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  • The weather had gotten colder. The Whispering Pines was not known for its typical warmth, with the majority of sunlight being blocked by the trees, but it had gotten downright chilly some days. There had been a few snowfalls, sending thin layers of snow blanketing the ground, but nothing that had lasted long. Nature had decided that enough was enough, it was time for a good bought of snow that would not just melt away within a matter of days. It had started with a soft snowfall, tiny flakes coming down slowly. Calina had noticed the flecks of white peppering her fur as she did a patrol, and by the time she was returning to the ruins, there were great gusts of snow flying down, breaking through the dense company above.

    The wind was trying to pelt snow into her eyes and she squinted, displeasure clear in her wrinkled muzzle and lowered ears. Snow was fine, but not when it was targeting her fragile eyes. She padded into the middle of the ruins, blurry eyes focusing on a pile of branches that could serve as firewood. A few weeks prior, she had set up various fire pits around the area, in hopes of keeping her clanmates warm in the cold weather, and this seemed like a perfect time to put them to use. If the snow would permit it, of course- the wood that Calina was collecting was already wet from the snow sinking in, and Calina muttered a soft, "Ah, fuck."




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  • Despite the fact that her long, thick pelt mostly protected her from the usual coldness of the Whispering Pines, this snowstorm was something else. Valorpaw was awoken by the whipping of the wind, ears flattening against her head nervously. As she poked her head out of the den, she spotted Calina's dark shadow leaving camp and scampered after her clanmate. Despite not knowing her very well, she wanted to help in whatever she was doing to make the snowstorm more bearable.

    The apprentice squeaked slightly, bounding through the snow as it pelted her mismatched eyes. She came up beside the Darkseeker, peering at the wet wood. "Uh... I can try to remove the water from the branches with my elemental, if you'd like?" She mewed, voice louder as she tried not to be drowned out by the winds.

    Assuming Calina had given her permission, she would attempt to absorb the wetness from the wood as much as she could. It was hard, considering the moisture she took away was quickly being replaced by the snow, but she managed to get a good amount out of the stack of firewood, or at least enough to make a quick, small fire.

  • Anima adored the brisk winter cold. The small patches of snow dusting ground feel like home, and her real home so much that it makes her want to set out and see what she can find to make a trophy out of. However, she doesn't - it has been a long journey and she has to settle both herself and Nidhogg into a new home. Den preparations to make, territory to figure out, rumours to listen to. There's plenty of work to be done.

    he first insistent snowfall seems to be almost a blessing. Her breath frosting up is nothing but a good sign to the manticore. Still, not everyone was raised the same way that the manticore was, and she offers one of her oversized wings to shelter the wood from the storm as much as she can. "Ah, come on, is only a little bit of snow." She chuckles, not bothering to help with the firewood. After all, once the fire is lit Annie will politely slither off somewhere else.

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  • Xia wasn't one to agree with others that weren't her sister, but as the winds buffeted her sides and the snow flurried and danced within the air, she couldn't help to side with Anima. Snow used to chill her further than her ice elementals ever did, but since the hop to Agrelos, it seemed neither extreme of temperature truly bothered her. The middle grounds did, mostly because her internal thermometer had to fight to cool her off or match the cold, but she was also not one to admit weakness, especially in something so small.

    "C'mon, Calina," she settled in beside her sister, snow delicately falling on her pelt and remaining in solid snowflakes rather than melting into her dense fur. She offered the darker furred woman a gentle nudge, though whether or not she set the fire wouldn't change much for her.

  • Not being able to feel the cold was a dangerous thing, so she'd opted to spend most of her time tucked away in her home anytime she heard someone complain of the chilly weather. Hearing the wind, snow, and voices outside made her too curious not to venture out. Despite her name she was not all that fond of the cold before, even more so now that she might seriously damage her body without knowing. She peeks out her house and ventures towards the noise, "Whatish-" she starts to say before hearing how badly she is butchering the english language. Maybe she should stick to telepathy, she sounds too weird using her own voice. "What's the commotion about?" she asks telepathically.


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  • Ver hated the radical change in temperatures that marked summer and winter, she fared better in the cold with her thick winter pelt but even so she never could stomach the chill of winter seeping into her skin. She hated it and hated the mushy snow that cam with it that always wet and made a mess of her fur. It wasn't favorable for her nor for her young children who she would shiver her way all the way up to before lowering herself close to them attempting to swaddle Valorpaw in her thick fur as she crouched over her. ”That's very sweet of you Val but don't overwork yourself” she woofs above her ear through chattered teeth. She did want the firepits lit but she also didn't want anyone harming themselves in order to get those said fires blazing.

    her ears flicks and she looks towards Winterpaw quickly woofing a word over to her ”You should be inside kid, the cold will irritate your injuries. We're just setting up some fires to keep the camp as warm as possible” she tells her curtly ”Nothing to worry about”


  • The snowstorm had drawn out quite a few of her clanmates, whether because they liked the snow or they were trying to warm up the area, as Calina was. The first to approach was Valorpaw. Calina didn't know her well, but she assuemd that she was a child of Mercy and that other lady that she had heard about- Charlotte. She was awfully tiny (a thought that Calina had for most of her clanmates), but she was willing to help, and so who was Calina to deny her? "Yeah, sure." She gave a nod, watching the apprentice set to work and the wood lighten as the darkness of water left it. Following after Valorpaw was another creature that Calina didn't know well, which mentally stung. She needed to be out and about more, so she could know who everyone was. Anima was definitely not as small as Valorpaw, with wings that could easily stretch over and protect the firewood. The lupurca gave a well-humored but dry snort at her comment. "Only a little snow, for us, maybe- smaller folks are not gonna have it so easy. Get cold faster, y'know?" She inclined her head toward Valorpaw.

    At least she would not have to worry about Xia. She seemed completely unbothered by cold temperatures. It was strange how Xia and Calina's bodies worked; one always too cold, one always too warm. One would think that Calina hated warm weather, but she didn't; her body could obviously hold some more heat than most, although she preferred it to be coming from the general air, not the sun beating down on her back. Every time she took a trip to the Ruins, she hated it, because there was no shelter. She felt less passionate about the cold. Snow could be unpleasant, since it made her coat wet and unruly, but she could always just roast the ground beneath her and keep herself warm. That would not work for the rest of her clanmates, though. She would be burning flesh and bone if she did that. When Xia gently bumped into her, she gave a nod. Right. Firewood, fixed by Valorpaw, sheltered by Anima, waiting to be lit. She began to push the branches into the nearest fire pit, her bulky paws trying to form it into a suitable shape. She had learned that fire did not last long if it was haphazardly thrown together.

    While she built it, two more veilers approached. There was another one she did not know, who looked young and worse for the wear. She spoke aloud, awkwardly, and then shifted to throwing her voice into her clanmates' heads. Calina flicked her ears back at the noise in her mind. Telepathy was a strange power; useful, sure, but sometimes it felt like her personal space was somehow being invaded. It didn't help that she had weak mental walls, and every time somebody's telepathic voice came through to her, it was a reminder of that. She lifted her head to respond, but Ver was already speaking, with a gentle reminder to Valorpaw. Calina hadn't thought of that. Her powers were so effortless to her, she hadn't considered that they might tire the tiny cat out. "Oh, shit, yeah. Don't worry about drying the branches more- 'm sure we can find some more somewhere, if we run out. The catacombs might have debris in it." The rooms within the tunnels were kept tidy, but there was a high chance of some sticks being blown in there by the wind, or accidentally knocked in by a veiler.

    Ver also explained to Winterpaw what was up, with another gentle reminder given to her about staying safe in the cold. Calina gave one last adjustment as she built her fire and, with a touch of her paw, set it ablaze. It crackled and flickered but stayed up, even as snow tried to stamp it down. "Yeah, it'd probably be best for you to stay sheltered, 'til I get more of these set up." She glanced toward the remaining branches, and then around the camp, trying to search for another one of the holes she had dug out. Snow made it harder for her to differentiate between dips and raises in the ground, even if shadows still fell across it.




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