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  • The Whispering Pines, Xia was quick to learn, was always so dim and dark. It did so little with her near blindness as is and was more of a pest than the woman that led it. However, as the sun crawled upwards in the sky and its beams tried to wiggle their ways through the thick, thick treetops, Xia noticed something a tad bit peculiar. The woman was usually able to see the ground from where she slept in the trees, but as she did her morning stretches and peered downwards, she couldn't. It was a black abyss that startled her and made her think she was still dreaming - it was soon after that she decided she was not, as she hopped from the tree and hit the ground with such a force, a loose twig stabbing into her forepaw before she plucked it out like a splinter. Thick, gooey, grayish blue blood aside, Xia squinted in an effort to see through the thick shadows, some even seeming to move and dance with her pupilless eyes.

    "Is this how I'm going to die?" her tail stood tall as the words left her mouth, figuring it was just some apparition that came to take her soul, unaware that it affected her slowly awaking Clanmates as well.

  • Ver had dealt with the shade hour before, it always came suddenly on a random basis and it always filled the woods with noise that screeched in her ears like sirens, overwhelming her with the sounds of the dead and damned but she'd done her best to train herself since the last time the inky shade came down upon the pines. Albeit she still heard those loud voices croon towards her, speaking her name in both vicious an pleading tones, calling out to her for a reason she didn't dare ask about. Her ears press harshly against her head as she hurries through the darkness to the middle of camp, squinting her eyes trying her best to see through the glimmer of red that gave out. ”Veilers! Do not be alarmed, this is only a temporary thing! Get inside and stay calm, it'll end soon” talking about the spirits would just send them more into a panic so she left it at that and sniffed her way around for the other voice she heard. For the familiar shadowy form of Xia she could barely make out.

    She brushes their bodies close pressing her fur into her and nipping at her neck ”if you're scared just hold on tight to me” she woofs both lewdly and with a note of genuine compassion ”I'll keep you safe” now that was genuine there was no lust interweaving with those words.


  • I still can't smile

    the way you do —

    "You heard Ver, everybody. Hug her and she'll keep you safe." The midnightbringer deadpanned, voice cutting clear against the darkened sky, gray optics barely visible as the black tabby appeared near the two.

    The sound of whistling air and creaking wood was heard, along with what Adara could've sworn was laughter, just as a large log dropped down, mere feet from the midnightbringer, causing her to jump. She didn't like the idea of the supernatural, not in the slightest. It might seem strange, coming from the stoic girl, but her fears weren't entirely unfounded. They defied the laws of nature. They weren't just something you couldn't see, but something you couldn't cut. Something she couldn't defeat.

    To put it simply, Adara had a fear of ghosts to some extent. Probably didn't even realize it was fear of the unknown, as a paw attempted to snake around Ver's leg, the small tabby effectively doing her best to try to latch onto the woman's leg. "Make sure you keep me safe too. I do not consider ghosts to be ideal opponents." The younger girl said flatly.

    I want you to know

    there's a hidden story

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  • The snowy feline had thought the forest was alive when she first arrived, but it was nothing compared to the activity now, it was like the forest was glowing with a strange energy. Being blind the factor of darkness didn't bother her in the slightest, she stands idly nearby Ver, Adara and Xia. She can hear the whispers and laughter so much clearer now, as if they were right beside her, welcoming her to the forest. Winter's curious nature leads her to slowly start walking towards the darkness. What was there to be afraid of, spirits? They were a part of everything, interwoven in the very fabric of most creatures. She felt odly welcome here, not surrounded, not overwhelmed, but at ease. Despite Ver and Adara's suggestions she continues on, before she feels, a ghostly paw on her shoulder.

    Surprise lights her opalescent gaze as she turns quickly to see what had touched her.

    this way...

    Winter had to know why she could feel that, and how. "how? who are you?"


    — kiss of winter's fury (winter) | she/her | 10 months | amnesiac —

  • Ah, it felt just like home. She can barely see six feet ahead of her, the murky blackness is almost as thick as the darkness that she conjures when she taps in her powers and she exhales her own corruption. Yet, she can still make her way through it and she vaguely hears other people talking about ghosts, getting inside, sticking together and staying safe.

    Why would she want to stay safe? This is what her home once was, a desolate shore upon which the sea of chaos lapped. When Annie was divine, oh so long ago now, she was the one who guided the souls of the dead and damned to their restful place. Valiant warriors were the ones that she would pluck from the sea, grant them the strength that they earned for their lives and make them divine in their own right. She can do nothing for the souls trapped here, not that she thinks that they should wish to go anywhere.

    They are not alive. But they do not wish to reborn. They wish to cause malice. She can understand the appeal, but her soul must be trapped to a physical form lest it cease to exist or worse, lest it spread her corruption further than the singular vessel tasked with containing it. A fine line, of course, but a fine distinction that had saved lives and would continue to save them. They chitter in her ears though to an annoying degree, dragging her this way and that way.

    It happened to your home, why shouldn't it happen to theirs? Why don't you let them see what real horrors are?

    It's a foolish, petty notion of revenge that sits idly in her gut sometimes. The notion makes her laugh when the shades echo it, black smoke spilling from her jaws as the air turns to static around her. She has half a mind to respond that these shades don't know what true horror is either, spending their time haunting people who really didn't deserve it. But she supposed that was what the shades wished to do, and what was she supposed to do about it?

    She recognises Ver in the crowd, but that's about it. She gives Ver a nod in her direction, more of a reassurance that she is fine. The last time that she was breathing black smoke, she tried to kill Ver. Or so she's led to believe - the information is not inconsistent with her own evaluations of her actions under the possession of her corruption. That doesn't really stir here, doesn't beg to be released and uncaged to let infect and corrupt everything it can touch.

    Its oddly silent, as if it doesn't take the challenge lightly. The irony doesn't catch her offguard, chuckling to herself as another voice asks why she simply finds them amusing. Something tries to hit her with a rather large branch and she simply bats it away without giving much of a care, the leftover electricity leaving a faint smell of charring in the air. Wasn't there a song that she knew for times like this? Dirges... Yes, it was a dirge.

    It had been an age since she had sung to the damned and dead, but yet, the song that she sings seems to be something that rolls off her tongue as if she sung it every time that her voice broke into song. She sings so sweetly as she plays with her sparks and the wisps of spirits that she can just see out the corner of her eye.

    Anima can't deliver any of them. But they don't want to be delivered. Perhaps they just want to play for a while.

    rage in dances and cheers, drown in drinks and songs! ─ ☾ ‧₊˚ ✦

    matters to ponder are amiss, this mortal's world is ruefully cursed rings

    even if you're clinging, disoriented, and wounded, move forward, forward ─── @/hachi , storage