Get captured/tortured/killed by this Exiler?

  • aight so, this gal is back cuz I couldn't help but miss her and I want her to cause some problems with groups <3

    She can:




    Please let me know what is okay and not okay!

    What Nyria can do via capture/torture


    -Broken Bones

    -Injuries (small or big)

    What she will not do

    -Amutation (tearing limbs off)

    -Blinding someone (Shes mean but not that mean)

    -She will not attack/harm anyone underneath the age of 8 moons (she has in the past but I feel it was best to higher the ages foe her)

    For killing she could:

    -Burn them alive (her favorite)

    -Let them slowly bleed to death via puncture wounds

    -Or give them a quick "merciful" death

    She will not:

    -Any method of suffocation (Drowning, Strangling, ect)


    -Kill anyone underneath the age of 12

    Please letme know what is okay to do via above.

    Note: This can be used for Character Development! If you want to kill them and bring them back then thats fine just letme know what you have in mind for that cuz I could also put in after plots if they do come back. Or if you just wanna perma kill your character than thats fine.

    Alright I would love to plot with you guys!

    I raise through the ashes

    ——— ⋆ Like a Phoenix

    Nyria Stark/Storage/Exiler