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  • Although there was bitter tension between Ver and Jace, that wouldn't hold him back from what he considered to be his ambassador duties. Jace had truly been lacking on them despite Junepaw's earnest efforts to keep coming back to the Ruins. The elder lion sat at the border with a small basket of gifts, a content smile upon his scarred maw as he waited for someone to come along. Secretly, he hoped it would be someone familiar to him, but he wouldn't mind a stranger. He always liked to greet new faces.

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  • Unfortunately, Valorpaw wasn't a familiar face to many. She was incredibly reserved (something she was trying to shed like baby fur) and felt that her presence was intrusive and overbearing. She was failing miserably at an attempt to hunt when she caught an unfamiliar scent, one of sand and blood, that made her fur stand up straight. Her ears pressed back against her head, eyebrows knitting together as she huffed nervously, letting the rabbit before her scamper away into a snowy undergrowth.

    The Reaver-Aeternum took a deep breath, weaving through the forest and to the border only to find... a lion. Of course it was a feline about fifty times her size. She swallowed forcefully, tentatively creeping into sight and letting a shy smile come onto her maw. Unbeknownst to her, this was the leader of another group, but she was never one for political affairs.

    "Name and business, please." She chirped in a friendly tone, attempting to hide the nervousness she felt moments prior.

  • The children of Charlotte and Mercy - two woman she had never met - unsurprisingly meant nothing to her. Valorpaw, Candypaw, Vanillapaw... their names weren't anything more than such, though she was far from trying to be unkind towards them. They didn't bother her as much as their surrogate mother, Ver, did. The thought of the woman only served to ruffle the fur on her shoulders, though the reasonings were beyond her, especially after their night of intimacy.


    In any case, Valorpaw meant nothing to her, and frankly neither did the Veil when it boiled down to it. But passing by the small apprentice with little to no acknowledgement was almost criminal, especially with how she was facing off with a lion. The interaction seemed calm and Xia could only pick it as an ambassador reaching their border, but beyond that she was oblivious. Xia stepped over behind Valorpaw in all of her lupurcian glory, though apathetic in her gaze, simply waiting for the King to speak.

  • It looked like Jace had three new faces to memorise with the antlered mare approaching the gathered trio. Maybe Valorpaw would feel better now with two of her larger clan mates beside her to greet the lion at the border.

    She vaguely recognised the scent of the Sanguine Ruins, mostly off of Ver and that one setter a while ago coming for tributes to some god, but she didn’t know him as a leader. Despite having lived in the Veil for some time now the sight of a large battle-scarred predator set off a fear deep enough that had her hoof/steps light, ready to take off with all her instincts screaming run. Many of the people she lived with here she had gotten to know, or where much smaller than her, allowing her to ignore that instinct much easier, but she was fighting to get over it, being in a clan now meant that it wasn’t exactly a sustainable reaction anymore; so she forced herself over, sidling beside her two clanmates as she gave a nod, and did what she did best when she was nervous, ramble.

    Ooh what’ve ye got there? Ambassador right? A’ didn’t know we had one from the Ruins.” She said before the friesian gave a large grin, the Doneguese woman flicking her long tail behind her as she stopped herself from trying to peer into the basket.



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  • Unfortunately, none of these faces were one he was familiar with. It was too bad. Either way, the lion looks to Valorpaw with a toothy smile. “Name’s Jace, King of the Ruins as well as ambassador to the Veil. I have some gifts for the clan. Is Junepaw still around?” Junepaw.. he wonders if June has finally finished his apprenticeship, or if he’s still around. He hopes so, June had always seemed bright.
    he turns to the next one to speak to him, nodding his head. “I haven’t been able to keep up with my duties.. which is my fault that I apologize for. I kept forgetting as the months went by.” He pushes the basket forward. “There’s some herbs, treats, and warm things to keep y’all warm for the rest of the season.”

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  • Speak of the devil, the three legged Siamese tom had made his way right on over when he smelled the Sanguine Ruins. He wondered what was going on on their border since he was their ambassador and all, and as he emerged from the underbrush, he saw Jace standing among his clanmates. He flashes a grin at the elderly lion, "Jace!" He greets with enthusiasm as he sauntered closer, settling in beside his sister. "It's good to see you, as always." He hums. He frankly considered the older man a friend of his, simply because of how often they saw each other at the borders and just talked. Not to mention, he had this feeling about him that Junepaw couldn't shake off. Like he'd known him for longer. Maybe ...Jace was someone he'd known as Yuuki? It wasn't ...impossible. "Eh, hey, I was actually thinking of staying in the Ruins for a couple of days. Mind if I tag along back to the Ruins when you leave?"



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  • Ah good, the boy he’d been looking for! Jace returns the friendly smile to Junepaw as he approaches, waving his bushy tail in greeting. He had always felt drawn to Junepaw, Though never knowing why. He had always figured it was a hunch or just how often the two saw each other on their ambassador duties. Although at his request, his eyes widened partially with surprise. Jace seemed delighted, nodding his head eagerly. “You’re more than welcome to tag along. What are you planning to do at the Ruins?” He asks curiously. There had to be a reason he wanted to stay, or perhaps Ver had something to do with it.

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