DON'T LEAVE ME WHEN I'M ALONE — leesha's funeral

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  • This was going to be hard. Riptide had never even attended a funeral before, let alone planned one himself. In fact, he couldn't recall ever having anyone he cared about die and not come back, though that might be due to the fact that his entire family was cursed. He was starting to look at that curse more as a blessing now, when it seemed so easy to lose the ones you love. He hadn't spent nearly as much time with Leesha as he'd wanted to, but she still had been a dear friend to him, and he couldn't shake the overwhelming guilt that tore at his heart for not being able to save her.

    As soon as the meeting had ended, the Shaderunner had hurried to the cemetery, wanting to make sure he had enough time to prepare before the masses arrived. Around her newly dug grave he'd place a dozen or two lit candles of various sizes, arranging them so that they lit the area with a warm, solemn glow. How ironic, that the whispering pines would shine brighter tonight as they said goodbye to one of their own. He'd also scattered flower petals across the patch of earth where she now lay, wanting to make it a beautiful ceremony but not knowing what else to do. Riptide had failed her in life, he didn't want to ruin her funeral as well.

    Finally he'd done all that he could do to prepare for the ceremony, and his clanmates began to slowly filter in. The air was heavy and silent, the sorrow and grief carried in the Veilers' hearts palpable on the cool winter breeze. They were all still mourning, and the lack of justice for Leesha's murder only made it so the wound couldn't yet heal.

    Once the majority of the clan had gathered, Ty stepped forward and allowed his sharp ocean eyes to scan the crowd as the candlelight illuminated his dark features. "Thank you all for coming. I know we've put this off for a while now, but its time we all pay our respects to Leesha and finally say goodbye. We'll start with a moment of silence, out of respect for what we've lost, and then anyone who wants to speak may step forward and do so." With that the maine coon stepped back to join the rest, lowering his head and closing his eyes as they sat in silence that seemed to last an eternity.

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  • Lola had known this girl. It hadn't been on a personal, but she'd spoken with her once or twice. It was enough to see that Leesha had a heart of gold. It was a jab in the heart to see her grave like this. Such a young soul.. taken so mercilessly. The aura of the crowd was definitely solemn, Lola blended in perfectly. She frowned, gaze cast downwards as she approached the candlelight.

    She made her way towards Riptide and took a seat next to him. With a gentle touch, she placed her long, spotted tail onto his back for a moment. He wouldn't be alone during this. She was there to tred through the trenches with him. The female looked to him briefly before allowing her gaze to wander over to the grave.

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  • I still can't smile

    the way you do —

    Why do you always carry around that red scarf?

    Somehow, whenever the girl was brought up in recent times, that one and only real conversation she'd had with the girl surfaced, even when she was sure she had erased such things from her memory. The midnightbringer blended in with the crowd of mourners perfectly, finding her small body being pushed around as people quietly shuffled until she found herself near the front, gray eyes keeping that same blank expression upon seeing the coffin.

    She'd never really seen one, despite having watched countless people pass. Their bodies were burned in a pyre, their ashes used in their crops, if they were found. There had been little respect for the dead where she was from, considering most of the dead in the first place where simply unwanted children who's time had run out. It made her wonder if coffins were always that small, if people could possibly be loved so much that so much care was put into ensuring that they rested peacefully even after their untimely departure.

    The girl didn't say a word, simply watching from the front as the candles burned, taking note of Riptide and Bellona near her, as she spoke up in the quietest tone possible. "We'll avenge her." She couldn't make promises such as the girl always being remembered, or that she would come back. Adara held no power over life or death. The only thing that she could promise was that by the end of it, there would be enough blood spilled to ensure that Leesha was avenged, to make up for the girl's lack of tears, even if it broke her in the process to ensure that.

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  • Junepaw wasn't sure if he was ready for this.

    Although Riptide had announced it at the meeting, and he knew that it was coming since he'd seen her body slain and devoid of blood the night her murder had happened, he just wasn't ready to see his little sister be put into the cold ground. He suddenly found himself with a lot of regret as he arrived quietly, having taken a bit more time getting to the arrangement not because of his feelings, but because he had went to go and get the flowers he'd grown for the girl: pink and white carnations mixed with chrysanthemums; they would be a remembrance of the innocent girl that was Leesha, his darling little sister.

    The bundle of flowers were held gingerly in his maw, as he came to sit close to the grave that had been dug out for her, and seeing her body at its bottom made him instantly tear up. She died without neither of her mothers at her side, and they weren't even here to send her off with a final goodbye. Mercy had left them, and Charlotte had disappeared, leaving them to fight their battles on their own. He supposed he would be enough to do the painful job of saying that last " goodbye, " and oh did that cut too deep into his still bleeding heart.

    He is silent. Deadly silent. His expression was full of sorrow, his sapphire blue eyes swimming with sadness and hurt and anger. Anger that this had to happen to Lee, who only deserved all of the kindness and love in the world. Anger that nothing had been done so far to avenge his little sister. People sung to the skies that they'd do something, but nothing has been done yet, and Jun was getting impatient. The moment of silence came and passed, and he hardly processed Adara's solemn words before he stepped up to speak next.

    He laid the flowers into the grave as gently as he could, before shuffling back, reluctantly, his ears pressing flat against his head. "I'm sorry I failed you. I'm your brother, your family, and I failed you. Family isn't supposed to do that and— and I'm so sorry. You don't have to forgive me for being so stupid, but just know I'm sorry." Junepaw wasn't hiding the fact that he was crying. His vision had blurred, and the tears flowed freely down his chocolate cheeks, but he kept talking anyways. "You were too good Leesha, and ...we should've tried harder to protect that goodness, Lee, 'cause god knows we needed it." Even though he wasn't the bastard that cut her open, he felt as if he indirectly caused her death with his negligence. He should've tried harder— he should've done more. He should've tore the Exiles from the inside out and burned them all alive, but he hadn't. He stayed in the Pines like a coward because he didn't have the ability to defend his home. Yeah, it was his fault too. "I'll visit often, sis, I promise." He finishes with a whisper, his tail curling around himself in a vague attempt to comfort himself. He'll make sure that her grave would always be tended to, and that she'd always get flowers, and to make sure no one disturbed her resting place— it was the least he could do after everything.



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  • She’d seen many people die, some resurrected and were given the chance to start anew while others wasted away in their graves forever leaving those they left behind to wait for a return that would never come. Saoirse’s had hit her hard for a long time and even still she visited the Rogues graveyard more than she would’ve cared to admit to. She was one of the few she cried for, Leesha was another and someone who took apart of them all with her when she died young. It was her responsibility to protect her not as a leader, friend or confident but as a mother even if her formal words were lost forever to time. She would never be her true daughter and never again would she be able to hoist her up and show her the world that should’ve been beautiful and perfect just for her.

    She’d taken her to Solaris months ago, made a crown of flower to symbolize love for someone they both shared. Later she was given a bracelet to represent their friendship and she never in return got the chance to gift her back. Not in life anyway and that was a real tragedy as if this wasn’t one already. She’d spent so much time alone because of her but today was the day to say her final goodbyes, today would be the day she was finally left to rest while other children galavanted around joyously and unaware of the sacrifice Leesha never should’ve given.

    The crown she makes is prettier than the first still glistening with morning dew and smelling fresher than the body in its soon to be tomb. It’s woven with meticulous care not with the enthusiastic paws of a child. The choice of flowers a variety of pale and purple shades, Hyacinths, lilies, and tulips all blended together. They are a lousy gift to a girl she should’ve gifted more to in life. She grips the crown in her jaws hardly focusing on anything else but getting it to where it belongs. She passed Junepaw hardly finding the will to look at him but dipping her head to him none the less.

    She leans down to drop it onto her head flinching was it falls and the recipient stays shallow and still. She’d done her best to clean her up when she was first discovered even when her paws trembled (from rage or intense grief she still doesn’t know). The wounds are still noticeable and perhaps only because she saw the worst of it when there was still an inkling of life in the body before rigor mortis took hold.

    A wheeze of a sound, animalistic and pained pushes its way through her gritted teeth. She fights it back relaxing herself even if her fur prickles and her wings clamp down hard enough to hurt. ”What is there left to even say to you kid? Your ears don’t deserve my or anyone’s apology, you deserved more” bitterness swells in her voice but she shakes her head. ”...You made the world a better place kid, lit up so many peoples lives when you didn’t have to. The world got so much darker all the sudden you know?” the corpse doesn’t talk back, it never will it’s just a body a pile of flesh and bone without the soul that brought that joy to their lives.

    ”Remember when we made a crown for Charlotte, it wasn’t the best looking thing in the world but I’m sure she adored it... she adored you” she drifts off, her mother wasn’t here nor was Mercy and that became so apparent as every second passed. ”I adored you Leesha. If you hear anything i hope you hear that, please her voice edges but she breathes in and out deeply as she backs up.

    She doesn’t bother saying a goodbye when she’d return likely in a days time. She just turns and briskly moves away not stopping her pace until she’s far away from the graveyard, far away from the crowd, far away from Leesha.