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    valorpaw reaver-aeternum | 'valley' | named after amour darling & valor praelium

    female [ pronouns ]

    9 moons | ages real time every 16th

    shadow veil & solaris kingdom | apprentice & healinghand student | no titles


    mercy reaver x charlotte aeternum

    shiningpaw, candypaw, vanillapaw,

    in a relationship with carmen | bisexual | crushing on no-one

    1/2 valrmen


    domestic feline: cream lynx point with heterochromatic blue & gold eyes [ main ]

    ━ health : 100%

    valorpaw is very well-kept, a prim-and-proper she-cat. since she enjoys the things in life that she can control, she always makes sure her appearance is beautiful. she's very attentive to detail and often times wears a flower in her ear. she takes after both her mothers equally, in the way that she could cause pain to her mother's friends when they look at her. her pattern is almost exactly the same as mercy's; creamy pale fur, incredibly long and soft, that darkens in her face and paws. the coloring on her face and paws is just a little darker than her mother's, and she doesn't bare the same shadowy eyes. instead, she takes after charlotte; heterochromatic, blue in her left eye and gold in her right. her eyes are a portrait into her soul, revealing every emotion she's ever felt and displaying the fiery passion she has for life. valorpaw has long black eyelashes that stick out, being the only dark colouration she has.


    social anxiety


    smells like fresh ferns and lilac flowers

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    INFP | sanguine/melancholic | hufflepuff | lawful good

    kind | patient | affectionate | devoted | diplomatic | pessimistic | fidgety

    valorpaw has always been very similar to both her mothers. she's very passive and loving, not especially enjoying a life of war or aggression. the only reason she resides in the shadow veil is for the familiarity and because the ones she loves are there. she's very kind and patient, traits that will make her an excellent mother one day; something she looks forward to very much. some may call her weak because she tends to be very anxious and fidgety, but she tries to brush off those opinions by saying she's good in other areas of life. that being said, valorpaw tends to be a tad more pessimistic than the usual person and often times gets in her own head about things. conflicts cut her deeper because she takes everything to heart and then overthinks it all, one of her worst traits. she's a very emotional she-cat and until she can get a grasp on these emotions, they'll take her to some unnecessary places. she's somewhat chaotic but it's all because of her strong heart and resilience. she's devoted to her friends and family, and especially devoted in finding her mothers. it's a little bit of an obsession she has, but she sees it as the cure to all her problems.

    ━━ TROPES

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    easy physicality | easy mentality

    won't start fights | won't end fights | will run

    water elemental

    no weapons

    powerplay of peaceful actions allowed