calina. After you're done, you can come with me if you wish." The former child soldier finally said.

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  • Ver can't find herself caring for the nameless creatures of the Veil as a leader should, it just wasn't something within her to treat every clanmates equally. Their death was meaningless and a drop in the bucket, it was just a civilian no one that could affect them and while she wishes she knew their name to be able to go tell their family she's left with nothing. Such was the tragedy of being born an NPC. She makes her way over and narrows her eyes at the unreadable text and flares her nose to take in the scent of the Exiles; she can't recognize the scent the body was different than the one she'd last seen Nyria in and she still was certain the woman was dead when her skull still sat finely on top of her and Nadine's nightstand; a unwillingly witness to the things that went on behind closed doors.

    It's not worth raiding over and she'd been reluctant to even follow through with her previous attempts to get them motivated and out there with her discussion that went nowhere. Besides she doesn't want to prove Jace's point, if she can avoid a fight with the Exiles as much as she wants to tear them apart she will without that much reluctance. She looks over at Adara and nods her head ”Just don't do anything stupid and try to fight them without a full raiding party, flee if they rush at you.” she warns the girl before going to Annie and Calina to help them dig.


  • Unlike the rest of his clanmates, Riptide was drawn to the scene not by the smell of burning flesh but the sight of so many Veilers gathering around for some reason. The body had already been put out by the time he arrived, but that didn't make it any less enraging to look at. In general, Ty was a fairly calm and level-headed man, but the needless killings of those under his protection sent him into a fury like nothing else could. The Exiles were already at the very top of his shitless, and even though he honestly didn't need any more of a reason to confront them, this murder felt like a good one. Ver had specifically instructed him not to do anything stupid or reckless after his own torture and murder, and so far he had behaved obediently, but her promises did nothing to quell the spite that grew in his mind. He wanted vengeance, not only for himself but for his lost clanmates as well, and if that only meant going to question them for now then that's what he would do. "I'm coming along as well," he murmured roughly to Adara as he came to stand next to the midnightbringer, his deep ocean gaze locked firmly onto the words carved into the ground. I'm back bitches. How pathetic.