• Hello everyone!. So i'm going to post the plot i and Charlie discussed down here so everyone knows how this takeover is going to happen.

    This will start this saturday there the exiles are going to lead a raid against the cartel. Breakout how is still badly injured after his torture in the ruins will not stand much of a chance and will be taken down pretty easy. He will put up a little bit of a fight but it won't last for special long. With Break down and his life threaten the cartel will be forced to surrender unless they want thier Godfather killed.

    The exiles will then have full control over the cartel, i and Charlie even talked about that the exilers could earn themself thier personal slave, but that is if the cartel would be fine with it. Let us know if this slave idea would be a interesting idea. Charlie are still going to hold regular meetings in the cartel, to keep the clan still going through all of this. No one in the cartel is going to get promoted/demoted during this takeover plot not perma, Cory might decide to strip everyone of from thier ranks but everyone will get them back again after the takeover is over.
    I'm going to host a badge event for the cartel with a task system there every task they do will give the clan points and once it's reached to 100 points the takeover will come to a end. Every task will involve the whole takeover thing to make the whole plot interesting and so everyone feel like thier character can influence in this somehow. I'm in search for someone how wanna make the badge for this event though, so if anyone are willing let me know!.

    Under the meantime Break will not be a hostage in the exiles for special long. Break's brother Cody will escape and run of to the thunderlands to tell Feliks and Deathstroke of what's going on. Deathstroke and Cody are then going to bust Break out from the exiles and bring him back to the thunderlands there he will be hidden and protected while he recovers. With the help of the thunderlands Break is eventually going to come back to fight side by side with Feliks to bring the exiles out from the cartel possible with other clans as well if they manges to convince any. Break is also during his stay in the thunderlands going to send a secret message to the cartel to let them all know he is coming for them and that they under the meantime should prepare themself by saving thier strenght and doing secret training sessions to prepare for the future battle to take back thier land.

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  • i agree, this sounds really exciting! thank you guys for taking the time to organize everything <3



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