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  • The Ruins had kept her tied up, dropping something so major on all of them that would impact the entirety of their clan was something that she couldn’t just push aside to return to the Pines so she’d stayed and argued her piece only to get nothing so for out of it. The man didn’t have any sense of intelligence or understanding and she’d grown tired of waiting around the Ruins camp waiting for shit to hit the fan. It didn’t yet but she worried as she stood upon the meeting stone that something would occur in those sands while she was gone and not capable of protecting her kids. She could only hope for the best she had been slacking here and the Veil had children to protect as well and so much on the rise and sadly she couldn’t split herself in two.

    She waits until the bonfires on either side of the meeting stone are lit before she raises her head to the sky and lets out her ghastly howl. She looked different than she had in the last meeting far more injured and out of it but she didn’t want to hear any of their questions or concerns. She’d be just fine she could survive mostly anything at this point and this was just another drop in the bucket. ”Veilers! Gather for another weekly meeting!” she barks as soon as her howl finished its tune.

    They’d amassed in numbers over the week, and while they weren’t the superpower they’d used to be she was happy to see things improving even if some things never would. ”Firstly as always I’d like to welcome all those new faces in the crowd, so many of you have joined recently and I hope you all find a home within in our ranks! With that said welcome to NAMJOON ARCANIUM   Lady Pythonidae   MIAMIPAW   deaddacc   candyhearts -   valorpaw   Beatrice Michaelis   ALLIGATORKIT and lastly felwinter a sizable bunch indeed and she was glad to see both old and new faces within that bunch. She looked forward to working besides them and having Iza- Annie besides them when they needed warriors more than ever was a blessing in itself.

    ”We also have a few returning members of the Veil abbi . our former Shadowkeeper, Phoebus-Apollo S.K.T.M. and of course my daughter @" midi " it’s good to have you back with us she smiles warmly this time not having to force it whatsoever. Despite everything that changed it was relieving to have somethings come back to be constants in her life once again. ~ADARA~ has also returned home but I think a suitable punishment for worrying us all is putting her on janitorial duty for a week taking care of the dens and ruins. You’ll keep your rank and standing but Adara please don’t run away ever again” she just might strangle the girl if she did, she hated losing people and couldn’t stand how common it was and still would be. ”But that doesn’t mean I want to stop sending out search parties for Mercy and now Vanillapaw, he went missing this morning and I doubt he got far at all with luck he’ll likely just be hiding out in the castle” her voice forces itself to stay in its monotone trying its best to keep its cool but the harsh rising and falling of her chest and the hardly seen wounds on her throat tell exactly what she doesn’t say. Something happened and she was lying for his own good.

    ”As for promotions... Orfhlaith Faelan its about time you stepped up as Darkseeker and I’m thinking of graduating you soon to a full time spiritcaller but of course I’ll need to test you before then! Along with her I’d like EWAN and shiningpaw. to step up as Nightwatchers and for candyhearts - if she chooses I’d like for her to step up as a Duskguard” her choices were a handful and half apprentices but she’s confident in them and their skills rather they be built for healing, politics or fighting. ”Now demotions STRINGTHEORY. , DIARMUID. are demoted for inactivity and... LITTLEFLAME. is demoted as well, I don’t think she’ll be returning to the Veil for sometime” she hopes she’s wrong hopes that the girl would change her mind but it would never happen would it? Especially with what she did to Johnny. ”Of course I may be wrong and like both of them she can earn her position again with a bit of work” she forces a grin before her feelings could show themselves in an unbidden revelation.

    ”No titles for this week but I’ll be keeping an eye out so work hard this week - but on the topic of titles I’m going to allow for any Veiler who wants an Ascension quest to receive one! These are tailored just for you and are very personal but I warn you that it’s best to prepare yourself for them and make sure you are ready to take on the responsibility of whatever happens out there before you set out! If you succeed in your quest like Junepaw you will receive a ring to commemorate your success as well as the title of Blackheart to show the entire clan what you’ve done” she nods her head, her own quest still affected her had brought apart a change in her vision she wished she could scrub out. Those whispers those sights and constant reminders it was a nightmare and she hoped no one would ever come home from a quest like that. ”I’m hoping to return the Veil to its former self, I’d like to celebrate the traditions and practices that I was introduced to here when I was new” she states truthful afterwards.

    ”But I would also like to introduce something new to the clan something that was incredibly important to the Rogues which merged with us not long ago” she starts looking over the crowd searching for the young faces among them ”The Rogues once made it a habit while I lived there to have individual mentors for each apprentice rather than letting the apprentices get raised by the entire village like we do here” she never thought the kids here got enough training one on one, always felt they were behind even kids like Junepaw could’ve been so much more if their talent was honed by a mentor who knew what they were doing and formed a connection with them. ”From now on I'm making it a requirement for all members over six months and below 12 to be assigned a mentor one who will be responsible for teaching them everything they know. I’m hoping this will make the Veil stronger and give our youngest members a fighting chance with the Brigade on our ass and the Exiles always on the rise” she barks, she misses her former apprentices dearly wishes she still had them to train and care for but even her most recent; Littlepaw had escaped her. She didn’t know if she wanted to take on another with that wound still being so fresh.

    Mentors will be chosen sometime this week before we head out on our raid against the Brigade so keep your eyes and ears open and if you want to volunteer before that time comes please Stay and talk to me after the meeting is over there was so many apprentices to take into consideration, making decisions for all of them would be an utter pain in her ass.

    ”with all that said meeting dismissed!”


  • People went missing at an above average rate here, didn't they? At least, it seemed, most came back. Even if it took ages, as was the case with Abbi, based on the context clues Ewan had gathered.

    Adara had returned, facing a punishment, despite Ewan not quite seeing why. Perhaps it was the lack of attachment. By the time she had gone missing, Ewan had never spoken with her, and had very little reason to worry. Thus, her waltzing back to camp in the middle of her own search party didn't seem that irritating. Though, thinking on it now, maybe it was that worried kind of anger. The worry so strong that you can't help but be royally pissed at them for making you feel like that. That was a worry Ewan had only felt a brief few times. Unfortunately, another went missing in her place. There'd be more search parties. It was heads or tails on if they'd be found.

    The way Ver was able to flawlessly transition between tones during meetings was honestly a talent. There was a solemn air around everyone at the words of missing Veilers, but their Shadowkeeper found a way to switch topics and bring that energy right back up. Or, maybe it was just Ewan in his own little world, filled with a sudden exuberance when his name was called.

    A promotion. Again. A second one. Even just getting one had been odd, he'd never thought of himself as the productive, promotion-worthy kind... so to get two? Wack. Awesome. A grin spread across his face, one he'd share with the others who's names had been called to step up in the ranks. Though he'd never speak it out loud, there was always part of him that felt he wasn't actually a member of the Veil. He was there, he talked to people, but was he actually a Veiler? Did he matter in this little world? Did he make any impact at all? Those questions would remain unanswered, but at least for a moment they could be pushed aside with the brief recognition he was given.

    "Thanks, bro," he calls out, and continuing his need for inclusion, for importance, ends his comments by saying "and, uh, I'll take one of those ascension quests."




  • Junepaw settles in for the meeting when Ver called it, his sapphire colored gaze focused on the woman. He'd been around, his presence growing more and more prominent. He had no choice if he were to retain his position as Midnightbringer. He had to make for a good job if he wanted to seek anything higher than vice - deputy. Adara came back, but more family was going missing: Vanillapaw had disappeared from their home now. He feels a writhing in his chest, something constricting around his heart. He didn't like it. He hated how often it was that people he cared about seemed to disappear. First Mercy, and now Vanillapaw? "Goddammit."

    His frustrations bubble under his skin for a moment, until his attention is promptly brought back by a couple of important announcements. The announcement of mentorships in particular interested him - how interesting that this was coming into play just a couple of weeks before his birthday. He guessed that would mean he would be placed in charge of mentoring one of the clan's many apprentices sometime soon then.

    "If ...If I can, I'll take another ascension quest, Ver." He announces by the end of it all. A second quest. It felt a bit too soon, considering he had just came home from his first one and he was still feeling the effects of it ( the grief and whatnot ), but he could do it, surely.



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  • She can't recall the last time she had been at a meeting, though she assumes it was when she was far younger than she is now. Isn't it strange to think of herself younger? She's scarcely an apprentice yet so much has happened in her immediate family. The loss of one parent, the fading of another, a never ending cycle of promotions and demotions, losses and gains. Like the seed and the sickle she can only harvest what she sows, but with so much going on and wrong, Candypaw is fearful of a poor harvest. Contributing to that cycle in a negative way is worse than contributing at all.

    The meeting room swims around her in an instant as an announcement gets stuck in her ears. Vanillapaw is missing? No, that can't be right. Her brother has suffered so and is still healing, he simply cannot be missing. Every square inch of air pressing against her skin feels terribly hot and she feels terribly cold. A sudden lightness fills her head and the rest of the meeting is lost behind a ringing in her ears. How could he be missing? Their family is only just stepping into the mottled sunlight again; the shade cannot wretch him away from her. How can she follow him into that dark?

    Sick to her stomach, Candypaw is too preoccupied to rebut another fear manifested in the form of her promotion. She dimly registers that it is a stepping stone, something minor that a determined mouse could achieve. One can only hope it is too low a position to fall from and disgrace her family names.

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  • She listens carefully, but with so many new names her mind is buzzing like a little bee. Lots of good and bad news, little of it has any effect on her but from the sounds of the crowd many of the demotions and lost members were important in some way. She wishes she could relate, she doesn't remember much from before this so she doesn't feel any loss for the beings she has left behind.

    On the other hand something seems familiar about this mentor stuff but she can't quite put her paw on it. She knows she is not quite old enough to pass by without getting a mentor so she listens carefully for that part in particular. The snowy feline also ponders the wonders of an 'ascension quest', she wonders about taking part in one but decides that it might be best to settle in for a little bit, maybe heal up first.


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  • Another week another meeting, the mare had pushed herself into the cavern along with her other clanmates. She was surprised when she heard the sheer amount of joiners and those who have returned to the Veil, eleven by her count, excluding Adara who hadn't seemed to exactly leave per se, though with three returned two were still missing.

    Her name was called out this week again and she gave a smile to the leader and a nod, "T'ank you Ver, whenever you t'ink a' should take the test then a' will." the mare said as she made a mental note to use the following week to study up on her knowledge so far, she didn't particularly want to have to take the test twice because she failed the first time.

    She listened to the talk about ascension quests and heard some asking for one, while she knew that they were tailored to each specific person, she didn't feel ready to take one on. Especially with Ver saying that training is suggested, and she wanted to take on her test before that, also in case f the worst, everyone here knew she couldn't fight, she didn't want to die out there because she took on something she wasn't ready for, so she shook her head, looking up and staying silent, hoping that that would be enough to get her point across. Maybe sometime in the future, but for now she felt underprepared.


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  • [ I know this is beyond late but just popping in to say that riptide will take an ascension quest <3 ]