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  • Dear God, she was disgusting.

    Aside from sleeping with a married woman and not telling her sister about it (one of the worst feats of her life thus far,) the woman simply felt gross. Maybe it could be accounted to the jog she took and the sweat that glistened on her pale skin, or maybe it was the lying and hiding that made her gut churn. Either way, she was far from appreciating or liking the feeling. She was just as far from exposing herself as someone who could feel - she was human, but the dramatics of being stone cold pleased her - and perhaps that was why she went for her jog instead of wallowing in stupid self pity.

    Xia sat down on a cold, snow dusted bench of the local park to subtly catch her breath, one hand flicking through her phone for a different song (she seemed to never be satisfied,) while the other fidgeted with her silvery ponytail. Aside from the slight grimace on her face, she appeared to be approachable in the moment.

  • Kira didn't think himself disgusting, but certainly others would disagree, should they know his full history (or, maybe even without it).

    His... habits were unsavory, yes, but was he an unpleasant man to be around? He didn't think so. In fact, he felt he was quite personable, at least when it mattered. Reputation was everything to him. After all, a legion built on trust was stronger than a legion built on necessity alone. He figured that if there was ever an inkling of suspicion towards him for his past, he could use the friends he's made along the way as a sort of army against his accusers. Friendships with Kira were, unfortunately, commonly shallow.

    But there were deeper sides to him, he liked to think. Rarely-revealed, rarely touched-upon sides to him that only appointed members of his social circles were able to see. Rohan had been the first (damn that man and damn his beauty), then Bramb, now Enjolras. Sensitivity, lost when in public, revered when in private; a simple duality. Not that it mattered much or improved his moral standing. He was still a murderer, no matter how beloved.

    He'd taken to strolling in the mornings while the air was still biting; it motivated him to move along at the brisk pace his exercise required of him. It was only when he noticed Xia looking rather displeased (though approachable) on the bench that he slowed his pace and contemplated approaching. There couldn't be much harm in it, could there be? He needed to work on being more sociable anyway. Enjolras could talk to the others here so well... he was jealous. But then, when wasn't he jealous?

    "Good morning, Xia," Kira hummed as he strode over, oily amicability coating his words as if they'd be easy to swallow. "Is the cold bothering you?" He didn't actually care, but concern for others was something that he'd been feeling more of lately. The thought of coaxing it out in such menial ways was almost degrading. He pressed onward anyway. "You look disgruntled."


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  • Veronica never knew when to keep away or how much distance she should give toward her romps, she didn't suspect anything was wrong didn't think anything they'd done would flare up a turmoil inside Xia's head. It hadn't been her intention, but neither had sleeping with her been the intention that night; shit happened and maybe the chaos of it all and the strange function-within-dysfunction of their relationship made it work out or simply they were two women trying to work off some steam; both sexually and emotionally and they'd both lost themselves in a flurry of movements and words. She doesn't regret it, her relationships with other women weren't hidden by any means and she never saw a point in limiting herself to just one bed or woman when there was so many to be adored and loved. She did have those she loved more than others however but what she had with her wife and girlfriends was different than what she had with Xia.

    She'd been out for a run, not for any particular reason more than wasting her time while she waited for her youngests' to be ready to be picked up. It's only chance her hookup happens to be here and she see's no issue with strolling over to her and Kira before plopping herself close to Xia on the bench. Her dark skin glistens with light beads of sweat but that's hardly noticeable when the blotches of bruises are so clearly running up her neck and shoulder only cut off from full view by the neckline and strap of her tank top and bra. She has no shame in them, she gladly lets them show like it's nothing but a mark of victory or another scar to lance up her arms or torso. Her arms cross to her body to conserve her warmth as he body temperature drops now that she's no longer running.

    ”You can always come and warm up at my house if you need to” she directs it towards the both of them but her eyes for the most part settle on Xia before looking over to the man and smiling”She wears that look well though, don't you think?” she chuckles with a sharp smirk.