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Check out the Court of Halcyon, holy knights of the Bleak Wilds and a growing unboarded proclan who aim to bring peace and order to Agrelos!
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    I used to hear ringing with every step I took. I would count each little chime until it grew impossible to keep up, and then I would start over, again and again. But at some point I lost the bell that hung loosely around my neck, and now I have nothing to count. I tried counting days, but those take too long to pass by, it got boring quickly. Clouds also got mundane fast, and stars were downright impossible. So I started counting trees. There are too many trees in a forest to count them all, so I only count the ones closest to me that I pass by. Sometimes I even place the pad of my paw against the trees and I imagine I can feel all of the life flowing inside of it. From the roots to the leaves, all the little insects just beyond the eye's reach to the squirrels and birds who take shelter among the branches. It fascinated me. But eventually even that became quite a bore, and I was once again left wondering what else there was left for me in this world. Surely there was something that could keep my interest.

    I would hum as I pranced through the forest, wandering listlessly to wherever my small paws would take me. I didn't count as there was nothing worth counting that I hadn't already counted before. I didn't take in the scenery either; what was so great about a bunch of trees anyway? I just kept going who-knows-where, trying to find who-knows-what to keep me entertained. I've been wandering through this forest for far too long now, so I knew my way around well enough. Or so I thought. But suddenly I felt my paw catch on something and I was tumbling to the ground. I halted with a graceless thump of my butt landing harshly in the soil, and found myself in a part of the forest I was unfamiliar with. The trees here had grown far closer together, casting a shadow on my small body and everything around me. Was this still the same forest? My grey eyes ambled at theses new surroundings in wonder, and that little drum of excitement within me began to beat again. Oh what a marvelous discovery! I wonder, how dark will it get if I venture further?

    I kept walking and walking until my pads ached and my head was spinning, chasing the darkness of the forest and yet I was still convinced that I had yet to reach it's center. I figured I'd try a little longer and then give myself a break, but after just a few more strides I began to sense something that made me stiff. A whole new kind of unfamiliar lay before me. With cautious steps I approached until the smell of other creatures became overbearing and I felt I shouldn't wander further. I wanted to meet these darkness dwellers, really it was my only option at this point. if I tried to turn around who knows what would end up happening to this fragile body of mine? So I sat and waited. From the smell of it I could guess that people came by here often, and seeing a cute little six month old kitten all alone out here will probably be enough to allow me to gain entry to their domain, and some much needed r&r. The only thing was that I hated waiting. Waiting led to boredom and I'd already been bored so long, I didn't want the excitement to disappear.

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    fly me to the moon let me play among the stars ✧・゚:*

    let me see what spring is like on jupiter and mars

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    Standing out was something the pup understood. She knew what it was like to find yourself somewhere new and to have no other options. She understood what it meant to be here. This place changed people. Changed lives. So, when she was out playing in the fall leaves, she spotted the stranger. Something she rarely got to say. She spotted them. Popping from her pile of leaves, she would bound over. Leaves still clinging to her odd fur. "Hello! Can I help you? I'm Arvicaena!"


    i heard your cry and i just knew

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  • ★ ★ ★ it seemed that patience wouldn't have to wait long . arvicaena's boisterous movements had attracted his hawk's attention , and subsequently his own . the ragdoll padded over to the duo , looking a lot more put together than the wolf did . not that it mattered ; arvicaena had been having fun , which is something he probably needed to do more of . a blank gaze came to rest on the young kitten , and an invisible eyebrow raised . what was someone so young doing out by themselves without their parents ? " aren't you a little young to be alone ? " he asks , tone flat but not harsh .

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  • If he'd known her name and her thoughts about waiting, Riptide might've thought it a bit ironic that she had been named Patience. But he also understood the feeling; waiting around while you knew that you could be doing something else was very frustrating. The tabby himself likely would've gone crazy if he'd sat around in camp all day, knowing that there were groups out there just waiting for the opportunity to hurt his clanmates. So the Shaderunner had increased the frequency of his border patrols, both to keep an eye out for potential danger and to make sure that none of the younger members of the clan had been out wandering by themselves. He'd technically asked everyone to take a partner when they left camp, but he knew the chances of that happening were slim-to-none, so he'd at least do his best to keep their more vulnerable members safe.

    It was as he was making his rounds that the faint voice of a child reached his ears, and as he continued on he spotted the uniquely bright fur of Arvicaena in the distance. He quickened his pace, brow furrowing as he prepared to scold her for being out here alone, when he realized that she had been talking to someone just then. Glancing sideward at Enjolras as he joined the pair, he offered a brief but silent nod in greeting before his attention fell to the kitten perched at their border. As the Valerian Emperor had noted, she was very young, too young in his opinion to be traveling through the whispering pines all alone. Riptide said nothing, not wanting to scare the girl who was likely already going to be uneasy at meeting a group of strangers in an unfamiliar place. Instead he sat himself down onto the cool earth, ears flicking at the sounds of the forest as they waited for her answer.



  • Ver could always sympathize with most creatures that stumbled over their borders, such things were non-existent in the loner lands easy to ignore when everywhere was dangerous and owned by someone. The defensiveness of clan creatures would've been something she'd have joked about and would find quite dumb in her youth. Land was land and nobody could lay claim to it she'd once claim, up until she understood how important having a border and reinforcing it was now that she had to spend her days worrying about the lives of so many. She was struggling with the Veil much more than she had with the Kingdom even if the ladder was a vast expanse of sand and sun almost on the other side of the continent. It was however a less desirable place to live compared to the pines which always seemed to attract creatures from here and far to raid or to come to live.

    She wonders what exactly led to this kit coming here, rather she was just passing through like Ver had months ago or if she came here looking for a home. She hopes for the ladder, hopes this kid didn't intend to leave and put herself at risk. The world was too dangerous for a kid to survive on their own, she'd been there at one point and turned to horrible ways to get buy. In a way she would've killed to wander into the Pines at an earlier age when she wasn't so embroiled and dependent on violence. Saving others from a similar fate however sated her just fine, the past couldn't change as much as she wished she could change it.

    She comes up behind Arvicaena putting one paw besides the young girls attempting to brush it gently in an affectionate greeting towards her. Her eyes however focus on the stranger just as the other Veilers did ”Hey kiddo, what brings you to the Veil? Everything okay?” her voice is gentle ringing with that same maternal ring she'd used on her own children when they were younger even if this girl was likely apprentice aged by the looks of it.