Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss RP AnyOne?

  • I know I'm late to the Hazbin Hotel fandom and Helluva Boss but I was hesitant because I normally stay away from animations made for adults but I'm 17 lol anyways I gave the Pilot episode a watch and... I loved it. A lot.

    Anyways please be aware that I may go out of character with the characters as that tends to happen a lot when I'm roleplaying a canon character. So... yeah.

    I know some deaths are canon but I have my own headcanons on how they died.

    Anyways, I have increasing muse for a Hazbin Hotel roleplay or Helluva Boss as I wanna try role-playing it out.

    My Ships for Hazbin Hotel ~

    Alastor x Baxter [I'll play Baxter]

    Vox x Human!Valentino [I’ll play Human!Valentino]

    Human!Vox x Alastor [I’ll play Alastor

    Lucifer x Human!Alastor [I’ll play Human!Alastor]

    Vaggie x Charlie [I'll play Charlie]

    Alastor x Angel Dust [I'll play Angel]

    Vox x Alastor [I'll play Alastor]

    Alastor x Charlie [I'll play Charlie]

    Sir Pentious x Cherri [I'll play Cherri]

    Husk x Niffty [I'll play Niffty]

    Sir Pentious x Angel Dust [I'll play Angel]

    Mimzy x Niffty [I'll play Niffty]

    Sir Pentious x Calico [I’ll play Calico]

    I also must say that I think Alastor has a deer tail that is hidden underneath the pinstripe overcoat he wears as he doesn't want anyone to see it. He is a wendigo after all.

    I do have a few plots in mind regarding Alastor x Baxter, Alastor x Charlie, Vox x Alastor, Human!Vox x Alastor, Vox x Human!Valentino if you'd like to hear them.


    Blitzo x Loona [I’ll play Loona]

    Moxxie x Millie [I’ll play Millie]

    Blitzo x Moxxie [I’ll play Moxxie]

    I'm pretty active on here because I don't even know what I'm doing with my life, and I try to match the posting length of my partners. But my muse fluctuates.

    Though ty to let me know when you’ll be inactive! I’ll do the same!

    Anyways, we can also just chat and goof around in PM and come up eith plots as we go!

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