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  • GENERAL ・ 。゚☆

    cloudypaw / previously cloudykit / to-be cloudyskies, cloudystep, cloudyday, cloudynight, ? / if he doesn't trust someone, he'll introduce himself as 'clyde' in a nervous attempt to keep himself safe / most people just call him cloud

    physically 7 months / spiritually 7 months / born in the thunderlands / ages every 50 posts or at random

    ftm transgender / biologically female / he/him

    qualea of the volary flights / no past ranks / no titles

    member of the thunderlands (npc status) / no past ranks / no titles

    APPEARANCE ・ 。゚☆

    BIRTH/CURRENT BODY / domestic cat / 100% health

    no accessories

    cloudypaw takes the form of a small yet slightly bulky spotted blue tabby domestic feline. white marks his body irregularly, most notably a minority of his face, his right ear, front left paw and tail tip. the rest of his body is marked by irregular patches. his eyes have a yellowish hue to their sclera and his irises are a rich indigo.


    istj / neutral good / phlegmatic

    anxious uwu baby with a very serious face; no one would ever be able to tell on the outside

    very soft emotionally, though tries his best to keep it to himself; doesn't want to disturb others

    sticks mainly with those he knows, but will open up if you start talking to him about botany or healing (even though he's still very uneducated when it comes to those topics)

    doesn't really know where his loyalties lie apart from his chosen craft

    unanimated; has one stance, and that's slouched; does start tapping his foot a little when he gets anxious

    short, punctuated responses

    actually quite patient, though very awkward in conversation

    will probably find a lot of solace and comfort through bird training; companionship and such


    yoshikage kira x bramblemask / gen 5 / doesn't know his father (kira), loves his mother (bramblemask)

    littermate to dovepaw, sugarpaw

    homoromantic / demisexual / open to plotting with strictly romantic relationships (for now)

    single / might be crushing on none / crushing on none / dating none / married to none

    acquainted with none / friends with none / close friends with none

    distrusts none / dislikes none / enemies with none


    physically easy / mentally easy

    closed to friendships / difficult to befriend / trusts very slowly

    won't start fights / will show mercy / won't kill

    never harms children / heal over harm

    mentions account ( @/account ) and write in underline when attacking

    ask for capture or injury / closed for death and maiming

    any passive or peaceful interactions may be powerplayed

    POWERS ・ 。゚☆

    TOTAL: 100%

    plant manipulation / workable but somewhat unpredictable / 40%

    light elemental / mastered / 10%

    shadow elemental / undiscovered / 10%

    telepathy / mastered / 10%

    possession / undiscovered / 30%

    NOTES ・ 。゚☆

    @ this account when needed / roleplayed by roach !

    template (c) vixika


    kira x bramblemask qualea of volary flights botany enthusiast tags

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  • The one true thing that kept Cloudypaw in the Flights (besides his siblings of course) was their unique connection with the birds of the world. He found it quite interesting, what with the fact that almost none of the bird companions were sentient (or, if they were past their primal state, they chose to stay quiet). Personally, as someone who struggled to hold conversation, he didn't mind the fact that none of Volary Flight's feathered friends seemed to want to chat. Much like him, they seemed to prefer to just exist next to all the action. Having something in common is what connects someone to others, right? Naturally, Cloud was drawn to the birds. He had always had more of an interest in plants, but he couldn't deny that avians were also a new interest of his. A side effect of the Flights he supposed.

    As a result of his new found fascination, Cloud had set aside some of his abundant time today to visit the aviary. A curious place it was. It was small, and yet surprisingly spacious. He supposed it served more as a place for avian companions to rest rather than for the raising of actual birds, but nonetheless it was alluring. The ringing chirps and chattering of an array of bird species echoed in the area, almost to the point where Cloud felt his feet vibrating under him. Indigo eyes picked out a few of the feathered creatures in the foliage up above, but many were hidden in the other various natural hiding places that had been implemented in the

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    kira x bramblemask qualea of volary flights botany enthusiast tags