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  • The Tundra Pack


    The Tundra pack was founded by a group of young wolves who wanted to live life the way they wanted. Unintentionally it formed into a wolf pack. The leaders were Willow and Ghost, a pair of siblings. Most alphas will be mates but the original founders were siblings. The tradition was decided to be broken after them when they realized the right to being leader was more complicated than it needed to be when it was siblings arguing.


    * No limit on wolves

    *All Feral rules apply

    * Alphas and Betas have to be mates

    * Keepers can have mates and pups

    *Apprentices can pick what they want to train in, except for Keepers.

    *Apprentices are given two chances to pass their assessments. If apprentices fail their assessments twice, they are made Omegas



    Betas (Next in line pair)-2

    Keeper (Healer)-2

    Hunters - Unlimited

    Fighters -Unlimited

    Elders- Unlimited

    Mothers and Pups- 3 Mothers at max

    Apprentices- Depends on Hunters and Fighters

    Omegas- Unlimited


    Elk- Common

    Moose- Rare **Will fight back**

    Caribou- Very Common

    Goats/Rams- Common

    Stoat (Weasel like creatures)- Rare **Very fast**

    Pikas- Very Rare

    Hares- Common

    Petrels (birds)- Common

    Fish- Very Common


    Bears- Common **Won't attack unless bothered**

    Hunters- Rare

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    ||Akira~ 4 years~ Female~ Fighter||

    ~Description: Akira is a solid black wolf with gold eyes. She is stockier and significantly larger than the average fighter making her a formidable opponent.

    *Scars or injuries: Scars littler her body from previous fights though the scar across her right eye is the most noticeable.

    ~ Personality: Akira is extremely stubborn and is distrusting of males until they earn her trust. She is obedient to her superiors but tends to fight against orders given by anyone else. Despite all of this she has a soft spot in her heart for pups and always dreamed of having her own family.

    ~History: Akira was born an alpha's daughter in another pack but due to her father's insecurities he murdered her mother and brother before turning on her. She managed to escape but her father turned the pack against her, forcing her to live as a loaner. She was adopted into the Tundra Pack when she was found on the verge of death and nursed back to health.

    *Mother: Aurora (Deceased)

    *Father: Dameon (Different pack)

    *Pups: None but wants some

    ~Sexuality: Bisexual

    *Relationship status: Single

    *Crush: Moose

    *Mate: Open

    ~Other: I was thinking her crush for Moose comes from Willow being the one who took her in so they became friends as pups.

    *Important Notes:

    ©Colors of the Wind

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  • The two brothers of the North, blood of fights and ice in their veins


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  • all three are a wip and will be finished shortly!

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  • Since changing the first post is unnecessarily complicated right now, Alpha and Beta females are trained by the Keepers to learn the basics of taking care of the pack. More specifically Mothers and Apprentices. I will be making a Keeper when I get home from work, but if someone is interested in being a Keeper or a Keeper’s Apprentice, PM me and I will send you the info on herbs and healing methods I created.

  • Esveidy.2019 I made Birch if you don't mind? If you do I'm chill with deleting Wither and her connection


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