"there's a million things i can say about slade. how we first met, what he's done to me and how love managed to turn all of that around. it's not easy for me to think about our past, i just try and shove it in a little box in my head, but our present? i like our present. mutual respect and trust, two thriving kids with the potential for more once this war is over. the trauma of what happened to him and his family recently scares me... i don't want things to go back to the way they were with me on the run and him at the edge of civilization as a monster... but whilst i'm alive i will work to see that we move forwards and get revenge the right way."


    "geralt... gods i thought the boy had died some time ago. the day he came back looking stronger then ever and holding the same altruistic values i wanted to see in myself, my heart melted like butter. he's a good kid, even when he was younger he found ways to be helpful and giving to those less fortunate then him. it's a little jarring, knowing that most of that probably came from life experiences instead of me, but it's a relief to know still that i'm not totally trash at parenting."


    "i'll admit, sev is a bit of a mystery to me. i haven't spoken to him much, but from what i have seen from him so far he seems decent enough. i can't say i fully trust him yet, i know so little about him it would be foolish of me to let my guard completely down, but if he continues to be as pleasant as he is towards everyone currently then i imagine there's potential for friendship in the future."


    "ugh. he gets on my nerves, and i still haven't forgiven him for threatening my children all them years ago. he doesn't seem to like me either, but alas, we are leaders of allied groups. i dearly hope that getting attacked the way he did humbled him, but if not, i'll just tolerate him for the wilsons'. all of my loved ones like him, and i no longer wish harm against him, but it's best we stay out of each other's ways at parties."


    "after what this creature did to me, after the memories he put into my head and the venom he put into my veins, the last thing I want to hear is his name. he is... was... i don't fucking know anymore, a dangerous savage. if i was a stronger animal i'd have put him down myself. my paws are washed of any former associations with him, may he rot in the hell he created."


    "he's a dutiful little fellow, probably the one around here who's most devoted to making a difference. i like that in my friends. i don't know much about his life before the thunderlands, i guess i've never really had the chance to sit down and talk to him, but i would like to hope he still feels my same level of companionship regardless. selflessness is a rare thing, and should i be a good judge, he has it."


    "i... look, this isn't really something i want to talk about. i made a mistake in not confiding with someone i trusted, with someone who trusted me, and now i can't make amends. it's too late... too late... he always had my back and i fucked everything up just because i psyched myself out of being honest. things could've been different if i'd just said something, and now i can't. i'm sorry, deut. no matter what you thought of me in the end, i still love you like a brother. please, rest easy."


    "i worry for mags, i really do. billie knows what she wants, abs is impressionable but bold, mags is sensitive and shy. my place in the clans is never guaranteed, and if i'm forced out... well, my worst fear is that clan-life beyond our borders will eat her alive. i want to find ways to make her feel better about herself, she's my daughter and i love her and it'd break my heart to see anything happen. if there are ways of making her gain more confidence, by luxum i'll take them. but if she can't change... can't learn to love herself... then i will remain a protector for as long as i can, i at least hope i'll do a good job of that."

    CHARACTER NAME: hearts

    "opinion here"

    I haven't made one of these since May so eh why not. If you wanna use my layout and coding (which anyone can if you wanna make your own heartchart) you can change up what the hearts mean or add more or do whatever with it ^^

    So yeah, just throw your characters at me and Feliks shall critique them from his eyes cx



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