something ends, something begins [joining]

  • He thought he would manage. He really did...

    All had been well for him, he had managed to keep himself well fed during those warm summer nights. Autumns chilly days. The mongrels that cursed the lands this leaf-bare hadn't managed to kill him yet, though he feared with his state he may just be too weak to run away from them or to fight off the ravenous fox. The tabby had stayed strong when his mother abandoned him... stayed strong when he had to learn to care for himself, but the thought of death? Knowing that it was coming, that if he was lucky he'd survive the next few days if he managed to find scraps to chew on, scared him. What was there after death? Was there anything? Back when he was a child his mother use to whisper him stories about how cats would ascend to some type of heaven when they passed on, it was peaceful... never again would one have to worry about starving or dehydration. Never again would one have to feel pain or sadness. When he was a kit he believed it. But as he grew older he began to become not so naive... His mother had lied to him each and every single time she told him the words 'I love you', it wasn't so hard to guess that that was another lie she spoke to him. Every damn thing she had ever told him was a damn lie.

    What was there then? Total blackness? Did you get spat back out right after death into a different life to live? With his luck he'd turn into something so stupid and pointless like a flea.

    Perhaps if there was at least nothing he'd for sure never have to worry about anything again, it'd be a slumber that lasted for eternity... And if this is what life was he'd prefer that than the hell he was living in right now. The light tabby was nothing but bones, you could see his rib cage, his fur was a complete mess and tangled beyond belief. He hadn't had time to care for himself with the empty pit in his stomach kept constantly reminding him- hey you're hungry, hey you're starving, hey you better give me some food. He was trying... he was trying but there was nothing!

    Where was the damn prey?

    But even if he found something, would he be able to catch it? Or was he too weak for that as well?

    He stops in his tracks, a hundred thoughts raced in his head.

    This was how he'd die. Alone, cold, and hungry. A tom who had barely even had the chance to truly live.

    I could've been handed any life to live, and I was given this one.

    He sinks down into the snow, his legs tired and his paws screaming for him to rest. And thats what they'd get. He carried no plans on standing up ever again, he was so hungry it hurt. He walked so many miles his paws felt like they were going to fall off, and he was so cold he was shocked he didn't have icicles growing on his whiskers. Even if he didn't give up and continued walking he'd collapse sooner or later, and eventually he'd die. At least this way he got to rest on last time before going out.

    "W-W... Why me?" He whines through chattering teeth as a shiver runs down his spine. He didn't want to die, he didn't.

    He lays his head down in the cold snow with a quiet whimper and closes his eyes, perhaps it'd end sooner if he fell asleep?

    Soon the cold or the constant grumbling of his stomach wouldn't bother him anymore. All he had to do was sleep... So he closes his eyes and minutes begin to pass. The thoughts in his head wouldn't cease, they kept him awake. Kept him thinking...

    "Get up."

    "W-Wha-What?" A confused yelp would escape the young tom and immediately he'd scramble up onto his paws in alarm. His head thrashed around in an attempt to look for the source of the voice, but he seen no one. Was he hallucinating?

    Then he calms down and looks straight, to see a sight he definitely was not expecting to see. Before him stood a starry translucent cat, she appeared... older but aside from that with the snows blinding glow he couldn't make out anything else about her. But he got the most important things. His eyes would widen in both confusion and shock, "W-What are you...? He stutters once more through chattering teeth. But the feline only continues to give him a blank stare and shakes her head, "Not important. Follow." Her tone was stern yet gentle, a tone he'd often hear his mother use back when he was a child. Back when he had someone to look to. In an odd way it comforted him. It made him feel like he could trust her...

    As she turns around she gives off a beckoning flick of her tail before padding off rather quickly, and not wanting to lose her he swiftly pads after her. Though somehow the feline managed to walk gracefully through the snow, failing to leave even the faintest of prints behind as she paced through the land. Meanwhile the weak and tired tom was having a bit of trouble plowing through it all... he had no idea what was going on, no idea what was happening, but he couldn't just... not follow her.

    Maybe she'd lead him to warmth. Food. Shelter.

    He hoped so... he hoped he was right in trusting her.

    Some time would pass and eventually the molly would lead him into the depths of a forest. Trees were everywhere and if you looked up you could just barely see the blue sky through the branches.

    He felt claustrophobic, and doubt once more began to sink into him. "Where are you taking me? We've been walking forever! And... it smells weird here..." And the feline failed to bless him with a reply. Er... okay... But instead she did quicken her pace, swerving side to side past tree to tree. Clearly she had done this before and even more clearly she knew this place well. Did that mean they were drawing close to where they were going?

    Well he couldn't really think about that, as since the feline was so swift with her movement while he nearly face planted into a tree every time he turned he had a hard time keeping up. Clumsily racing through the trees for awhile he only caught glimpse of the starry feline, and eventually she must have gotten out of his sight because he didn't see her at all! "H-Hey? Wait up! Where are you?" The tabby yells frantically through the trees, but as expected he gets nothing in response.

    He stops in his tracks, "Come back!" a hopeless wail escapes him.

    What was he to do now...?

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    In summary he's pretty much close to starvation, cold, and weak af. Right as he was about to give up a spirit (lav lmfao im not even gonna try to be discreet y'all know me i love her) guided him to skyclan territory. He's now in the middle of it and the spIRIT is no where to be seen.

  • There was yelling, panicked yelling, and Juniperthorn could not match the voice to a face. Shrewd, constant observation had lead him to know every voice and every scent by name, yet the shouting of what sounded like a rather young tom did not belong to any cat within SkyClan's walls, he was sure of that. Leaping from branch to branch (it seemed to be his favourite mode of transportation as of late), he kept his eyes ahead to bring the ground into view, looking for wherever this desperate figure may be hiding. And eventually his gaze landed upon a light brown tabby yelling like a fanatic after a person who was clearly not around; he hummed in intrigue, shrugged his shoulders, and in a few swift leaps landed upon the ground.

    "Are you a cat, or just a pile of bones?" he asked, narrowing his eyes slightly as he stood before the other, looking down at him with a gaze usually so alight with irritation dulled in intrigue. "You need to eat." he said, his tone demanding rather than nurturing, and with that he beckoned the wailing kid with his strangely-shaped tail, looking expectantly toward him. "Come with me. There is little food to go around, but... whatever will stop you from turning into dust at our border."

    A few moments went by, silence engulfing him, before curiosity overtook him. Beginning to attempt to lead the other toward camp, he asked, "Who were you calling after?"





  • screeches broke through the silent atmosphere, anguished and terrified, sending kestrelswoop's mind into a temporary state of panic. his first thought was dogs. the dogs had injured another clanmate. skyclan would bury another fallen comrade today, or at the very least, another cat would be confined to the medicine cat den with cobwebs plastering vicious bite marks and hideous scratches. then, rationality set in; maybe a little too late, since he'd already taken off towards the cacophony. there was no barking, nor howling, to accompany the screams. and as he drew closer, he couldn't detect any scent of the mutts. the only thing that he could smell was fear scent, suffocatingly strong; and hidden underneath was the scent of an outsider.

    any former concern melted away to be replaced by anger. another stranger had ignored the border, choosing to trespass in skyclan territory. and to make matters worse, they were scaring off what little prey remained in the immediate area with their yelling. prey that could be used to feed his clan. with an agitated hiss, he continued forwards, emerging onto the scene with his fur puffed out and eyes blazing.

    "what in th' name of starclan are you screamin' 'bout? have you lost your mind-" the fire burning hot underneath his skin died a little at the sight of the cat before him. an apprentice-aged sack of bones who looked as if he could be carried away by the wind. his hackles lowered, his lashing tail slowed, and he sighed. his gaze shifted to meet juniperthorn's, his frown deepening. they couldn't just leave this pitiful scrap of fur to die... even if he did seem to be a little loopy, from starvation or exhaustion, kestrelswoop wasn't sure.

    kestrelswoop would remain silent until the kid made his next move, and should he deny juniperthorn's offer of help, he would certainly receive a few sharp words from the senior warrior.

  • Are you a cat, or just a pile of bones?

    Another startled yelp escape him and the tom let off a small jump, his head swerved to land his gaze on a dark cinnamon tabby. His words didn't bring him nearly as much comfort as the starry molly's had, but part of him was glad to not be alone... Besides if this cat was any enemy they would have just attacked him by now right? Then again he knew some loners in the past who seemingly really liked the sound of their own voice, chatting at any chance they got.

    Out of shock he doesn't give an answer, but a grunt escapes him at the you need to eat comment. Really?

    He had no clue. But he was too hungry and weak to give anyone a taste of his sometimes sharp-tongued comments and nods. Go with him? Was this cat going to vanish in thin air too? "Uh... alright..." He meows before beginning to pad after him.

    Then another older tom approaches, he seemingly was upset that the hungry tabby had been yelling, but he stopped talking right when his eyes landed on him. Embarrassment washed over him, did he look that terrible? He gulps, and turns to the other tom once again at his question.

    He was going to sound crazy... but maybe they'd know who she was? "I- I seen a spirit! She was leading me somewhere, but then she began to curve through the trees so fast I couldn't keep up! She was taking me somewhere... but I don't know where she went to."

  • Hearing voices approach camp, Heronstar would lift her head from her paws, looking towards the entrance. She saw the familiar forms of Juniperthorn and Kestrelswoop, but definitely did not recognise the cat that followed. If you could even call it; the poor thing looked more like a ghost than a cat.

    "What's going on?" She would ask as she made her way over. "Who is this?"



  • A spirit, leading him somewhere? He almost snorted at the concept. This wasn't a Clan cat- how could he see spirits? StarClan didn't just grant random loners with that power. "You're so hungry you were probably hallucinating. But hey... maybe she was taking you to us," he shrugged, thinking about (provided he wasn't lying) who this mystery she-cat could be. What Starclanner would care so much about SkyClan to bring a loner here? And a starving one at that. Why the hell would someone bring a starving loner to them in leaf bare when everyone was already hungry enough?

    Spotting Heronstar on the border, he'd dip his head in greeting, tipping his head in the nameless newcomer's direction. "This is... actually, yeah, what's your name?" he asked, casting bitter eyes upon the other. Waiting for him to give an answer, he would continue. "Anyway, we found him at the border. I said he could stay for a while so he doesn't die on our land. StarClan forbid we need more dead bodies around for our apprentices to see." He would angle his dark head toward his leader again, awaiting her approval, or rejection- either way it didn't matter to him, though knowing Heronstar she would likely agree with him.