Like the wind | Bringing home Tennou

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  • Ver wanted to ensure her children would live full healthy lives and the one who worried her a little more than the usual kid was Tennou who seemed to inherit her lack of filter and tendency to get involved in things and places she really shouldn’t have ever stepped foot in. While she could hope her grandchildren would know better than to start any unnecessary drama to get themselves in trouble her daughter was another exception entirely even if she didn’t understand how anyone could ever get mad or hurt her she didn’t doubt the capabilities of Hyperians looking for revenge. Best to get her out of there before she can be allowed to fuck anything up for herself and act like this was just a game and not a kidnapping. Tennou was safer with her here in the Veil and she had good intentions and tried her best to give her children freedom but she should be a little more hard on some rules and this was one of them.

    She’d been carrying the girl on her back and finally they’d arrived to the border and she would quickly step over it and pass a look over to the apprentice. ”Do you want to get down now?” she asks ”Or are you still feeling a little jet lagged?” she smirks.

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  • ❝ おやすみなさい ❞  home sweet home, almost. the shadow veil, though cool and all, wasn't nearly as cool as the giant castle on the other side of the whispering pines, where the rogues used to reside. and really, coolness was the only thing that mattered. teddy had known she was going to be coming back, because instead of a usual sight-dream where she'd, like, learn that she'd have a rabbit for lunch or something, she had a weird sight-dream where mommy ver came to pick her up from hyperia, where she'd been living. that was kinda stupid and stuff, because hyperia had isles where she could try her hand at flying, and all the whispering pines had were, like, big trees.

    whatever, who cared, tennou andromeda-million was a big girl and she could totally find something cool to do. hell, she'd even gotten over her disappointment with the dream already. hopping off ver's back with the slightest flutter of her wings rather than wait for mommy to help her off, because teddy was cool and strong and didn't need help, and she gave her mother a bow. "i could keep goin' for hours, mommy!" she said with a proud smile, even if she probably wouldn't keep going. stretching her limbs out, she took a few steps around, wide eyes eager to see what's changed since she was so much younger. "so, 's it still same-old, same-old, or..?"


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  • Ver had a lot of kids. She shouldn't be surprised to see another, but there another is. She doesn't look much like her in her appearance, but then again what was she expecting when her daughter was a cat and Ver was a wolf but the horns and wings are a dead giveaway. The chitter of her dragonling in her ears leads her to roll her eyes, muttering a confirmation that yes, he can go and say hello.

    So, the black dragon launches himself off his perch between the manticore's wing and shoulder, hovering slightly above the pair as his tails swishes back and forth similar to an overly excited dog. "Another of yours?" She asks towards Ver, "Sorry bout Nidhogg, he wants to play with someone his own age. If he shocks you, just give him a bat round the head and he'll calm down." The warning is directed towards Tennou, who seems like the sort who'd be more curious than anything else.

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  • The thought that Anima had echoed in her head: Ver had a lot of kids. She supposed she was one, but could never be sure. The cream point padded forward, mismatched gaze settling on the younger girl before her as a soft, shy smile graced her pretty features. She inhaled carefully, blinking down at the energetic child; she was a handful, wasn't she? Valorpaw recognized her slightly as one of the Andromeda-Million kids, but couldn't quite be sure which one. Not that she'd admit that, it was far too embarrassing having forgot the girl's name. Maybe one of them would say it...

    "Welcome home." She mewed softly, settling beside the large hybrid and watching nervously at the dragonling made its way toward Tennou.

  • ”Careful” she warns but it's already to late and her worries are unneeded when the girl turns out to be just fine she can't help but look over her quickly and dote to make sure no scuffs are on her from her landing before drawing back and chuckling. ”I know you can” she smiles warmly her words really only being said to increase the apprentices pride, she sits down besides her tail wagging ever so slowly behind her. She's glad she can bring her home, glad she no longer has to worry about Tennou being so far away from her safety. She missed her energy and her eagerness and having her back was one of the first good things that'd happened in what felt like eons.

    To her question Ver would just shrug and woof a vague ”For the most part” deciding against going into detail about their conflicts with the Brigade or what she dealt with outside clan borders. Tennou would find it out herself soon enough and she didn't want to stress her on her first day back home where she always belonged.