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  • A visitor taking a break from his vacation - which, earlier that week he clarified was just a break from his break - cleaning up some headstones. In truth, anyone who didn't know the man would consider it an odd sight. But those who did would find it saddening. The headstones, still blank aside for the Aeternum crest resting in the middle of them, were filthy and overgrown, and despite dreading to come here for the past week or two, he found much more distress in the states the headstones were in. His children - his babies, six feet under and no one cared.

    Anger flared in his chest for less than a moment before he got to cleaning up, ears pinned to his head as he pulled weeds from the ground.

  • Ver came to the gravesites of both the Veil and Rogues frequently most of the time in the dead of night when she had far more questions than answers; but wasn't that always? She had asked many things of the dead praying for answers, praying to hear the dearly departed voices of those she cared for in life to tell her what to do and what to say but it never had happened. Saoirse was dead and gone, Stratocumulus offered nothing more than stark silence as she brushed off her gravestone, Trashboat and Rockfox didn't reveal anything about her former apprentice or how the hell to deal with being a failure of a parent or what it took for a father - or mother to leave their kin behind like they had, Yuuki didn't speak a word about how to lead... None of them offered her a thing but silence and the whispering of beasts in the trees that she had no names for, who purred cursed into her dreams and ears instead of advice.

    One place that she never went to however was here - she'd only been passing by quickly when she noticed that someone was tending to the gravestones of the babies who never made it past the womb. She remembers when they were freshly buried, still can recall the limp sight of them when they'd convinced Abbi to let go of them. She guesses he never would in a matter of speaking and it breaks her heart and halts her in her tracks when she spots him. A bouquet of black roses dangles in her jaws and only falls to the ground just besides one of the gravestones as she comes up to him. ”I'm sorry you had to see them like this - I” didn't want to think about what could've been done to save them, I didn't want to blame myself anymore than I've already done ”I have no excuse” she admits stepping closer to him and attempting to lightly lay her wing on his back.

    ”Are you okay?” she knows the answer but asks anyway.


  • Ewan felt he knew nothing of this type of loss. He knew of loss, to go through life with the lingering thought of what every experience would be like with those lost by one's side. But none of his loss was real, none of it counted like this. His grief was not carried to the grave, simply into another path, away from his own. Ewan had lost people, people he would never get back, but not to the horrifying weight of death. And though, the rational part of his brain knew that loss was loss and grief was grief, the part of him that couldn't stand the sight of even a stranger's grave felt that it would never compare. So, when the hound saw two figures at the site of graves that's history had always been unknown to him, cleaning, tending to them... for a moment, his heart ached.

    Was this yet another moment he was encroaching on? Another piece of personal history Ewan should feel bad for even wanting to push himself into?It felt that way. There was a great pain in the air, and Ewan was no more than acquaintances with both those at the scene. Every bone in his body was telling him he shouldn't be here, that he had no right to be here, and then turning around and mentally hitting himself for making the situation about himself in the first place. But, nonetheless, he approached.

    On soft steps, he appeared among the two living and the various dead. He had no words of condolences to share, no comforting actions or thoughts. "Do you need help cleaning up?" was what he finally settled on saying out loud. The only perceivable thing he could say to help.




  • Ambedo had his teeth gripped around a particularly stubborn weed. He pulled and pulled, and it never seemed to jiggle loose like the others did. He thought for a moment if this was supposed to be some symbolic bullshit. How he had to let go to move forward. He grit his teeth and hardly realized the frustrated tears that arose in his eyes. Wings pulled from his back - a visual trick mostly pulled off with shapeshifting - and within seconds his new draconic limbs gave a hearty flap, pulling the tom from the ground and yanking the stubborn weed with him. He was back on the ground moments after, weed spat on the floor and wings consumed right back into his body.

    He wished to move on and make peace - but he also wished he wasn't as big of a fuck up as before.

    Ver's voice brought him out of his almost-tantrum, ears pinned to his head as he looked upon her shocked face. He was always a reactive boy, always spiteful and always ready to go for the throat. Such was visible in his eyes and even in the way he began to bear his teeth - It wasn't her apology that quickly put an end to the biting words that rose like bile in his throat, however. It was the lack of, the admittance of no excuse and the fact that she took almost full responsibility. His shoulders drooped and his expression morphed into shock, then a pout, like a child in the wrong rather than a mourning father. A wing came around to hold him, and though he wanted to cry, he couldn't. He had cried too much in the past few months to do so so easily now. The tears lingered in his sunflower yellow eyes instead, being patient.

    He answered her question with a slight shake of his head. He didn't entirely trust his voice at the moment, and though he figured Ver wouldn't beat him while he was down, he didn't want to take the chance. Ewan's voice arose before his scent alerted them and - perhaps out of habit - the tom pulled from Ver's partial embrace. He looked towards the younger man with general surprise before brushing a taloned paw across his eyes and testing his voice anyways, "Ah - sorry, just... an emotional spot for me, um," he shook his head and looked back to the pitiful graves and the weed he so angrily pulled out, "But - um, no, Ewan. Thank you, I appreciate your offer," a tight lipped smile was welcomed onto his otherwise thin and drawn out face.

  • She feels bad that Ewan had to come here to be put in the middle of an awkward situation and reflexively she wants to give him orders to go elsewhere; to give him an excuse to leave this place and to not dwell to far into pasts that weren't ready to be readily shared. It's hard to be left without knowledge of what happened, but ignorance was bliss and it saved Abbi's pride as well as her own. She passes a look to him before focusing back on Abbi who she pulls her wing tighter against.

    She hoped one day he would find his peace that they all would but the wounds were still raw and to little time had passed to allow for them to grow and change for the better, in time it would happen but not today and not anytime soon. She does expect him to hiss to scream his pain and direct it towards her rather than at the unfairness of the world for making him lose his kids, she was ready to take it with a silent acceptance that it was for the best that he took it out somewhere on anyone rather than hold it all in where it would rip him apart. She stares down at him eyes narrowed and lingering with a silent sadness that glimmered in their dark red depths along with the thousands of apologies she'd readily give. She sits with him ears flicking when he does test out his voice, she knows he's hurting she knew the very minute she saw him here that his emotions were bubbling up.

    How he held himself together was beyond her, she would've never been able to heal or stride so delicately if any of her children met their ends before they could even meet the world and take their first breaths. Her wing leaves him when he pulls back and rests at her side once more like it hadn't been blanketing him. She doesn't look at him anymore just focuses on the graves ”Do you want us to leave you alone?” the bluntness of the question surprises her but her tone remains soft. ”I understand if you do”