• He knew this would not be easy. His opinions on the type of clan that Wind Haven was had changed little since the lupine's arrival - they were peaceful beings first and foremost, and yet that peace clearly came at a great cost. Sanguine Ruins had been willing to walk over for them for herbs, and it felt like the ProClan had willed themselves to get bullied by mentioning quite how low they were. Bullies preyed on weakness, an perhaps, had the Cartel's allies looked meaner and tougher than diplomats, his brother might not have got as badly hurt as he did. It was a reach, Cody knew that - he used it as fuel to motivate himself to speak. Speeches like these were best saved for his father, someone who could both rally and rile up anyone if he so desired, someone with so much control over each little conversation it made the lupine's fur prickle with unease whenever that same manipulation was used on him. His father wasn't here though, his father was off planning what to do to avenge the maimed Wilson, and so the former Deputy Warden was alone to rally a clan that didn't want to be rallied.

    Never keep things private. It was an Exiler's lesson, that one. Private things got swept under the rug, and so when the wolf returned back to camp that day, he let out a loud howl to attract everyone's attention. With the sun barely above the clouds when he returned, the male knew he couldn't wait any longer. The longer he put this off, the angrier he got and he angrier he got, the more his words started to sound akin to a sailor's. "Haveners! Can I have your attention please!?". Out of respect he did not steal the spot where the leader hosted his meetings, instead making his own spot jut shy of the entrance of the community cabin. He tried to gauge a reaction from those who caught his eye, blinking firmly when he realised it'd take more then confidence to impress them. Damn, since when did I become a charisma vacuum? "Our allies are being harmed around us. The leader of the Cartel, his leg and part of his face ripped off. The vice-leader of the Thunderlands, killed not in battle but whilst bound like a dog in the Harrow Desert. Even we have been pressured, I will not forget the time that the Ruins came here and tried to steal what little medicine we had,".

    He realised there was a husk growl to his words, and Cody cleared his throat to prevent himself from swearing. "Peace is a wonderful ideal but it can not be achieved without damn well fighting for it. Peace isn't sitting about hoping the crops grow nicely, an easy life won't come through laziness. Our closest friends need help, and so far we have yet to give it to any of them. Peace is helping them so they may destroy the things preventing the doves from flying and hippies from singing. It doesn't have to be with claws, you don't have to kill, offering supplies or safe passage for raid parties through the lands can easily help out those in need. But if you're gonna get anything from my little talks, let it be that what's going on with us right now isn't tranquility, it's apathy and a slow suicide until we lose those who needed us most. If they fall, who will save any of you when the next big bad Ruiner comes knocking at your door?".

    I'm lacking structure. My words aren't flowing well, shit, maybe I should've been blunter. "Breakout of the Cartel is requesting an audience from LEMON! and Ninjasexparty , for help against a common enemy. Like I said, I am not asking any of you to kill or harm or raid if you really can't stomach it, but I suggest helping our allies regardless in any way we can. Our friends are suffering, what type of heartless bastards are we to turn them down?".



  • He didn't like being told he was doing things wrong but fuck it all if he didn't think this guy had a point. Maybe somewhere between the lines of trying to follow in Cassiopeia's footsteps and trying to hold up the peaceful, stay-the-fuck-out-of-trouble-at-all-costs ideals that he could still remember his own mother pushing on them, Lemon had forgotten the fire that used to engulf him. How easily he had been pushed into a burning rage when anyone dared offend his home. He hadn't forgiven the Exiles for killing Zeldalia and her children nearly a year ago. He'd gone after her killer in search of vengeance and found a child with blood on her paws. In the end, it hadn't been satisfying. How could he despise a killer of children then turn around and do the same? Still, it felt more like ratting the kid out to her parents than actual justice. The point was he had actually done something. Not that it really mattered now. Now he was soft. Softer than he had been, at least. He was content to keep his clan sheltered and stay out of the way so long as their involvement was limited to the occasional border skirmish that lead nowhere. So long as his own were kept safe.

    But maybe this new guy had a point. Allies were allies for a reason. He still wasn't a fan of Breakout's communication going through Cody, but he'd make due with it for now. "Helping 'n shit is what we do, but keep in mind we got our own problems to deal with too. We'll talk to Breakout, we'll do what we can for him and any others, but I can't make definite promises here and now." The leopard rolls his shoulders slowly, sending a quick glance around. "The hell is Ninja? If we gotta get all the way to the Cartel, I wanna leave soon." He was still sick and not getting healthier any time soon, plus the Cartel was far and he didn't want to waste any more time. The Ruins were getting out of hand and they had long since left behind the era of peace thinly assured by Billie's presence here. He could see how easy it'd be for the Ruiner's pride to escalate, he doubted they'd settle again for heated arguments and demands for herbs rather than charging in teeth first. Maybe it was time to prove they weren't to be walked on. Maybe his own itch for conflict and battle was clouding his judgment and he was jumping on board with this too quickly. They didn't have the numbers to join a war. Still, Cody was right, they could help in ways that kept their softer members out of harm's way and a simple discussion between leaders was reasonable. Hopefully Ninja would see it that way too.





  • The vanishing girl hadn't joined the Haven for peace. The events surrounding her joining had been anything but peaceful. Antagonising was a better word for it. She had taunted them all with her hard-, yet ill-, earned knowledge of the group. Idle threats were made. Taunts were passed like a ticking time bomb and she had only just made it into the ranks before it exploded in the form of a reprimand. From day one she had been weaving her own silk armor, a reputation to make her job easier. Nothing about it was peaceful. Hard to be when she was raised to kill.

    Her own opinion on the mountain group was clear. They're soft. Despite their terrain the ground is soft. There is no comparison to draw between bark and bite when their mouth is gummy and their tongue dulled by politics. Not her usual politics. Not the kind that deals in political assassination. The sanctuary-offering politics. Soft politics. Hard policies to guard soft members, and S to guard them.

    Until this man. Cody, the former Exiles deputy. The one older members whisper about in fear when they forget to worry about the fly on the wall. He has teeth - strong ones, too - and seems unafraid to use them. It makes her itch to prove her worth and earn her keep. Not for rations for her parents, no siree. For herself. So she keeps her usual snark to herself, not feeling the need to poke the bear to know where he'll strike.

    Lemon's concern over travel time is met with an offering - "If you say the word, sir, I'll have you on Cartel land quicker than you can accuse me of stealing Eri's teeth." While she hadn't shared her possession power with the Haveners yet, this strikes her as good a time as any. Strikes like flint and steel. The idea of being of use again, of being wielded by someone with greater power than her, fills her with something. Purpose. Whether it be in a war rally or political liaison, the somali would have something to do at last.

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  • While he might not have been around long enough to fully understand the extent of the current events, he did desire to help in whatever what he could. "While I may not fully understand the extent of things as I haven’t been around nearly as long as the rest of you, I do think we should think this through. I’m not saying we don’t help, because we should assist our allies in any way possible." He’d pause as he looked at his audience before continuing on. Hopefully they would understand his point he was struggling to put into words. "We do want to be careful however. We don’t want to run the risk of being attacked as well. We should discuss this amongst ourselves after Lemon and Ninja return, and decide how best to proceed."

  • ✦ ✧ ✦ "What about my teeth?" Snaps Eridanus as she overhears S's comment. The apprentice rolls her eyes, thinking, what a weirdo. She slinks up to the side of Lemon, wrapping her little legs around Lemon's own larger leg for protection. "Can I be a part?" She says as she gazes upwards towards her father's face.


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  • Avoiding conflict is Ninja's number one priority. Call him a doormat. Call him selfish. But he's just never liked it. But leading has been putting him more and more into the position of needing to figure these kinds of things out in a way that doesn't make Wind Haven look like fucking Weenie Hut Jr.s. And they're stuck in some kind of in between. What's supposed to be a safe haven is looked at as weak, and yet no one's had the thought of just picking off what little people they had left. It's ironic.

    He doesn't much like politics either. Never cared for it. Its difficult figuring out allies and enemies and neutrals when everyone seems to be turning on a dime every week. It makes his head hurt. But as much as he could complain about it, he knows that they need to do something. The unicorn approaches and listens quietly- something he's been doing too much of recently- before shuffling on his hooves. "We ain't much for help." He'll admit that. It's no secret they're small. "But fuck it. We'll figure something out right?" They always do. One way or another, good or bad, this has to end.





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