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  • Best to get this out of the way as soon as she can along with making sure their raids and preparation are under way, she doesn't want them being hit with any surprises and while she had acted on her own jurisdiction she wouldn't let them pay completely for the consequences of her actions; she would make sure they were ready and understood why she'd done as she did. Lying to them or withholding this information would fuck them over and time was of the essence. ”Veilers I have a few important things to say if you'll hear me out for just a second! I'll make it quick I promise” she wanted to get it out of the way without going into to much depth, she would give them the essentials of what could happen to preface what they'd actively do.

    ”I have to give out a quick warning that Hyperia might come for us soon, I.. umm” how the fuck was she supposed to ever go about this, just smile and wave and say she ripped off a mans leg after claiming to go on a killing spree to beat the shit out of a vampire she didn't even know the name or identity of. ”Attacked and defeated one of their leaders after he refused to give me any answers for who attacked Mercy, I got carried away and for that i'm sorry and i'll do what I can to keep you all safe as well as get her the vengeance she needs” she wouldn't argue with any of them, her decision had been made and she wouldn't force them into war with her if she could avoid it. The less people who got dragged into it the better and Gabriel didn't understand that, he wanted to gamble on the lives of many rather than guarantee his and their safety in exchange for trading over a monster to her; one who deserved every bit of the pain she'd put them through when she got her paws on them.

    ”Just keep an eye out for any sign of them and be careful out there, I don't want anyone leaving camp alone until both the Brigade and Hyperia are dealt with” she orders before gulping her breath down and going onto the other enemy on the rise. ”As for the Brigade i'm not going to call off the raid we have planned but I would like to hear some planning on how we shuld go about fucking them up”


  • Fighting was really not Valorpaw's strength, neither was strategizing. At this point in her life, she was a very docile creature, preferring to fight with others only when incredibly necessary. So hearing that Ver deliberately put them into trouble with Hyperia upset her to say the least, especially since they were planning a raid on the Brigade and... oh dear. What if they teamed up against the Veil? It would be two against one, and that would put them in a very fickle spot.

    The Reaver-Aeternum child breathed out anxiously through her nose, shifting uncomfortably as she took a seat nearby. Despite the fact that Ver asked a question, she remained silent, unsure of what to contribute but understanding that this was an important conversation that she should probably be around for.

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    ”I have to give out a quick warning that Hyperia might come for us soon, I.. umm”

    Those words were enough to make the midnightbringer's face twitch slightly as she came over, gray eyes settling on the shadowkeeper. Adara was much younger than Ver, but sometimes, it felt that the passion and impulsiveness that Ver had, and Adara found so interesting, was more trouble than it was worth at times. She wondered if Ver felt the same way about her own personality. "They live on islands, right? If you had simply pushed his body off, it would've been unrecognizable by the time it hit the ground." The former child soldier piped up. It would've been easier to solve if they couldn't prove the broken blob on the ground was their leader. But what was done was done. Ver had taken action, and it was time for the Veil to respond accordingly. She still couldn't quite understand the concept of vengeance, the need to punish somebody else for hurting another. At least, Adara had never felt the need to settle a personal vendetta of hers. She had been used to settling others. Never once had it occurred to her that she was free to settle her own if she so chose.

    "Do you want to annihilate or cripple them? Or just send a message?" The outer-clan midnightbringer asked flatly.

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  • Her eyebrows raise up as her head tilts towards the side. Ver had implicated not only the Veil but the Ruins in war against Hyperia in one smooth fell sweep and not that Anima cared; war, conflict and battle was nothing new to her. She had made her brash decisions over the year but the one difference was that Annie did not torture people and let them go.

    Call it hunter's instinct, call it assassin's pride, call it being a twisted monster - Annie had always thought its a hundred times easier to just kill them after she's done. Adara has a similar thought, there's little telling what happens to a smear of blood and viscera on the floor below. They would likely never actually know what happened to him, simply gone with the wind so to speak. But then again, people came back like it was nothing before.

    "They're basically irrelevant anyways." She offers as her reassurance. Islands in the sky, far away from the real world. She doubts they'd know how to wage a war if they tried. Then again, how good is Ver at waging a war? She's a solo merc from what Annie knows, solo mercs aren't usually good at managing armies. She would fucking know, she's worked with enough of them. "If they retaliate, finish the job." That would teach them, now wouldn't it?

    As for the raid ideas, the cool person asks a relevant question which keeps the slightly judgemental look on her face. For a child, that's very aggressive - pot. kettle. of course - but it is a valid question. "Why raid them when you can get something else to trouble them for you?" She doubts that they would be able to deal with something like her that was feral. After all, a griffon mother separated from her children would not be reasoned with, neither would a dragon who had lost a mate. Burn the entire fucking clan to the ground without lifting a finger. "Nobody ever seems to think outside the box anymore."

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  • Wasn't this some juicy, rather concerning news? Calina had not heard of Hyperia in a big way since she had returned to the Veil. They had been known as BlizzardClan, she was pretty sure, way back in the day. A former ally of Shadow Veil- they had never been as tight as Shadow Veil was with the Sanguine Ruins, but they had been a steady constant on the ally list. Calina had even served as an ambassador to the clan briefly. She had never liked it too much, though; they had always been boring, and her mother and Sweetophelia had been a weird thing that Calina had not been fond of. She didn't know why they had been dropped to enemies, but she figured that they deserved it. Unless one was serving under a tyrant, like Rhaelarys, then there was always a good reason to be allies or enemies with another clan.

    Now they had more reason, huh? Ver's story is ridden with recklessness and a lack of thought, but who is Calina to judge? She would have easily done the same, which is probably why she does not question Ver as much as Adara or Anima do. She took in their words. Pushing their leader off an island would have been an easy, quick-and-done move, but who was to say the crumpled body of his would not have still held Ver's scent? There were all those creatures with super smelling senses or whatever. She didn't comment on it, since it wasn't all that relevant; what was done was done.

    "Whatever happens with the Brigade, I don't think 'just sendin' a message' is an option. We tried that, they're still fuckin' around with us. Let's just light their territory on fire or some shit." She stretched out her forepaws, as if getting ready to light a blaze right then and there. She had no personal quarrel with the Painted Brigade, but they were getting tiresome. Either there needed to be a war, or they needed to leave Shadow Veil alone; there was no point in having some stupid enemy for no good reason. "If we do just raid them, I think we need to be more stealthy 'till we get to their town- comin' at them when we weren't even across the bridge didn't work well last time. They just kept on blocking it off." Calina offered. Good old raids were her preferred form of warfare. They were better than even tortures, she thought. They proved how strong a clan was all together. Her attention was caught by Anima's latter comments, and she inclined her head toward her. "Get something else to trouble them for us? What do y' mean?"




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  • Every meeting he had attended, Ewan had heard the name Mercy. Mercy was missing, and that struck a chord with Ver. Even someone as oblivious as Ewan could pick up on how fucking important this missing person was to Ver, and if anything, this just doubled down on that. Their leader had, in her own words, gotten carried away and possibly given another group motive to harm them. There was no real need to reprimand that. One, Ewan was in no way confident enough to tell off a leader for a bad choice. Two, it seemed she was already aware that she had, for lack of softer terms, fucked up. All for the sake of Mercy.

    Regardless, this call seemed to imply that there were two imminent battles. That was two more than Ewan had faced in his lifetime. Fights, scrimmages, territorial disputes on his own: those were things the dog was more than familiar with. Raids, however, wars, battles, were far more extreme and foreign. He had mused many times since his joining that he felt he was missing out. Not on the terrifying battles, of course. Ewan never wished for war. But there was a sense of loyalty and pride that came from the veterans in the Veil, something Ewan simply didn't feel. That, he felt, he was missing out on. And now was his chance, wasn't it? To prove some sort of contribution, feel he'd earned his place in the group for once?

    "I... well the Brigade pranked us and shit, right?" -though trying to sound smart he didn't care for amending his vocabulary- "so... what if we set something up that looks like we're just sending a petty prank back to them too? But it's like... an ambush, or whatever? Catch them off guard." The hound stumbled through his words. He held no anger towards the Brigade but he tried as best he could to leech off of the frustration and motivation of the others. What would make them feel the most satisfied? "Or set them up for their own shit. Like... we lay out the fuse and trick them into lighting it, yeah? That'd be dope."




  • Ver's ears fold back and she chuckles at Adara in an almost bashful way ”I would've if he didn't have wings, he's still alive anyway so I doubt it'd have changed much” she responds with a clumsy grin, it's worse to explain these things she thinks now. But any other option would've turned out worst and she couldn't take back what she'd done nor would she want to. What's done was done and there was no turning back now not when she had no reason to ever look back or turn tail, she would keep going down this bloody road with or without them. Her ears flick at Annie and she nods ”You're right but I still don't want us to let our guards down, lets just hope they get their shit together and give m- us what we want” she almost slips up and almost wants to not correct herself because she is doing this for the most part on her own accord and emotions.

    Than the questions of the Brigade come ”I don't want them thinking we are to afraid to face them ourselves” she states, the Brigade was a small clan and tightly knit meaning they were more likely to hold onto their ego and pride for even warding off the Veils main attack force. More recommendations come in and she thinks through them trying to piece together a good strategy while battling her urge to snap at them that they didn't need to be this in depth; she had no right she'd asked them for help she was just so used to arguing after everything that happened in the Ruins. ”I do think our priority should be getting to their town, maybe we could set a smoke signal to trick them out instead of setting everything on fire, they'll be sure to fall for it. We could put a few members out there to make them think it's only a prank as well” she looks to Ewan and nods ”That sounds a little hard to pull off but ambushing them would be the best way to go about this, I say we use our distraction to ambush them and lay siege on their town and just maybe try to take it over” the Exiles had tried such a thing with the Rogues and really she wanted to succeed when they didn't, she wanted to show the might of Shadow Veil and to remove one of their enemies off the map.


  • Calina actually seems to regard her suggestion with something close to curiousity, something which makes her grin. "Well, they're a small group. We lure a monster to them, do something to piss it off and sit back and watch the fireworks." Literal fireworks perhaps, or perhaps a creature that could blanket their town knee deep in snow to fit the season. Then she hears Ver talking about wanting to make sure that the Brigade knows that the Veil isn't too scared to fight them head on. She disagrees, it shows that they aren't even worth their time and they can shove their petty pride where the fucking sun doesn't shine.

    Ver can cover up not wanting to take out whatever feelings she has and Annie doesn't comment further than a pointed look as her head tilts towards the side. It is none of her fucking business, she doesn't have to fight in the raid if she doesn't wish to. Annie really doesn't know what Ver has to gain here - it could be anything really, power, simply to throw her weight around, to get something off her chest. She's seen wars started for far less.

    She wants an ambush, she wants to take over their town. That is... Very fucking dull. The manticore clicks her tongue in response, almost visibly irritated. "You want to take them over and make them not be a threat again." Is that the thing that doesn't sit well with Annie? It is, the process of taking over and running places has never really interested her, not to mention that takeovers in her experience are... Messy. Homes are razed, people are slaughtered, people are kept like chattel.

    Is Ver going to do that? How does she know? She doesn't know much about Ver past the fact that she finds her good company and a good drinking partner. All that she knows it that she won't voice her distaste right now. Eh, she's probably jumping too far to conclusions and she's probably just... Being a fool.

    "Well, a distraction is necessary. I would wager not risking Veil members would be preferable."

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  • Riptide was late to this discussion, as usual it seemed nowadays, but he knew he needed to participate in this discussion. He'd missed the last raid, and he wasn't about to miss this one as well. The shaderunner approached the group quietly and sat himself down in the back to listen to everyone else's opinions first. So, Hyperia was on their list of enemies now as well. He'd known that someone over there had been responsible for Mercy's attack, and apparently consequently her reason for leaving the Veil, but he hadn't been aware of Ver's plans to confront them. It stung a bit, to know that their Shadowkeeper had gone alone to take care of something that affected all of them. It seemed to be something Ver did a lot, actually. And it wasn't even that he didn't support her actions; he merely wished she would've at least told him, he could've come along and helped some how.

    Brief moment of disappointment aside, Ty tuned in to the current discussion of what to do about the Brigade. Everyone had very.... creative ideas, to say the least, but in his mind they were making things a lot more complicated than they needed to be. The painted lupine let everyone finish saying their piece before he spoke up himself. "Don't worry about Hyperia too much, we'll be ready for them." As far as he was concerned, they were an island full of weak cowards and there was no chance in hell they'd ever be able to overtake the Veil. "As for the raid on the Brigade, I think if we want to really cripple them we should go after their resources. Its been done a lot before, but we could poison their water supply and destroy their food and medicine. That would leave them weak for quite a while, and while they try to recoup their losses we can prepare for the next move. We could draw them out like you suggested with a small group at the front, make them think that only a few of us came, while the rest sneak into the town and take out their resources."

  • "I hope you don't think yourself any bit stealthy, Calina," as much as she loved her sister, she couldn't help but point out the minor flaw in the other's plan. Sure, plenty of their smaller members may be able to trek through their meadows unnoticed, but the lot of them weren't small. Calina's bumbling aside, she and her sister were lupurcas, this nameless lady (she didn't bother to keep up with names) was something akin to a manticore - a beast in itself - and Ver had more wings than she had wits. Maybe the smaller ones, like Ewan and Riptide, would be able to get in and cause the distraction. But not herself despite her startlingly light pawsteps, and certainly not her sister.

    Beyond that, she allowed the conversation to drift by her. Her own rank meant nothing to her, and while she wasn't happy with Painted Brigade (for her personal reasons,) she didn't care if they suffered via multiple raids in a day or were taken over without a second thought. Riptide's words caused her ears to flick, as ruining supplies was quite normal, run of the mill raid tactics. If they had the supplies, destroy them. Simple. But her ear flicked at the previous mention of poisoning a water supply, "Would we be making an enemy of the surrounding Clans if we poisoned the water in the area?" when she wandered, she kept to Orcadia. The landscape of Delos was a continued mystery, "We already have a few Clans on our hide, so would it be worth it possibly adding several more?" she didn't think so, but she knew the decision was far from being left to her.

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  • Words, words, words. So much talking, so many offered strategies. She listened through it, ears twitching curiously at Ewan's suggestion. It sounded like a smart idea, more unique than ones she had heard in the past. Ver seemed to agree, although she shot down the idea of lighting the territory on fire. Apparently the Painted Brigade and Shadow Veil were not in a bad enough place to start playing around with arson, which was disappointing, but Calina would obey the shadowkeeper nonetheless. At least she wanted to take the town over, something that Anima showed her disapproval with after further explaining her idea. Luring a monster to them was risky. "Yeah, but an angry dragon or some shit wouldn't know which side to attack. If we piss it off and try to lead it to the Painted Brigade, it might fuck us up as well as the Brigade." Calina shrugged her broad shoulders. If Anima could find a way to lure a monster without putting Shadow Veil or herself in danger, Calina would be up for the idea, but until then, she held off. Plus, Ver wanted to prove that they could face the Painted Brigade head-on as a clan.

    Riptide also had some ideas to offer, but Calina felt less enthusiastic about them. She respected Riptide, but destroying resources had been done a thousand and one times and it never seemed to cripple a clan the way people thought it would. She rolled the ideas around in her head, only being distracted by Xia. "Well... I'm not stealthy, but I could try- we could try- a little harder to be unseen, rather than just charging at the bridge. If we hadn't made such a fuss, I think we would've gotten farther." Xia was right; Calina had no sneaky bone in her body. Her presence was often betrayed, if not by her glowing, by her habit of cracking whatever sticks or plants she stepped on.

    "'n' you're right. Poisonin' water supplies is risky, and it never lasts long, anyhow." She ran her tongue over her jaws, thinking. "Maybe farther into the winter, destroying their food would work, but I don't think it'd have a strong effect right now. Ewan's idea is smart. Set up a smoke signal or something that seems like a prank, distract them with a few members there, and then send everyone else into the town and take it over. They won't give a fuck unless we actually do some damage and make them scared." Calina had seen countless raids happen, but they all ended the same; maybe one or two creatures were captured, maybe one majorly injured, and then everyone went home and bitched about how much they hated each other. If a clan wanted to be left alone, they needed to make one grand aggressive gesture.




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  • Ver would pipe down and listen to the Veilers discuss on and on, there was to many ideas being thrown around but the idea of two separate parties seemed to be a general consensus as well as trying to cripple the Brigade. Taking it over may not be possible now but leading up to that point could prove to be useful; they just needed to set things in motion and ensure they had a chance of doing just that. As long as the Brigade got the hint and were put down for a good while she believed they'd be just fine in the end.

    Her head dips towards Calina ”I think we have a game plan then Cal, why don't you handle the smoke signal party, we could head out soon if you'd like. It's best we don't mess around to long and I guess I could lead the main attacking Raid and see if we can target the infirmary” she shrugs her shoulders, it's not the most eloquent of plans but it felt logical and like something they could pull off without fucking themselves or their allies over in the process.