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  • ———— ARVICAENA ————


    Playing. She often went out to play and enjoy the leaves when alone. Why wouldn't she? Nothing would hurt her there. she at least hoped this was the case. Usually, things did not pan out as expected. Though, lately, she was only finding joiners on the boarder. Today, though, she was running through the leaves when she felt herself falling. Tumbling into a small pit in the ground, she would let out a yelp of surprise.

    She, of course, was winded and lay there. NPC voice mixed with Exiles scent greeted her. Head raising, she would see the Exiler lowering his head in to grab her. Panic in her eyes she tried to run, but where would she go? It was a pit after all. The NPC grabbed her and hauled her up. Tossing her to the earth with a thud. A yelp escaping her as he laughed. Stepping closer and closer. She closed her eyes. Only to hear the Exiler scream.


    He was screaming.

    The pup opened her eyes to see a snake. A small, yet fierce thing. No.. It wasn't a snake at all. It was a.. Basalisk? The pup was surprised to see the beast here, much less attacking an Exiler. The thing was still young, fresh hatched maybe. But, it was the size of an adult anaconda. It was strangling the Exiler to death.

    The screams stopped.


    Then, it slithered away from the corpse and to the injured pup. But, it did not attack her. No, it seemed to study her before wrapping about her loosely. Blocking the chilly air from her. Night was falling fast, she she was sure her paw was twisted. She had a sprain and wouldnt be moving without help. So, she lay there. Knowing help would come and that this Basalisk was her friend.

    What a strange day.



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  • ★ ★ ★ companions seemed to have an odd habit of choosing who they wanted to spend their time with . the flights held their avian companions in high esteem , and finding yours was quite a big deal . the practice seemed to fall out as their numbers dwindled and the fire drove away most of the wild life . still , with everything going back to normal , more and more members were gaining their bird friends . enjolras himself had gotten himself a large , partially leucistic , red tailed hawk . rather , the hawk had chosen him .

    as he approached arvicaena , he wondered briefly what pulled an animal to devote themselves to any one person . and while he'd first been anxious upon being tugged to the scene by helios , he quickly grew more curious as he found the odd pair together with no harm being done . the basilisk , while uncommon , seemed placid enough that the ragdoll didn't immediately try to attack the beast . " are you hurt ? " he asks , peering closer at the two , though his muscles remained tense should the basilisk deem him as an enemy .


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  • Ver despised snakes, could always feel that wretched hatred in her gut whenever she looked down upon one. All she heard was Saoirse’s screams, loud, pleading and desperate as venom overtook her. Snakes were dangerous and she’d taken it upon herself to smash the heads of any of the fiends she found slithering in the undergrowth in fear another one would strike and take another person from her life. It was simply paranoia and seeing the girl wrapped by the Basilisk sets a fresh hell of fear into the pit of her heart. She spreads her wings out lips curling as she approaches one paw placing itself in front of Enjolras protectively as she accessed the beast coiled around the pup.

    her eyes flick to the Exiler for just a second looking at the crushed body with disgust. It’s clear what happened to it and what could easily happen to the girl if she startled the beast. ”Arviceana” she starts carefully ”Are you able to step away from the snake?... carefully she’s sure she could kill it if she’s quick enough. The scales don’t look that hard and if she’s careful she wouldn’t get crushed, but it’s still a gamble she’d rather not take when it was cooled rather comfortably around someone much more vulnerable.




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