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  • ( written in a human au )

    The library is lit by the soft glow of a small dragon, about the size of a particularly large housecat playing with sparks and bolts of lightning atop a desk. The oil lanterns have been mostly doused, a leftover desire to distance the occupant from fire. She can't stand it, she can't deal with it, even to this day she avoids it like the plague. Anima herself, the only person to be awake in the library late at night sits wrapped in a blanket as she pours through the stacks of tomes laid in front of her. They are all old, faded and torn at the edges. The long forgotten volumes sometimes lack their text, and she illuminated underneath the soft glow of her own power as she reads.

    Plumed spikes lie across the table, their points coated in blood. A cursory glance at Annie shows blood and grime tangled in the hair that falls over her face and her face shows scratches and one particularly large gash just above her right eye that cuts through her eyebrow. They have all long since clotted, serving only to make her skin darker as she tries to find some kind of information as to what attacked her.

    She'd never seen anything like it before. Then again, to say that she'd seen it would be an overstatement. Whatever it was had perfectly blended into the shade of the Veil in the trees, flinging spines and spikes at her from some unknown spot. The majority she'd managed to avoid or simply got embedded in her armour. Her gauntlets left on the table show the scratches and wear that the spines managed to cause. Still, some managed to find their mark and she wasn't going to see a Spiritcaller about it if her life depended so instead, she holed herself up in a dusty catacomb with books to find something that would match the description.

    Would anyone come down here? She'd been holed up here for what feels like hours. She's aware that at some point she's slept - she awoke with a crick in her neck and pain in places that she didn't know could ache. But the catacombs obscure the passing of days and she feels herself slip into something of a daze. Books pile up around as she forgoes eating and drinking what little she needs to keep going. Something new to discover! She can't wait, pouring the pages like an overeager child that gets so absorbed in playtime that they lose track of time completely.

    The faint chittering in her ears as a spark catches in her temple causes her head to snap up, staring at the dragon for a second with narrowed eyes. "Nidhogg, I swear by the Goddess... Knock it off." She grumbles, batting the dragonling away from her face. He huffs, blowing a cloud of air and static at his mother to fluff up her hair which sticks up at odd angles charged with static. "Go! Go find someone else to play with! Anyone would think you're a spoilt brat."

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  • Ver did her best to send out patrols during all changes of the days with armies practically knocking on their doors and with her recent attempted assassination of a former Hyperian King still fresh news. The Veil waited with bated breath for both her commands and for what would happen next, they didn’t need to fight a two sided war simultaneously with so many children still at home and not yet squired off to train. It’s her fault for growing comfortable and focusing more on personal campaigns and exhausting all her energy and work force into search parties and expeditions that bore no fruit and only served to ruin morale for both her and her people. She wishes she and her former Queen could’ve ruled together as they should’ve done, but she hadn’t gotten that so she stood alone.

    She’d gone out on her own tonight to rework herself through the Pines in some pathetic hope a trace would be found. Her hawk had been sent out already and had disappeared into the darkness only to return with a scraw as he caught something in the distance to which she hurries over to find remnants of a fight that must’ve went unnoticed. Spikes litter the ground and blood dribbles on the snow making a clear line into the pines and towards the opening of the catacomb. ”I don’t think this is her bud” she says with a bittersweet smile, but it was something she as their Spiritcaller should check out. She waits until Phantom lands on her leather shoulder paldron before entering the depths of the dusty old entrance way and making her way through the halls.

    Along the way she catches light shining from the Library and makes her way past that old wooden door only to catch sight of Anima and take it an old scent of blood. The leader frowns yet chuckles and shakes her head as she spots spikes and littered armor pieces laying close to her. ”You really shouldn’t try and hunt shit alone out here” she sounds like a disappointed mother more than a friend who’d fucked her once or twice. She approaches eyeing the dragon before hovering just to the right of Annie, she would’ve kept her distance if she hadn’t noticed her face.

    Her bare hand attempts to gently come for the side of the woman’s head placating on her cheek if she allowed her just to tilt up her head ”You’re hurt...”


  • Her eyes snap up from her book with a crack of her back that draws a hiss from her. At the suggestion that hunting alone in an environment that she didn't know was perhaps not the smartest idea, she huffs and shrugs. True, she wasn't exactly familiar with every monster that lived in the world, especially in this one, Annie was in fact, Anima. Renowned huntress and the subject of songs.

    Toss a coin to your witcher indeed, she thinks with bitterness as her stomach growls.

    "Hunt with whom then?" She won't not hunt and her tone comes out more critical than she intends. The kingdom is going to go to war with two people, and although one of them is little more than a single city wanting to test their might and prove something against a much larger force, she still knows what war is like. They aren't ready for something like this. Annie wants to be her usual apolitical self, but she can almost sense the question that she is going to be asked to fight for a country.

    And yet, there's not much else she's good for. Maybe she can get a new set of gear out of it at the very least, she highly doubts a "good friend" of hers would allow her to fight in rags. She could earn a position properly and stop having to roam from place to place looking for payment for work that was often frowned upon even if it was wholly necessary. People loved her up until there was nothing she was needed for, then the unnatural soft glow of her eyes and her powers were seen as a mark of some kind of devil.

    If only they fucking knew.

    When prompted with touch, she tilts her head up without hesitation. The obvious statement that she's hurt is met with a grin that doesn't exactly match with her eyes. "I'm scratched. I'll still be able to fight." She replies in a clipped tone, listening to the slight protests to her right that beg to differ. A slight glanced look is all it takes for the dragonling to back off. Annie highly doubts that Nidhogg could pose any serious threat to Ver as he is, his real strength for now lies in how he can fight with his "mother". Still, he doesn't fancy the dragonling choosing to electrocute a friend of hers.

    "I'm not going to go and see a Spiritcaller - you're going to need your stock for the coming fights. Just... Come and keep me company Miss Million." Her tone tapers from firm to almost a sigh, a small wistful smile replacing the grin. The fact that it has been so long since she's had someone to talk that doesn't outright hate her is only inferred from her tone, Annie is not in the interest of appearing weak and upset. "I'm sure it'll be good to not think about your war for a little while."

    rage in dances and cheers, drown in drinks and songs! ─ ☾ ‧₊˚ ✦

    matters to ponder are amiss, this mortal's world is ruefully cursed rings

    even if you're clinging, disoriented, and wounded, move forward, forward ─── @/hachi , storage

  • She sighs as if to say a wordless really at her inquiry of whom she'd go with; the answer is clear literally in front of her. Ver was always out anyway, mostly alone and those walks were terribly lonely and she'd damned herself to them every eve of morning in night for a selfishly naive hope that one day she would get lucky. The only companions she had were lingering phantoms whose hands reached from the dark trees to clutch a material world that couldn't be grasped by them and occasionally the beasts that scampered on this still unconquered land. She shouldn't exhaust herself with beasts, none of them should she needed everyone in top condition from the youngest most vulnerable of the Kingdoms squires to those who lined their frontlines with gusto and a radiant strength. Regardless if they themselves went into battle the fact still stood that their once-peaceful kingdom wasn't safe as long as their enemy forces had an army to send at them.

    She never ordered anyone to go with her, never dared make it a requirement when she only put restrictions on who could go. She would gladly try to fight on her own even if she got shredded just to further their pride as a nation and show that she nor they would bow.

    She doesn't zone out long and when she's giving her explanation she can't help but roll her eyes even if a smirk purses her lips almost haughtily. ”Whatever you say Annie” she says with a raspy huff, catching sight of her companion complaining in the background. She'd send Phantom to distract him but the hawk had already flown off to perch on one of the bookcases as she leaned down instinctively as she listens to her and what she offers. She's an easy woman anyone could see that, but she's been stressed and with that came a need for relief that she couldn't find readily as she did when her lovers were still around. ”You are very lucky you're right otherwise i'd drag you kicking and screaming out of here... i'm dying to take my mind of things she keeps her face lowered just above the others thumb gently gracing over the other woman's features in a slight circling motion.

    ”I'm more than happy to keep you company”


  • The sigh in response to her question almost makes her eyes roll. If she's going to claim that everyone in the Veil needs to be ready to fight and in tip-top condition, then surely the same goes for their valiant leader. It doesn't matter if a single huntress of little importance and no rank disappears in the night ( as she'd always prefer of course, ties and commitments don't suit her anymore. ), but it does matter if the Queen catches a spike through her ribcage. She's not stupid enough to risk that backfiring on her, although she would be lying if Ver wouldn't make good company.

    She doesn't know if Ver is a good hunting partner, but she's a fighter. Leave the tracking to a professional, and then fight with a friend.

    Thankfully, Ver doesn't press the issue of medical treatment further. Much to her pleasure, as is the touch that she leans into. She's starved of affection, and even such a simple motion has her going slightly pink at the cheeks. How strange that a woman that can propose things that are downright sinful and little short of heresy is brought blushing by something as simple as a touch. Still, the statement that follows is something that Annie rightfully does not read as innocent and chuckles, showing her teeth as she grins in the same grin as a predator and the faint glow in her eyes is something a little stronger.

    "Now, now, what would they say?" She chides the Queen softly, moving her hand to the lapel of Ver's shirt as she croons her response, "Imagine the rumours, the Queen of Solaris and the wife of the Desert Queen - choosing to spend her time with some half-feral huntress." She doesn't care for rumours and she knows that Ver isn't going to either, it's been long since cleared up that there was nothing that the two felt for each other romantically.

    And besides, Annie crushed her feelings for another under her heel and when they didn't wither and die, upped and left. Annie knows better than to let someone love her.

    "I'm not going anywhere Ver, you're free to drag me wherever you want."

    rage in dances and cheers, drown in drinks and songs! ─ ☾ ‧₊˚ ✦

    matters to ponder are amiss, this mortal's world is ruefully cursed rings

    even if you're clinging, disoriented, and wounded, move forward, forward ─── @/hachi , storage