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  • Mercy left many things behind in her sudden departure, her children, her belongings which she did her best to keep clean and cared for and of course her pet; a hawk whom had barely allowed her to touch it in the weeks that followed it's owners abandonment. Bluebell, she'd heard Mercy call it an interesting name for such a bitchy-bird. She can't blame her though, she was hurting her to and at times she to wanted to lash out and fly madly after her lover and damn the rest of them to do so but she couldn't and neither could Bluebell. Maybe it had to do with her having her chicks here under the care of Mercy's own children or perhaps she doesn't know where Mercy was either.

    It's a surprise when finally the bird of prey is coaxed towards her in the morning when she'd come to deliver a sliver of salmon to her and her own personal hawk; Phantom who eagerly cooed as he finished his meal and flew onto her to perch on the base of one of her folded wings. Bluebell follows more tentatively after the is is gulped down a strange look shining in the avian eye as she accesses her temporary caretaker before she to would go up to join Phantom on her back. A sigh of relief an elation comes from Ver after all this time of trying she'd managed to do one thing right, maybe it was a sign of good prosperity and luck to come or maybe that Salmon was drugged up with something. It hardly mattered and the canine would wag her tail regardless as she left the small alcove of rocks that her birds nested in to return to the midst of camp. Looking proud of herself.


  • Bellona wasn't ignorant of the current clan whispers. Well, more like blatant announcements; Mercy was gone. And that was undoubtedly leave a mark on her beloved that she'd left behind. Ver was someone that took care of Lola when she didn't even know she needed it. Ver was a respectable, strong female. She didn't deserve what had happened to her. Losing someone close was never easy. It did, however, seem that she was doing alright. On the outside, at least. That was good. The female approached calmly, careful not to startle the birds with Ver. She'd seen this bird before. It was Mercy's. Her mouth was clamped shut before her decided to speak. "Oh, Bluebell, right?" She barked gently, twitching her ears. "It is good that she's safe here."

  • Winter notices the familiar energy drifting about and decides to see what Ver was doing. The two birds on her shoulder give out very distinctive different energies, what were they doing sitting on Ver? Having not identified them as birds yet she wanders over tilting her head curiously. "Who is on you?" Winter projects telepathically, noting that one of them is named Bluebell. Ver was one of the ones she felt most comfortable around, they had an interesting mind, she didn't know exactly how to describe it. Her near sightless gaze drifts over to the other energy which had spoken, she didn't recognize them.

    "My name is Winter, what is yours?" she projects again. She could have used her voice, but she could never pronounce the words when she couldn't feel her tongue.


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    Midi, of course, knew Mercy. She knew Mercy as mom’s girlfriend, but didn’t quite understood where she went. Every time the words “search party” appeared beside her friend’s name, confusion and sadness would ensue. It had been months of these parties, but no fun to come of them. It hurt the orange hued femme’s feelings, a lot.

    Trotting over at the mention of the bird she knew to be Mercy’s, she oust a paw to it. “Bluesbells, Mer-Mer’s birds!

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  • On the outside she had to be fine; she had to look strong and be strong for all those around her she couldn’t wallow as much as she wanted to and wasn’t given the choice to wallow but neither was she given the choice or time to move on. She never would when they left on terms like this, when she’d been separated from her only to come home to her and Charlotte’s children already born and Mercy hurt not long after she’d returned to her. She thought of them constantly missed them every minute of her day though it’d become a background thought, it was something she didn’t want to get rid of even when she had her wife to soothe her emotions and to keep her stable.

    Both Midi and Bellona recognize the bird and she can’t help but smile bitter sweetly that they do, that they remembered her and what she was before she was hurt. Bluebell was just a fragment of her, a pet that could’ve been forgotten; it may be stupid for her to put so much warmth into them remembering Bluebells name and who she belonged to but it still makes her swell with emotion that just barely perks at her maw. ”It is, I’ve been taking care of her since Mercy left... I don’t think Bluebell has left the pines since then, I’m almost sure she’s waiting” and so will I, as long as I live if I have to. To winterpaw’s question she would whistle through her teeth and Phantom would follow her orders and his training and fly up to perch on one of her horns as she lowered her head down to give the cub a better look at him.

    ”Bluebells one of my girlfriends birds and this is Phantom he’s mine; he’s a red tail hawk and I brought him here from Volary Flights”


  • Valorpaw had never really liked the birds her mother had gifted them. Ever since her own accidentally scratched her as a child, she'd been afraid of it and had essentially set it free into the Whispering Pines. She'd see it from time to time, instantly disappearing from it's sight into an undergrowth. Valley knew it was cruel to hide from it, but it had always kind of freaked her out with it's large talons and sharp beak. Maybe one day she'd connect with it, but today was not that day.

    Or was it? When the longhaired cream-point entered camp, she was greeted by the sight of Ver with two hawks attacking her! No, that wasn't right - the tension that had so suddenly built in her muscles slowly released, an exasperated sigh leaving the girl's mouth in relief. She padded forward slowly, peering at the two birds, one who was far too familiar. There was a sudden lump in her throat, so she swallowed hard in an attempt to release it, settling back on her haunches and forcing a smile. It was her mother's bird.

    "Bluebell." It was a greeting of sorts, though not the friendliest one ever. She still wasn't comfortable around the creature, but it was a weird relief to see it here. Maybe it was grieving like herself? "Where'd you find her?" Maybe that was where she could find Mercy.