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  • " Time for a meeting Cartelians!." Breakout called out as he once more struggled himself through the hall along with his stick he used to lean on to get himself to the meeting room doing his normal routine to struggle himself up to his chair to lay himself down on. The Godfather was feeling better then the last meeting but he was far from being close to a recovery and the fact he disobeyed and not listen to stay in his bed didn't benefit his recovery process here just making it worse and taking a longer time for him to heal. In times like this ones the Wilson was to stubborn for his own good especially when he refused to listen.

    Enough time had passed deciding it was time to start yet a other meeting. " The good news first because everyone likes to hear something fun before everything turns to shit, right?. With that said we have got ourselves tons of new thugs this week!. Absinthe Tigress , DENMA , Angelbeats~ and avilius welcome to the famillia. Your're one of us now which means you're all apart of our family. I also want all of you to meet my little brother MIDNIGHTSOLAR how i have brought in here. He too are one of us from today on. CODY W my second little brother are here to visit us for a while so i expect everyone to make him feel welcomed here during his stay. " The good news first and he would offer a grin to all of the new faces fucking happy to see so many had joined them this week. His eyes landed a bit longer on Cody though feeling a little better with him here despite this shameful circumstances.

    But it was then time to move on to the less happy and pretty news. " Carmenere have still not returned from her sole mission to head over to the exiles to get Rue back. I'll give her one more day but if she is not back tomorrow i want a patrol to be sent out to found her and all of you should prepare yourself because if not Carm or Rue are back at our land tomorrow we're going to go out for a little trip to crush this exile fuckers and get them back with force. From today on the cartel will no longer play nice with the exiles. I've giving them so fucking many times to improve themselves. Cory come to me for some months ago seeking a neutrality with me and i know by my own experience how little thier fucking words means. Yet i gave him a chance and told him if he want a neutrality between our clans had to enforce back the rule to not harm children and to give me the name on the person how had tortured and crippled a shadow veil child for life hot i had found on thier border. It was months since then and he haven't keept any of his words and now he took one of my Cugines. That's the last straw. I've had enough with this spineless cowards and the cartel have grown strong enough now so the exiles are free game. It's time to show them not to mess with the cartel. Until Carm and Rue are back though our main priority are the exiles, the ruins we can fucking deal with later once our whole family are back and safe again. "

    " Lets move on to what i think most of you have been waiting for, eh?. First a big shut out to Azumi Inferno , LUA ! , RUE INFERNO Sir Pentious and CARMENERE T.M this week for being around and showing thier faces around. Loves the lots of you for always sticking around and making it fun around here. For promotions i want Lua to climb up to become a Executor and once Rue are back with us again i want everyone to welcome her back as a Executor too. You two have not been here for long but i see big potential in both of ya. Whisp M.S.S.P.F.N gets a warning and if he not picks it up until the next meetin' i'll be forced to demote ya buddy. " He didn't liked he not had seen Whisp around for a while wondering where that pink savannah cat had run of too...hopefully he would come back soon. Breakout did not like to demote people.

    " Now before this week have come to a end i want all Capo's to hold a meeting for thier divisions, to check up on how it goes, what could get improved and to get your crew out there to sell stuff. Since we don't have a Capo for the Militia i'll hold the meeting for that division. I want our Merchants to head out to thier associates to visit them, and also wants someone to visit the Rivulet isles in my stead this week because well Alcibiades are going to kill me if i go there right now, haha!. Lua have offerd herself to do the weekly tasks this week, thanks a ton for that by the way!. Yeah...that's pretty much all i have to say for this meeting so ya all can head back to what ya did before and uh, don't lose a limp, aye?." he would finish with a grin, since so many had joked about his missing leg situation here had decided to start to pull them as well. Maybe they where a little bit fun when he was the one joking about it anyway. But in truth this was just his way of handling just about everything going on right now. Tons of shit was happening right now and joking around was his way of surviving through it all.


    - welcome to absinthe,bourbonkit,angelbeast,midnightsolar and avillius to cartfam <33

    - and welcome to cody as well how are staying here with us for a while <33

    - carmenere have still not returned and is she not comes back by tomorrow a search patorl will be send out after her

    - after multiply times and chances for the exiles to improve themself but contunie on to lie they have now been dropt to active enemies and it's free game on them, they are thier top priority right now until carm and rue are brought back safely to them

    - shout outs to sir pentious,rue,lua,carmenere and azumi this week!

    - both rue and lua are promoted to executors!

    - whisp gets a warning

    - the capos are to hold meetings this week for thier divisions

    - all merchants are to head out to visit thier associates this week, you can become a merchant HERE

    - someone needs to visit the rivulet isles in breakout stead

    - lua is holding this week weekly tasks

    - remember you can get badges for your hp position or titles HERE

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    Penny looked rather unnerved by the news that Carmenere had not returned yet, and that there was no sign of Rue. The serpent moved uncomfortably in his seat but he remained quiet for the time being. He truly did hope that she was safe and well, but even he was tempted to go out to search for her sooner rather than later. If the Exiles wanted a fight then they would certainly get one from the basilisk if they were holding the pair.

    Letting out a sigh he then tried to focus on the better aspects of news, and he bowed his head to Breakout as he received a shoutout. Steadily he exhaled before hearing that Capos would need to get meetings organised. He would get the Narcotics one up and running in the coming days for sure, and he knew he would have to get some meeting points cobbled together for that as well. When the Rivulet Isles was brought up he quirked up a brow in an inquisitive manner.

    "Sir, where are they located? If it's a cold region I won't be able to go. But if it's not too bad I could try to cover that on your behalf."


    SIR "Penny the Edgelord" PENTIOUS

    Basilisk - Inventor - Sinner

  • Newest carnelian is far from new to how meetings work. Having attending many back home, it is almost as though instinct drives him forth into action, the canine getting to his paws from where he had settled down in order to seek out the location in which announcements would occur. Unlike the Thunderlands, these individuals resided within a mansion and so, it was a bit more difficult to navigate endless halls and illusory rooms when he had little experience with the place. Still, he somehow manages to make it into meeting room just in time to hear the typical general welcome being issues.

    His own name is tossed out haphazardly, a few wandering eyes digging their unnecessary attention into his pale coat, but he does not react with delight as he might have once upon a time. Instead, the dobermann hums out a brief 'welcome' of his own to the others mentioned and simply settles off to the side. Time was what he needed. More time to get used to this strange new place instead of just tossing himself headfirst into a meeting, surrounding himself with so many different and ultimately unfamiliar individuals.

    What does happen to intrigue him is talk of mounting tensions between themselves and another group. The Exiles. Mere thought of those bastards causes royal researcher to grow edgy, hackles raising in wordless gesture of contempt. Such a group still having relevancy astounded him even after all of this time. Many problems had been caused by them when he had lived in the Thunderlands and now he has come here, aiming for a fresh start and new life away from prior issues, only to find that one rather troublesome issue seems to be following him like a particularly persistent phantom. When would they give up?

    Shoutouts, promotions, and the like pass him by though he does not pay them much mind, thoughts still lingering on their recent 'fair game' group. At some point, 'congratulations' ghosts from his lips with little thought, focused gaze drifting lazily across the group though he cares little about picking out who had been issued a new rank or whatever. Becoming a merchant does steal his attention back momentarily but there's something that deters him from the idea. Perhaps it is because doing so would just solidify him further as a mafioso here which was not something that he felt entirely comfortable with becoming. Yet.

    "I do not mind paying the Rivulet Isles a visit instead." Avilius pipes up with idle flick of his ear, glancing over to the familiar basilisk as he talks, "If it is too cold and so isn't suitable for Sir Pen- I, ah... Penny, that is."


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  • *:・゚✧ At the call of a clan meeting a small hellhound scurried towards the meeting room, sitting at the front so he could be close to his older brother. The child listened attentively to the leader his tail wagging softly behind him, 'I also want all of you to meet my little brother, Midnightsolar,' a grin appeared on his maw as he heard Breakout mention him.

    He and his siblings was picked by Breakout not long time ago and to say he was happy would be an understatement, the puppy was excited that he had a new place to call home and an even more excited to have a family other than his siblings.

    His thoughts were soon interrupted when he heard Breakout mention that two of his group members was missing and the child couldn't help but feel a tad bit sad over it. Despite just being introduced to the clan he couldn't help to feel attached to everyone already, "Congratulations," he said to those who were promoted a small hint of sadness in his voice, the rest of Breakout's words went through one ear and out the other as the child thought about Carmenere and Rue.

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  • At Break's call, Lu focused her attention on the Godfather. She listened intently to the names of all their new joiners and a small smile shown on her face. 'Family', Break had called them, which was true. She couldn't wait to get to know each of them.

    Carm and Rue hadn't returned? That was enough to dampen her hopeful mood. She wasn't excited about more of her friends charging into danger... but they were very capable soldiers. Plus, who knew what Rue was going through right now? They needed her back.

    The girl blinked slowly and dipped her head as Breakout acknowledged her. Executor, hm? She wondered what the role even entailed. The mention of divisions was a stark reminder... she still had yet to choose one. Pushing away her guilt, she promised herself she would make the decision by the end of the week. There had to be someone she fit.

    //here's the weekly tasks!



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  • Breakout would perk his ears a bit when Penny and Avilius spoke up both offering to visit the Rivulet isles for him this week. That were much appreciated from boths end. He would turn his attention to them before speaking. " The Rivulet isles are our neighborhoods so not far away from here. They live on the Cuneus Islands. I would say it's just as cold there like it's here." he would answe to his Capos question before adding. " Why don't both of ya go then?, to keep each other company?. Otherwise we have the painted briagde and the sanctuary how lacks a merchant for the moment if one of you wanna visit one of them instead."



    Absinthe Tigress - Abbi - Exiler

    Absinthe raised her head to the Don and smiled. "I could go to the Sanctuary!" she spoke with a wide grin, eager to get work done for The Family. "What do they usually buy? Everything, weapons specifically, whats the SITREP with them?" The tigress asks, curious and more than ready to get to it.

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    "Hrm... maybe going as a pair might be better. Fancy going on a fun trip, Avilius? I best take a jumper so I don't get chilled."

    The idea of the cold and of water wasn't appealing, but it seemed that the Rivulet Isles weren't exactly far away so it hopefully wouldn't be too much of a hassle.


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  • *:・゚✧ tiny legs would bring the hatchling over to her father. she did not understand things yet, but this was still okay to her. settling in on the side, she would chirp softly up at the larger male before looking to the others. curious eyes scanning their faces.





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  • Both go to keep each other company? Avilius supposed that he could see the merit in that, though he had never taken much interest in travel companions prior solely because they had always interfered with his additional activities. Undoubtably, he would want to stop and inspect the resident flora in strange new region, not being familiar with the Rivulet Isles in the slightest thus meaning they must reside in a place that he had yet to go to. But, that might be a tad difficult to achieve.

    Hesitation stalls motor mind for few, fleeing moments before Penny chimes in too and something seems to click into place within Avilius. "Sure, going together sounds good to me," he says, flashing reptilian crew mate what is his best attempt at an amicable grin before nodding to leader too, "I don't mind travelling to the Painted Brigade as well after we return from the Isles' land should no one else take up that task."

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  • +— The Sinner +++ SIR PENTIOUS +++ The Inventor —+

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    The basilisk nodded his head to Avilius with a growing smile, pleased to see that someone was rather eager to get stuck into the work. He held no doubt that he would likely rise up in the ranks swiftly if he kept it up.

    "A travel always goes faster with a friend."

    Penny would comment with a chuckle before he attention locked onto Fortuna, and it was then that he locked his sights onto Breakout.

    "Whilst I'm away you better watch my daughter. If anything to her I will swallow you again, but this time you won't be coming back up."

    It was a stern warning because he bloody well would if anything foul befell his adopted child.


    SIR "Penny the Edgelord" PENTIOUS

    Basilisk - Inventor - Sinner