• The queen of conniving she was, a beautiful mahogany pelt she wore and blood orange eyes that scored the darkness with scorn. A deep empty chuckle following her pawsteps, swift and feathery her footfalls echoed as she crawled the land of the living but much more devoid of life. Her life stalking with her, memories of her schemes and great betrayals. Her attempt to dethrone Cinderstar, her bitter failure to assassinate her own father. Everything was a puzzle, she was damn good at weaving her webs, this widow had done plenty enough to know her name still echoed the lands with fear.

    Apricotpaw, had been a joke, a constant failure at pretending to be happy and okay. She had been angry and restless, her mind diseased by the need to hurt and kill. She wanted the world to burn. God she'd do anything to be the one holding the match.

    She hated seeing her sister Sorrelstar whom probably had no clue she had even existed, succeed. Making their dear old dad so proud. It was sickening. Ugh, she needed a relief. A itch to this throbbing scratch. What else better than to toy with the living?

    Ah, half moon is it? She howled her laughter as she recalled time and the weakened powers of their opposing saintly brats above. Things were so much easier now, and she found herself walking from the darkness of damnation to the midnight air of the living. Where the scent of crickets and the hoots of owls dare taunt her pulse-less being. She growled to the moonlit sky and stalked forth to stand on the hill, spilling her fiery unforgiving stare to the world that knew only to hate her.

    A wicked thought prodded her mind, a snarl forming her jaws but in truth it was a grin. She watched as shapes marched toward the place she regarded quickly to be the moonstone. Ears laid back, the cogs turned quickly in her head. Her blade-like eyes settling in the sheath of focus on one cat. Blind, fascinating, a new mold or perhaps ... A new scheme. Who knew?

    She counted the minutes, her brain ticking like a timebomb till she watched the medicine cats leak into the cave one by one. Stalking forth now, a low chuckle rolling past exposed fangs, she licked her chops before sinking into the darkness.

    The soft breathing of sleeping herb-scented felines made her sick, anything sweet making her tart heart harden and ice over. Finally, she spotted the boy. She acted quickly, charging forward and greeting the aura of his spirit with her darkness, interrupting the holy connection. Twisting, cutting, pulling, stealing at his consciousness away from the hand of Starclan. A thief of souls, she tugs the aura into The dark clutches of the dark forest, swallowed back into the deathly quiet land of the dead and damned.

    "hello there, my dear... Have no fear, it must be quite frightening here in starclan not being able to see" her words pooling from a wicked smile, eyes glittering nefariously.





  • He had never met Starclan before, never faced them in their own lands nor had any connection to them till now. It was almost surreal the way in which things felt. He knew he was dreaming and yet everything seemed to be real. He was accepted as a medicine cat by those that had been before him and he wondered if that was a good thing. Was it all necessary and in the end he didn't judge it. For if he did then he wouldn't have truth faith and yet how was he to believe in something that was so unbelievable. His maw twisted a little as the voices of dead cats began to fade off and be replaced with an almost unbearable silence. Twisting his expression into one of worry and concern. Had he done something wrong? Shadows shifted and formed before his sightless eyes and he took a step back to try and collect himself. He was supposed to be safe here. Nothing would approach the bounds of Starclan that he knew of. He had little to nothing on the introduction of the dead cats that watches the clan and his short tail twitched with anxious anticipation to hear someone say something. To at least get a confirmation that he was alright. Breathing out slowly he angled his ears forward within his realm of darkness before taking a small step forward.

    That was when the voice spoke to him. A molly, her voice a smooth cadence and it felt as if they were alone. It was just them and he blinked his sightless eyes slowly after a moment, intense amber orange eyes staring forth with mild confusion. "I wouldn't say frightening but it is different..." His voice had a small bite to it at the mention of h being blind but he usually got hot headed when his defect was mentioned. He was fine even if he was a little scared on the matter that existed before him. But the next question arise carefully and he wanted to know what happened now and who she was. "Who...who are you? I'm Bisonpaw, one of Skyclan's medicine cat apprentices. Are you going to, like, help me or something?" His head lifted up and angled slightly to the side as he listened with a sharpness, standing there firm in a place he shouldn't have placed his paws. Tales of the Dark Forest he had never heard of. This was a foreign concept to him and he though and understood this cat to be a part of Starclan.


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