Adopting Out Friends And Close Friends(Agrelos)

  • Hey, I'm making this thread in hopes of giving my boy del some friends. This is the second time I've brought him back to being a character. Before anyone asks...yes he is based on the YouTuber h2o delirious but has some of my own flair thrown into the mix.

    He's going to be making home in the sanctuary for a while as that's where he originally came from. I'd like one of his very close friends be his traveling companion and also share the character bond power. This is someone who will be bigger than the raccoon and actually semi protects him. I don't see Del staying in one group for to long...especially if people began thinking that he was crazy psychotic bitch(which he is)

    He can be very emotional and has quite the fiery temper when lied to, used, or just about everything negative. He'll have times where he's pushed into an anxiety attack and need someone there to help coax him out of it. There's also times where he'd be out for blood...It's safer to stay out of his way due to his ability to shapeshift into something able to maiming or kill someone.

    He has very little family to speak of which is why they aren't an option to be chosen.

    Plus bonus points if you make someone based off another youtuber like (Cartoonz) for example. I can definitely see a lot of plots available when it comes to that. Especially since i have a plot going where Del's been searching for his old friends. But they don't have to be based off YouTubers .

    If a character based off cartoonz/luke is made; their relationship would be like brother's almost.

    If a character based off vanoss/evan is made; Del would be the annoying friend that doesn't wanna leave him be.

    These are the two most likely to be bonded to Del

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask :) also don't feel afraid to pm me to discuss nore


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