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  • Calina had been strangely absent for too long. She didn't know what came over her- some sort of head sickness? A rough patch with her motivation? Whatever it was, she was trying to struggle out of her funk. There were new joiners, and a litter of Mercy and Charlotte's kids that had seemingly crawled out of the woodwork. It was high time for Calina to do something, so she could put names to faces and actually contribute. She thought a good way to get back in to the swing of things was with some clanwide training. That litter had a whole bunch of apprentices, that she was pretty sure didn't have much battle experience, and it would be good for Calina, and probably everyone else, to brush up on their fighting skills. The Painted Brigade had not been actively going after them, but it would be stupid if they attacked and everyone was too rusty to fight well. In Calina's experience, training sessions often flopped pathetically, with everyone growing bored within a few minutes and wandering off. Fuck that noise, Calina thought. She was hoping that her clanmates would be interested, but there was only one way to find out.

    "Hey, if any of y' are interested, I'm hostin' a battle training session. Y'know, learn some shit, brush up combat skills, spar 'n' all that." There, that was a sufficient summary. She prayed that the thick layer of snow on the ground would not discourage her clanmates from getting up and moving. The snowstorm was well over, but its impact remained. It would be both unpleasant to train and spar in and a fun challenge. Hell, it would give Veilers an edge. If they ever fought against an enemy clan in the snow, they would be used to it. Calina figured she would wait until a few of her clanmates came over, and then take them away to a more open spot, with less stony ruins, more free space, and also less annoying snow drifts. Perhaps around the Sun Spot? While the snow had definitely done its damage there, perhaps the sun had been able to melt more it off.




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  • "Good to see ye 'round again." Came the greeting from the large equine and she trotted over to the call. The snow did little to stop the friesian, the heat was another matter but she was far more used to the cold than most it seemed, it was useful in the winter when others wanted to stay indoors, she was always able to get things done instead, especially when colds and flu was more prevalent which it thankfully hasn't been so far.

    "A' might as well get some learning in, you already know a'm about as good in a fight as a newborn mouse so no promises." She said to the dark lupurca with a laugh as the creature who possessed no claws and teeth not made for tearing into flesh stood by the lupine with a large grin. She knew she was far more used to running away from a threat than she was to fighting it, and with how different this clan worked to how she was used to something told her that running off whenever she got the wind up was no longer going to cut it, and this seemed like the perfect oppertunity to tart learning some skills.


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  • It's good to see Calina around, the canine was an asset someone with power lingering in every muscle of her body. She respected her as much as she was physically attracted to her might and radiance, it amuses her to think about how the Reavers being headed by a man like Barghest could shoot out such attractive strong women when they only had his ugliness to work off of. The shepherd would completely support the woman's idea for wanting to train up their younger members, she'd recently enacted a program for just that. They would need them to be able to protect themselves when things went south and she knew they would as soon as Hyperia regrouped and the Brigade attacked. The Veil so far only understood this dispute as a one fronted war but she knew that'd change. She would need to make that clear soon enough but not here and now, she'd let this sessions continue as usual and do her best to show off and practice her own skills to help out their less physically mighty members.

    ”You're free to brush up any part of me if you want Caly” she hums playfully with a wink towards the Lupurca, she wonders if Xia told her yet or if she'd kept silent about it. The woman didn't strike her as the type to brag about her sexual exploits... Or anything at all but her sister had to have noticed the "lovebites" that they both shared. Ver's could be disregarded easily considering who she was and the bandages wrapped around her but she doubted Calina would wave off her sisters. She throws the thought away to look over at Orfhlaith ”I've never fought a newborn mouse but i'm guessing they must be some truly horrifying opponents” she grins with a chuckle.


  • "I'll bite."

    It's a rather dramatic notion to stab her sword into the ground, but she was just about go on a hunt and she actually wants to take a look at what kind of fighters the Veil has. She isn't going to train them, not to her knowledge anyways, but she's always interested to see people that might potentially be good partners for her downtime. Admittedly, it was hard to find fighting partners the bigger she got - that seemed to be a trend of course, her curse seems to prefer bigger and stronger bodies - considering that she had been a small domestic when she was learning and her tactics reflected that when she fought most naturally.

    She was nothing if not adaptable, but it would be nice to return to her original style. The people gathered here are not going to give her the challenge she wants in that respect, but she supposes that she doesn't know how Calina fights ( fire elementals are something of a sore spot of hers ) and she's always wanted to throw down with Ver. That also might go somewhere interesting... A thought which she slaps down as soon as she thinks it.

    "Gimme your worst."

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