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    the canine had already made his appearance in the ruins, but he wanted somewhere else to spend his time as well since he got bored so easily. so eden could be found making his way towards the territory, moving branches out of the way with his elemental power. his sapphire eyes glowed in the darkness, and he grunted when he scented the border. it was strong, and he realized he had reached the place known as 'shadow veil.' he let himself sit, simply waiting on someone to show up and speak to him.




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    The quiet sound of snow crunching underfoot could be heard as the young woman made her way through the woods, gray eyes catching sight of the stranger, the stoic midnightbringer's head tilting a bit as she approached. She'd become more accustomed to greeting strangers at the border, luckily, compared to how she had been when she'd first arrived, unable to differentiate between a joiner or a threat.

    The male was sitting quietly at the border. She couldn't quite tell if he was all that alert or not, nor did it really matter. Finally, three words cut through the cold winter air, as she finally opened frosted lips to speak. "Who are you?"

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  • ★ ★ ★ something akin to boredom had been what drove enjolras to seek out a dual alliance . while he hadn't exactly been bored in the flights , he'd felt far too trapped within it's borders . with the threat of the exiles being a constant weight on his mind , as well as some personal affairs that he cared not to speak of , the ragdoll had found himself leaving to join the rogues . one merge later , and he was here . enjolras had managed to stick around , even after a rather rocky meeting with a ghost of his past . quietly , he comes up beside adara , and remains silent under his assumption that she'd already asked the important questions .




  • Ver's wanderlust and tendency to get herself embroiled into other clans; both with joining them and helping them out and otherwise was no secret at all to anyone who knew her. She'd been labelled a disloyal traitor because of it simply for being a multiclanner, she never could comprehend why so many placed such importance on sticking to one clan or snapped their jaws at anyone that didn't. In her eyes it was such a minor thing to get pissed off about as long as she did her work and supported both her clans than there was no true issue with it especially with the Veil and Ruins always being as close as they were. She wouldn't ever try to force anyone into her own style of life but would always hope for a day where she wouldn't have it thrown in her face as if it was some offensive woke remark.

    Ver would curiously make her way over to the other Ruiner not pinning him for one of Petra's boys, his scent had changed in this form and he no longer held that species in common with his mother making him feel and look like the stranger her truly was. Having known him as a newborn didn't make her at all close to him (even though she was trying now to be there for them in their mothers absence). ”I don't ever recall meeting you in the Ruins before” she tilts her head ”Guess we have the chance to meet now, names Ver and you are...?”


  • He's managed to slip between a few clans now. After initially joining Agrelos, he'd been part of the Thunderlands, living rather peacefully there while the world turned around him. He'd made friends there, surely- Sky had been among the first, though where the canine was now he had no clue -but he'd also made friends elsewhere. The Volary Flights had become an alluring home after he'd learned Lovescars's name, and soon his infatuation had drawn him across the border permanently, as foolish as it was. But then she had largely vanished, and he'd ascended to leadership in her stead and grown... rather trapped there, if he was honest with himself. His sense of duty had never been stronger, but even with its strength he still felt the undeniable urge to run as fast as he could away from it all. And, finally, he hadn't let his sense of duty stop him.

    Now he'd settled into the Shadow Veil, living both under the radar and on it; he was a Darkseeker, which was a moderately-sized deal, but he enjoyed his own company more than the company of others, which allowed him to be rather... mysterious. Maybe it prevented him from making much of an impression? Not that he had an issue with that.

    Still, he needed to get out more, so the blonde had managed a circuit around the border today, only pausing when he'd come across a clump of people- Enjolras included. He brushed silently against the ragdoll, lavender hue staring down the stranger. Another joiner? They'd been getting a steady trickle lately; he supposed he should be grateful, but to him, it just meant there were more people to meet.


    MAYBE YOU'VE BEEN KISSED kira | wind haven | tags & plot

  • While Órfhlaith herself stayed only in the Veil she had been entertaining the idea of getting a dual alliance but hadn’t got a solid idea of which one she would join, she knew multiple people in the Veil had dual alliances like Kira, Enjolras and Ver, and she’d thought about asking for advice about the subject before she went and jumped headlong into it.

    There seemed to be a crowd already gathering towards the stranger at the border, Ruiner by how he smelt. And so far he already seemed to be questioned enough so the equine stayed silent as she trotted over by the group, the larger creature staying a few steps behind everyone else for it.



    she rules her life like a fine skylark —— tags.



    — órfhlaith faelan | shadow veil | spiritcaller / darkseeker | penned by KnivesInSpace —