we keep going through tragedy - p, riptide

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    It seemed that with each tragedy that occurred, more rushed in like an unforgiving wave. She'd never really taken notice of such things before, but here, where such waves disrupted peace so easily, it was harder for her to ignore it than to acknowledge it.

    Really, a lot of things had changed since her arrival here, even if she didn't quite acknowledge them at first. That hollow husk of hers, it was slowly peeling off, and for once, she was scared of what it might show underneath, what kind of person that she would be. It'd been both her only form of sanity and her safety net, and now, with no need for it, it was slowly falling apart, leaving Adara scrambling for alternatives.

    It was hard to find comfort in this place, strangely enough, comfort in the uniformity of things, a twisted acceptance that she had grown used to. Everybody had been friendly, too friendly for her to be comfortable with, at first, making her want to distance herself more, until she felt safe. Even with people like Charlotte and Mercy, that first reaction to that motherliness that they held towards her was to try and push them away, precisely because they were above her, in her eyes.

    Adara had found Riptide a bit easier to handle. He was calmer, and seemed acutely aware of when somebody would feel comfortable with him trying to step closer or not. When they were midnightbringers, it had been comfortable, when it came to planning those events. That's the best way that Adara could describe it. Even with his promotion, she struggled to see him as a superior. Nobody had ever surpassed her before to join those ranks. She had a feeling if it was Theo or S who had ended up commanding her, as well, she'd have a difficult time then seeing them that way.

    Yes, that world of hers was beginning to crumble.

    "Riptide?" The midnightbringer let a soft knock fall on the door, her tone as carefully neutral as ever.

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