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  • TAGS ☆彡the shapeshifter had never been to the thunderlands before, but at least he hadn't gotten lost, so that was a start. absentmindedly flickering his tail ever so often, he'd focus on the task at hand, balancing the basket in his mouth, and trying his best to appear less sad, and more cheerful. wasn't that his thing, after all? to be so mindbogglingly cheerful, that nothing else mattered? in truth, it wasn't working, but he was stubborn and unwilling to admit defeat just yet, despite the way his body had already done so. placing the gift basket (which was half random herbs, and half bits of random ribbon and bow) down, he'd settle back comfortably, and give his best greeting smile. hey guys, i'm your new ambassador from the dark dynasty, with a gift basket, and an invite to our lantern festival, the creature would adamantly ramble in a short amount of time, pronunciation on point despite the amount of speed used. oh, and my name is aether. please let this be the right place, he couldn't help but to silently think.

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  • Aether a name that Silky definitely remembered last time he had visited the Dark Dynasty. The orange bounded over a smile on his maw as he saw the familiar face, thankfully after a few days of rest Silky's injuries had gotten better and was able to move around the territory without much pain as well as getting his fox body back, which was much more friendlier looking than his black jaguar body, "Welcome Aether! Thank you so much for the invite, we definitely will be going. I'm looking forward to seeing you more," he happily said as he dipped his head.

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  • Moth to flame, Seventhdevil is drawn over to the borders by both the unfamiliar scent of the Dark Dynasty and the words which he had caught the tail end of. First thoughts to swarm into his mind are budding vexation at the thought of more Ruiners being bold enough to linger on their borders though he quickly relieves himself of this conclusion when he realises that this particular individual is from another group entirely. Reasonably curious, having not interacted with newest ambassador's home yet, the large canine put on the friendliest smile he could muster as wandering paws lead him to a halt before the stranger and besides the resident Stormchaser.

    "Nice to meet 'cha, Aether. Hope your trip over here wasn't too bad," he pleasantly greets after nodding in acknowledgement to Silkthread, seeing no reason for anything other than amicability since nothing about this individual suggested that he should take a hostile approach to the situation. As far as he was aware, although the Thunderlands had been blessed with a relatively peaceful winter, bitter chills and incessant snows had consumed other regions with no mercy and, for all he knew, the Dark Dynasty could have been one of many groups to be plagued with such a problem. "I'm Seventhdevil, one of the Thunderguards around here." Well, that wasn't entirely true. Technically speaking, he was the only Thunderguard but that was not something that he would go around yelling to anyone, let alone allies.

    Introduction of his own out of the way, the kai ken took a moment to contemplate what had been announced as higher up besides him spoke, head thoughtfully tilted to the side. Briefly, volcanic gaze drifts down to the basket, his eyes skimming over the herbs with a hint of sorrow surfacing. Not like they had anyone around who could make much use of such a gift at the moment, thought of lost healer bringing about a dangerous cocktail of despair over the past mixed with concern for the future into his mind. "Thanks for the gifts, they're much appreciated," he remarks as candlelight eyes make their way back up to the ambassador's face with gratitude clearly evident in his smile. No point in moping about something that could not be changed, he supposed, and there was certainly no merit to acting pitifully in the presence of an ally.

    Mention of a lantern festival catches his attention, ear flicking idly as he considers the event with a glimmer of intrigue aglow in fiery eyes. Getting out to do something fun, something that perhaps held significance to their ally, would be a very useful distraction for the kai ken and he felt as though he could not get involved sooner. "Lantern festival sounds cool. Like he said, we'll definitely come along." He couldn't speak for the group as a whole but he personally most certainly intended on attending. "If you don't mind me asking though, is there a particular reason behind the festival?"

  • TAGS ☆彡silkthread, was that him? ah, that meant he was indeed in the right place. rather then visibly showing his relief, an odd amused expression filtered through his features. you're welcome, the vulpine would chirp cheerfully, tails lazily waving unconsciously. he'd make a humming noise, as if agreeing with the last statement, although who knew. his gaze would travel from silkthread, to the next one that arrived. he found it amusing that they both had names that started with s, but maybe that'd be weird to point out so suddenly.

    wasn't too bad, he'd echo calmly, nodding his cranium in acknowledgement. well, besides almost getting lost here and there, but he doubted they would want to know that. in fact, he was slightly hesitant in turning to go back, as he wasn't entirely sure his paws would remember the way. his head certainly didn't, but his tongue remained heavy, iron laden in that topic. he didn't want to be a burden, to anybody or anything. you're welcome, he'd repeat once more, dipping his cranium respectfully. he was far too out of it to notice any moping, however.

    blinking slightly at the other's question, the male was caught between being sheepish, and being honest. he, after all, had only recently joined the dark dynasty, and only because of 1004, at that. not wanting to admit that, he'd give a slight shrug, smile sheepish, but not ashamed. dunno. i only recently joined... guessing it's a tradition or something. he hoped the other didn't ask from where he had come from, if only due to not wanting to talk about solaris kingdom.

    nightmare nightmare nightmare nightmare nightmare nightmar-?

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  • Bas snaked forth, oversized wings trailing behind him. He couldn't fly very well in a dense forest such as this. Something about gifts and a festival "A festival's a party, right?" he asked innocently, but then corrected the egregious, rude error of not introducing himself. "I'm Basketchick!" He didn't know where the Dark Dynasty was- he'd never been outside the Thunderlands! Was there even an outside? Where could the Dynasty be if there was no outside? Therefor there must be an outside. Logic! Plus, if there's an outside, there's more friends to have! And parties were the best place to make friends! In short, the bubbly baviam was definitely going to this party.

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