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    ▸ mara wolfgang-kagamine-pendragon-harbringer

    ▸ 32 months old, taurus, born 4/20/17

    ▸ wandering rogue, born in shadow veil

    ▸ plotting, heart chart, pinterest board


    ▸ sango x chardonnay x cainsmark x joseph x finch

    — bisexual, single, no crushes, disinterested in romance

    — very strong pack mentality, can be very clingy


    LUPURCA, health: 100%

    — mara is undoubtedly an imposing creature; well-muscled and clocking in at six feet tall, she's as large as a lupurca can get. she sports a thick coat of charcoal-hued fur, sliced through with a darker streak that traces her spine and colors a good portion of her head. from there, things get a bit odd. silver horns sprout from her head, following the upward curve of her skull and then swooping back down, before tapering to sharp points directed skyward. her sclera are pitch black, the darkness interrupted by sky blue irises, and elongated fangs peek out from her lips. her tail is especially fluffy and unnaturally long, reminiscent of a maine coon. her resting face is a scowl, which combined with the rest of her features gives her quite an uninviting look.


    ▸ chaotic neutral, slytherin, choleric

    — laconic and brusque; difficult to hold a conversation with

    — self-interested, rarely considers the feelings of others

    — annoyingly stubborn & will do whatever it takes to get her way

    — typically cares only for herself and her family

    — cocky and impulsive to a fault; rarely thinks anything through

    — oblivious, takes everything at face value, simple-minded


    ▸ physically hard, mentally easy

    ▸ aggressive, merciless, won't quit

    ▸ @ account to attack, penned by mercurial

  • the brute — huge, all muscle, loves to fight and is very good at it. usually a bully with a hot temper, and more often than not, also very stupid.

    dumb, but diligent — a person who is not the brightest bulb but makes things work through perseverance, high amounts of enthusiasm and dedication to their leaders and co-workers. they are prone to make very stupid mistakes, even being clumsy, but these moments are minor compared to the level of work they are otherwise able to accomplish.

    the determinator — there is no stopping the determinator. they do not understand tact. they do not know when to fold 'em, and it's a waste of time to tell themt the odds. no one can reason with them; they'll do whatever they have to without question.