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  • It had been a year, a full fucking year since she’d wandered into the east whispering pines. Been a year since she discovered there was more to her life than the flow of jobs and the blood staining her paws. She still found herself wondering what would’ve become of her if she abandoned the lifestyle she created to return to the simple life of a traveling mercenary. Would it have been better to never know what she gained here, to never experience the wild ride of lovers and children and the responsibility of dozens of lives on her shoulders. Would it better to never be loved as an individual? Would it be better for those who were so prominent in her life to have never met her when all she attracted was bloodshed and pain.

    She didn’t know, and would never know. She had survived this far here and made something entirely opposite of the dog she could’ve been. Was still kicking it rather than laying in some ditch with her muscles and skin disintegrating into atrophy as she withered away; replaced by mercenaries who were younger in their prime. Selfishly she finds herself happy to not be dead, she had a reason to live now even at the cost of the suffering of those she claimed to love and protect. They’d have been better without her.

    she’d been moping in the infirmary languishing in her thoughts for longer than she cared to admit to. Thinking of her age (how she never thought she’d get this far) and every event that brought her to this point. The stress of it made her “sick” and she’d taken her time away from her clans to recover from the illness born into her veins. Only accompanied by the whispers of the pines and the occasional sound of paws of Veilers (or ruiners) prodding into the infirmary to check on her.

    today would be the day she’d bother to feed her own maw instead of relying on the labor of others. She had things to do, would recover as quick as she could from this clinging depression she’d enveloped herself in. She would fight to continue the longevity of her family and friends would crack the same hearty smirks and bark the same casual banter. Sitting on her ass did none of them any favors.

    The shepherd breeched herself from her den fur groomed instead of matted and tattered like it had been as she mourned and split herself off. A easy lazed look encompassing her features as she comes to sit in the most bustling place of the stony Ruins. ”I hate to ruin your fun Veilers but I haven’t kicked the bucket yet” she woofs as she sits comfortably on her hindquarters tail curling around her paws and wings no longer wrapped in gauze and finally healed from her now months ago torture held somewhat outwards as if to catch attention.

    ”I’m Ver Million if anyone forgot or well doesn’t know me... that’s entirely possible” she’d not been the most present leader this far, she had been failing them for a while now but that’d be fixed. She wouldn’t mope for long, wouldn’t fuck up another good thing. Charlotte trusted her, Abbi trusted her, Mercy trusted her and she’d be damned if she would continue to drag her ass and ruin everything they worked for.


  • I still can't smile

    the way you do —

    The midnightbringer remembered, if anything, she had mostly thought of Ver as noisy. Far too loud and rash to be able to make sound decisions, not that Adara had said it directly to her face. Directly, anyways. She was pretty sure Ver had an inkling of the girl's true thoughts by now, even if it was almost impossible for her to act on them, psychologically, at least. It was hardwired into the girl to listen to superior's words, yet, it seemed with Mercy gone, and somebody she felt she could trust as much as she could her fellow soldiers and somebody noisy and reckless taking the places of the two people that she had always felt she could never refuse, it suddenly became that much harder to see them as just simply superiors. If anything, Ver more reminded her of the way Theo was now, if not more reckless and bad-mouthed than the boy. Somehow, the thought made it easier for her.

    Still, the cloaked girl's expression was as flat as ever, eyes giving nothing away as she spoke. "Who?"

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  • ———— ARVICAENA ————


    It was true then. The rumors. Word spread quick that Ver was back. Ver. Mercy's lover. Her second mother. That was what brought the girl over. That was what made her offer faintest of smile. "Welcome home."


    i heard your cry and i just knew

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    i never meant to forsake you

  • ★ ★ ★ enjolras was no stranger to these kinds of . . . breaks . he'd gone into hiding after alejandro had disappeared , though it seemed to make no difference in the grand scheme of things . the flights had been smaller than it was now , and not many had actually come and/or gone while he was wallowing in sorrow . for ver , though , things were different . this clan was larger , and he could only she found someone to confide in . still , her appearance is a welcome sight , and the ragdoll can't stop the small smile that tugs at his maw as he comes to a stop next to adara . " how unfortunate , " he quips , voice mostly flat with practiced ease .

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  • Noisy was one way to describe her and she would've smirked at the simpleness of such a label before going on to purr an easy sex joke about how she made her lovers or Adara's theoretical mother much louder than she. Thankfully the soldier is spared that, much to her utter dismay if she could've known what the girl thought of her. She still holds a distrust of her couldn't help but to when she went against her so readily when all she ever tried to do was ensure the safety of those she cared about, even Adara who she wouldn't be surprised if she was hated by her. She was a valuable clanmate someone who was strong just a tad awkward and to quick to threaten the wrong joiners. She was opposite to her in every way, the girls anger and actions were more composed and less emotional while hers were driven entirely by her guts and heart. And undoubtedly at times her groin.

    She huffs at her words though the smile doesn't fade just is accompanied by the rolling of eyes which is mostly unnoticeable taking into account that she lacks pupils. ”Never knew you had a sense of humor Adara” she woofs with a light chuckle lacing her words before her attention shifts as Arviceana approaches. She isn't close or knowledgeable about the girl just aware of her existence and her history enough to hold some warmth towards her for just simply being Mercy's. With her away it fell on her to look after her and Charlotte's kids both adoptive and biological and it was a job she gladly would do. ”It's good to be back” she tells her with a approving nod of her head just as Enjolras makes his way over.

    She'd grin towards her former leader shifting comfortably to look down at him ”A name like mine gets shouted by enough women that I won't be to mad at you” she gestures towards Adara ”For forgetting so quickly” she finally chimes.


  • "It wouldn't be Agrelos without Ver Million," Kira mused as he wandered over, pale eye falling on the woman with ease. Their relationship had never been the smoothest, but it seemed that at least they were relatively constant in each other's lives. It was strange, he thought, how their dynamic had shifted with their power. Once, he'd been her leader, but now she was his- how silly.

    The blonde pulled up next to Enjolras and offered a good-natured smile. It seemed that with the holiday season he was a bit more relaxed and jovial, something he was almost sure would be seen as an odd sort of blessing. For his near-year (he wasn't quite as old as the canine) on this continent, he'd become known for his menacing anger and glassy attitudes, so seeing him pleasant for a change is strange. Not that he's ever tried to be unpleasant around his clanmates, really, but stress tended to bring out the worst in him. It was a part of why he tried to live as peacefully as possible.

    "I hope your rest served you well?"

    ━━━━ thank you for this bitter knowledge


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  • If he were frank, he hadn't really noticed that Ver was taking her break. He was caught up in his own mess, struggling to make sense of it without the help of others— help that he refused to seek out himself. Admittedly, the last time he and Ver interacted hadn't exactly been the greatest. It was tense, and it'd fueled those frustrated feelings he'd been getting recently ( who could really blame him though? ), so when he saw her make her entrance, he wasn't sure how to approach without looking as if he still held a grudge. The male's honey amber gaze watched those around her interact with her for a moment, decidedly hanging around in the back of the squad of Veilers as he pondered over how he should greet the Shadowkeeper. He eventually gave up, his lips pressing into an thin line as he shuffled forward to stand on Kira's opposite side and sat down. "You better not get yourself hurt like that again." Was all the boy said, his sapphire gaze looking towards the horned woman in a neutral sort of way. He was not necessarily cold, but he was clearly not as enthused as he could be to see his idol back up and running.



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  • She wonders if an Agrelos without her would be more chaotic or perhaps a more peaceful world. She can’t quite know, she’d expect the clans would be less connected but it was unknown if largely that was a good or bad thing. She would turn her eyes towards Kira the red hues glinting with amusement. It’s strange to see him like this when most of their interactions were burdened by professionalism or a combat of moral standing. The dynamic shifted however now and she was thankful for that, she didn’t think she could handle anymore of the Veilers snapping their jaws at her in disdain.

    ”Things would get a whole lot less sexy without me” she woofs back easily with a wink. Her looks were never something she was ashamed of but she was selling herself a bit to high even if it was completely a joke. She’d looked better before everything hit the fan, scars landed up her pelt decorating already marred flesh and making her look like a scratching post of a woman. The wounds healed and she no longer had gauze and bandages holding her together but she had changed to almost an extreme opposite of what she was like in the beginning. ”I’ve gotten way to much sleep” she responds to his following words quickly with a lie that seemed genuine in tone. One thing that would always remain the same was her lack of rest, her mind always worked and ran far past her bodily needs.

    Before she can go on to make more talk with the ex-leader her attention shifts to Junepaw who she would lazily wag her tail towards even if her smile was more apprehensive towards him. Apart of her expects to be wrung out but that doesn’t happen, she can still hear his outburst from almost a month ago in her head. She hadn’t been blind to his growing bitterness even if her Lack of presence left much to be desired. Her ears perk at his words and her smile would lose its apprehension and she’d nod thankfully ”I’ll try not to kid” she woofs ”long as you stay out of trouble”