• Since it's a new year decided to make a heart chat/opinon thread for Breakout for anyone how wanna know what his real opinions are on his own thugs!. Might be interesting because he rarely shows what he really thinks of people in public cx unless they really pisses him of haha!.

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    RUE /

    " I like Rue, i think she is a real interesting person how i actually dosen't know much about really but i do would like to know her more. She is always a constant present around here and she is doing so much for the cartel already. i admire her and is very grateful towards her for coming along to try to get me out from the ruins. she is someone i'm pride over to have here and i view her as one in the cartfam, and since she is the child of Loki i'm going to make sure to look out after her so nothing bad happends to her. However...can i really trust her though?. she might have helpt me out from the ruins but her mother is a vampire. Are she too a vampire?, did she...does she have any association with Fallengrace?!. No, no, that's impossible, haha!!. I..i'm not feeling so good right now..lets stop here. "


    " I love him more then anything else on this earth. We have been through alot of shit together but we have always sticked through it together and i feel like i always can count on him no matter what. I really admire him for so many things but but if i have to mention one thing i really love his strenght, how he always seems to come out stronger from whatever shit this world dares to put him through. He is fucking amazing in so many ways, always tolerating my fucking bullshit i pull, always being there by my side and how he always manged to catch my attention whenever he walks down the hall. Damn, he is so fucking beautiful and perfect and i just... - i love absolutely everything about him and i do wanna marry him one day and have children with him. He is my fucking soulmate no matter how cheesy that sounds and i cannot live without him. That's fucking impossible. I would kill anyone how dares fucking touch him or try to take him away from me. I would even burn this whole fucking world down for him. A life without him is not worth living. I wonder though sometimes...does he feel the same way?. Are he happy with me?. What if he stops loving me one day and leaves me like everyone else i have ever trusted and let into my life!!. What if he never loved me at all and is just using me... Please..please..Alci i'm begging you don't ever bedray me... i love you so much."

    AKUMA /

    " Eh, Serpentine?. Why the fuck are you asking me about that asshole for?. Oh well whatever. You wanna know what i really think about that dick then fine. He was a real pain in my ass sometimes, not liking his snarky little remarks or how he belittled me like i was some damn spoiled child or called me reckless while seating back and doing nothing about our enemies or thier taunts or attacks. But he did was on my side when Hayliel ranted out on me and he did trusted the cartel to me despite our differences in some things, most things. And maybe, just maybe he hadn't all wrong what he said to me... at least he had balls enough to tell me right?. I also understand now being the Godfather isn't easy carrying alot of responsiiblity so i get it, so he might not totally be a complete fucking asshole how i thought was cool sometimes. But i still don't like him! and i still wanna punch his damn fucking face!. Just you wait Serpentine!, i'm going to make the cartel thrive just like both you and i always wanted!. I'M GOING TO BE THE BEST FUCKING GODFATHER EVER!!, MOHAHAHA!. "

    LUA /

    " I have known Lua since she was a little baby. I remember how small she used to be and so cute too. She still is cute though and i'm glad to see how little she have changed since she was a child. I remember i made a promise to protect her when i was younger and i intend to keep to that. She has no one now aside from myself and i've no plans to ever abandon her. She needs me and i will be there for her no matter what. I'm here family now. but uh, what do i like about her?. I would say everything really. She is sweet and i found it fucking adorebale how easily distracted she could become sometimes. She always makes me smile and yeah, i like that about her as well. She gives me strenght to struggle through a other day but i don't think she is aware over the influence she has on people, you know?. In any case i'm glad she is back...despite her being a vampire...s-she won't bite me will she?. No...Lua would never do something like that...she is a good vampire, yes the good ones...I..i..don't know what i would do if she ever would attack me... i, her fangs..i..i just...sorry i need to take a pause."


    " I like Loki or well Azumi now as she goes by officially. I still call her Loki though, i don't know why i'm just used calling her that now, y'know?. In any case i think she is a strong women how have gone through alot of shit in life but still she founds a way to stay strong, you know?. I especially like the relationships she tries to have with Rue. You can really tell she cares for her and tries to be there for her and that makes me respect her alot because i have seen to many times parents how gives zero shit about thier kids. So it's nice to see a mother how fucking cares for once. I also respect her because of the relationship she had with Sollux. both her and me are the only ones left now how remembers him...and i feel a connection to her, you know?. The only one i can talk to when it comes to Sollux or anything during that time. I wonder how she will feel though if i told her i killed Orianna.... She was not on her side was she?. And her true motive to be here isn't to get revenge for what the cartel did, what i did is she?. No, no, i don't want that to be true that Loki was like them. she was DIFFERENT, she is different like Lua. she won't hurt me, she won't hurt me, she won't hurt me, she won't hurt me, she won't hurt me. "


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