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  • Pride&Prejudice

    I apologise for being so late, I've been down with the flu...


    In the soft glow of the moon, and limp dark figure is loaded into a van. The green van drives slowly over the frozen landscape.

    Soon, the figure begins to awake, growling and snapping. Two men unload the crate containing the male, and put it in an outdoor kennel, the sleeping resident waking. The men attach a string to the door of the crate, and as soon as the kennel door closed, the crate was yanked open. A black wolf jumped out, snarling as he took in his surroundings.


  • Gwendolyn

    Female • 4 • Alaskan Malamute

    Gwendolyn paced around the kennel that humans had shoved her into earlier in the night. She had been resting peacefully, well has peaceful as she could in this hell hole, then out of nowhere the humans grabbed her and threw her in here. Gwendolyn didn't know what they wanted with her, but she knew nothing good would come out of it, nothing ever did. Her ears then caught the sound of growling and snarling. She turned her body to face the entrance to the kennel, she wasn't afraid like some of the others would have been. The snarling got louder and louder, she could here the humans coming closervice to the kennel. The fur on her neck and back rose up as she watched. It wasn't long before a crate was placed in the kennel with her. Gwendolyn could feelher heart rate pick up but she was determined not to back down. It wasn't long before a large black mass came flying out of the crate. The scent of the black figure filled her senses. She was able to pick up on a few things from their scent, they were a male and they were are wolf.