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  • Vєlσcítà


    Name: Velocita, meaning "Speed" but is nicknamed Velo.

    Age: Six years old

    Sex: Male


    Description: Velocita is a what is known as a "King Cheetah", which is a cheetah with a different pelt mutation that has spots that run together to form several (usually three) black stripes down its back from the crest of its neck to the top of the tail.

    Scars: N/A

    Noticeable Markings: Velocita has a rare fur pattern mutation. A recessive gene must be inherited from both parents in order for this "blotchy" pattern to appear.



    Velocita is a pretty reserved cat, only tends to speak when needed and when he does his words are wise. A few works to describe

    him would be responsible, mature, and calculating. Although he isn't much of a talker he seems to be respected by many. Velocita

    is very intelligent, and poised with grace. He has a very proud like stance, he holds himself as if a Royal would in their Kingdom.

    He is almost like a father figure and mentor to his younger brother Vahan. Although the two may clash from time to time there is

    brotherly love.




    • Running

    • Teaching

    • Rain


    • Irresponsibly

    • When doubted

    • Lack of order

    • Peer Pressure

    • Over confidence



    Velocita was bred sticky for his color mutated coat color which the Zoo Breeding Professionals managed to pass onto him but

    not his brother. For both parents must have the resistive coat mutation for there to be a chance to receive it. Their late mother

    Esmae was one of the very few captured from the African Plains. There have only been a total of six sightings of King Cheetahs

    in the wild and her capture was one of the six. After about a year or two before they found a suitable sire for her litter. There

    were high hopes for the litter, three kits were born, only one yielded the unique patterned, Velocita. His brother actually turned

    out to be a very notable runt of the litter, very small and weak but he was nursed back to health. Lastly, the third kit a female

    unfortunately passed away at a young age to do unknown natural causes.

    As the two grew older and more socialized with people, the two had a handler, Dean, who would hold little shows and go

    to types of expos with the brothers teaching them about the King Cheetahs, what one looks like compared to a cheetah

    without the gene, such as his brother. They even traveled occasionally, the Zoo made a decent amount of money off of

    those visits alone. The showing took up a lot of their time, when everyone just seemed to vanish Velocita found it a relief.


    Vahan, his younger brother and only known living relative at the moment.


    None currently, although there were plans to have him breed to other King Cheetahs to try and pass on his coat

    mutation, but that never happened.


    Heterosexual (Straight)

    Relationship Status:



    Might/Will develop.




    Random Facts:

    This unusual looking cheetah, also known as Cooper's Cheetah, was once thought to be a separate sub-species. But it is actually an African Cheetah exhibiting a rare fur pattern mutation. A recessive gene must be inherited from both parents in order for this "blotchy" pattern to appear. First discovered in Zimbabwe in 1926, this very rare animal has been seen in the wild only 6 times. It has been known to exist in Zimbabwe, Botswana and in the northern part of South Africa's Transvaal province.

    Plot Ideas:

    Perhaps something a long of the sorts that really challenges, an enemy or a rival.


    His brother's form is a work in progress.

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