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  • It was December, and that meant it was Christmas.

    Unfortunately Zee was entirely too enthusiastic about the Holiday. If he'd been in Agrelos around Halloween, you could've heard him busting out carols left and right. Maybe he was just hyping himself up for his first Christmas ever? He was, after all, born in January of this year, just missing the past season. Cherrycola'd had a Christmas before, though- he'd always been the lucky one. His mom always talked about what she'd get the two of them; usually she liked entertaining things that matched, which Zee had always found embarrassing, but she also threw out real gift ideas every once in a while. She'd always loved Christmas and had talked about it frequently despite being totally seasonally inappropriate.

    So, to honor her, he was making ugly sweaters. It was a tradition she'd talked about before, and though he had almost no idea what he was doing, he was determined to make this fun. He'd gathered sweaters and other sweater-shaped material to use for the clothes themselves (but don't ask him where he found it), as well as some silly decoration things like twigs and homemade paint to use. Maybe then he could prove himself a friend to his new clanmates. His mind floated to Joy Division and Elian, who seemed like tough nuts to crack (though for different reasons), and he was determined to get them in on this.

    "I'm makin' ugly sweaters! It's fun, so you should join me! Plus, uh, we can, like... do a meet and greet, or somethin', too," the boy called, bright-eyed and intense in his enthusiasm. He promptly thrust a black paw into some forest-green paint, and began working at a design for his own sweater, the color of which was an unsightly neon pink.

  • < > King was finishing up his third lap around the territory -had to keep in shape, just in case some other Exile nut tried to nab him again- when he smelled something...odd. Not "there's a trespasser doing trespassing things," but more so just weird. He didn't think he'd ever smelled it before, and if it happened that this was some kind of Exile-hatched plot to lure King in via curiosity, then- then it was working, because the apprentice was already jogging toward it. If something did happen, they were deep enough in Ruins territory that King could very realistically fend off his captor until the cavalry arrived.

    The paint wasn't actually wielded by an Exile member; instead, it was another boy King hadn't met yet, one paw drenched in green and dragged across what had to be the most hideous shade of pink King had ever had the eye-watering displeasure of seeing. Seriously, his eyes. This had to be, like, cruel and unusual punishment or something.

    "So I think you might've left a few things out. Namely why. And a different word for ugly, because that's not ugly, it's gotta be like- like a word for if someone funneled my worst nightmares of torture and wet socks into the color wheel and then rolled it through the cemetery where our communal fashion sense died miserably." He inhaled deeply before sprouting a fairly loose, lopsided grin. "I'm King by the way."

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  • it most certainly was ugly, joy had to agree with him on that. like king, she was making her rounds about the territory but she had been looking for small game. elian's elk that he had caught still haunted her. the serval approached slowly, as per usual, eyeing what the other serval had been making. she looked up at the black wildcat and her amber eyes brightened up. "oh- it's you again!" she meowed awkwardly looking at the serval and quickly back down to the hideous pink sweater. joy had to admit that she felt a lot more comfortable around zee knowing that she wasn't the newest member of the ruins, but she had also already figured him as a friend- or at least a close acquaintance. "i have to agree with king on this one, that is one unsightly sweater," joy division chirped with a slight purr rumbling in her throat.

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  • Zee had been peacefully painting away until someone decided to join him. The serval glanced up at the stranger with an energetic beam, ears perking forward to take in his words. When they turned out less than kind, he puffed his chest, indignation rising in his green-stained paws. Jeez, did this guy just, like, hate fun? He also noted that the stranger’s name is King, which made him wonder if it was ever annoying that King was also Jace’s title. Do they ever get confused? Must be annoying. Oh well, though, not my problem! Still, the lopsided grin gave him the impression that maybe those comments were just in jest, but... well, if he had been in a worse mood, he might’ve reacted differently.

    Okay, answer t’ question one: ‘cause I want to, and it’s fun! Ya gotta trust me. Here, take a sweater,” he offered then, tossing a more sightly purple one King’s way. “Secondly, Pinky-” (it could be assumed that Zee was referring to the ungodly pink creation at his paws) “- is very hurt by your words. I think he deserves an apology.” It was pretty clear that Zee was joking, what with his exaggerated pouting and waving the sweater around as he spoke, but in truth, he himself was just a bit sad that someone thought his sweater was that ugly, even if that was the point.

    Then Joy Division arrived, and he beamed at her even brighter. An expected guest! He hadn’t been sure she was gonna show up, so it was a nice surprise.

    It is me again!” he responded teasingly, a bright grin on his face. As she purred her praise (or insult? he didn’t really know how to take it at this point), his tail flicked happily.

    Well, I guess ‘f it’s really as ugly as everyone says it is, then I’m doing it right?

    As he spoke, he reached for a twig, rolled it in the green paint, and stuck it to the sweater as if the substance would bind it there. He then swept his hazel gaze over the other options he’d gathered, trying to determine what he should use. If only he had some sort of glitter....

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  • "Nobody's got your back in this town"

    "Now I know there's no one I can trust" — Kokichi

    "I guess you are" the violet furred wolf approached the group with a calm look upon his gaze before looking at the sweater with a twitch of his tail before lookimg back up at them.

    He dared not say anything but hummed softly watching the membeds as they began to surround Crazydiamond to talk to him and he had to admit, he wished that Ruins had done the same with Ko. Shame ain't it? Well, he can't blame them, he wasn't exactly...a nice guy. "May I ask why you decided to do this in the first place?" he asked Crazy.

    "Me? Lie?"

    "Speak" "Thoughts"

  • "well, i - i'm sure it's not that bad." comes rentarou's contemplative murmur as he came wandering forth, wrapped up in fresh new bandages after taking a small break to re - apply poultices to his still healing wounds. rentarou had came over after overhearing zee's announcement that he was making ugly sweaters, and the further comments of some of his clanmates.

    the ghoul would settle himself down nearby, scrunching his nose slightly at the smell of the paint. he wonders if zee would be so kind as to make him a sweater, too? it would get horribly cold during those winter nights, he imagined. "what're the sweaters made out of? i can't, ah, exactly see them." blind, he was. his milky eyes and the distant stare he had probably gave that away as he turned his head in the serval's general direction.

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  • "You named it?" It was all he could manage, the words of disbelief flowing from his jaws before the disapproving scowl had time to form along his face. His brows would furrow, wrinkled with light disgust that read as clearly as a billboard plastered along his stern features. Right, t'was the season of gifting and decorating. What a horrible time of the year. The triangular ears that perched atop his head would swivel back, an exhale of discontent hissing from his nostrils. Was it too late to ignore the crowd and continue along his endless patrol? The canine would reluctantly lower his haunches to the sandpaper terrain, almost pouty in appearance that he was opting not to abandon this crafty gathering. "Who names a sweater." He'd reiterate, casting a questioning glance of sanity toward the pink cloth and its holder. He didn't know how to feel about Crazydiamond, not yet. He was a strange subject, someone the warlord hadn't crossed off his list of potential experiment victims, but .. at least the guy was around.

    Maybe he'd make something for Lola? Or maybe he'd paint a sweater with red and glue the teeth of his past captives around its collar. Maybe that could somehow pass as ... festive. Sure, why the fuck not. "You have something dark colored?" He'd reluctantly grumble at last, his ears laying flat with shame.

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  • < > King didn't know just how much he should trust an answer that was because he wanted to. Not for himself, at least; the guy -whoever he was, as he hadn't introduced himself in turn and King wasn't about to remind him of how this worked since he was shoving around mini torture devices- could use whatever reasons he wanted for putting that on himself. It was just a question of why he'd subjected the rest of them to it. Then again, King lived in a clan whose border was lined with corpses and the like. People were bound to be a little...whatever the special, rich word was for weird.

    He stared at the sweater given to him dubiously, as though it might bite him, but at least it was a little easier on the eyes. The apprentice lifted his head from it to give the other feline a look caught between "are you serious?" and "what hole did you crawl out of?" "Well, uh," he scratched at his chin after setting down his sweater, "if he really wants one..."

    Clearing his throat, the pale feline straightened up, his bright eyes latching stubbornly onto the- onto Pinky. "Sir Pinky," he began, his voice forced into a deeper tone, "I extend my humblest, most sincere, most completely...sorriest apology. It's my fault I can't appreciate your- your grand magnificence. Fleece forgive me." He dipped into a bow, and when he left it, he pawed his own sweater closer, wondering if he really had to decorate it or if it was...ugly enough as it was. King thought so at least.

    A few more people trickled on over, Ren trying to be...supportive? Well, easy for him to say, since he couldn't really see it. Not that it was something to necessarily be thankful for. Or anything. Probably a good idea to keep his mouth shut on this one.

    "Elian! Should we make one for mom? But like...a pretty one?" King was still a little wary around his mom's boyfriend, unable to ever really shake the memory of the little brothers he almost had, but he was doing better now, right?

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  • "pinky?!" joy cackled, her amber eyes wide with disbelief. "i can't believe you named your sweater." the serval let out a laugh looking down at the horrendous pink sweater. she finally sat down and brought a paw to her mouth and licked it gingerly. she then took the paw across her ear to clean it quickly. ever since she had come to sanguine ruins, she constantly had sand in places she didn't want- especially her large years. joy division looked over at king and then back down at the sweater that zee was making and let out a purr of amusement. she liked zee. he was funny and actually got along with joy. "fuck it," the tall, lanky cat meowed looking for another sweater to make. "i'll make one too." she didn't know how well her ugly sweater was going to turn out but she figured she'd wear it during the cooler months as her fur was short and didn't handle the cold too well.

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  • He glances up at the purple guy as he approaches, and Zee presses his lips together as he is asked again why he'd started this project. His brows furrow ever so slightly over his honeyed hazel gaze, and the serval

    "I already told ya, man, it's just 'cause I wanted to! Is there, like, somethin' wrong with that? Can a dude not be in touch with the holidays or somethin'?" Apparently he doesn't like repeating himself. And, apparently his temper wears more easily than he lets on. But soon enough, he's back to relaxing all sublime-like as he works away at his creation, humming a (slightly forced) Christmas-ish tune. It's a Frankenstein of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and various other classic carols, all stitched into one creation, because evidently Zee can't remember any of them completely.

    He pauses as Rentarou arrives, turning his full attention to the mutt. He'd been awed by the guy at his joining, and apparently the attitude had stuck, so as the other praises his hideous creation, Zee can't help but tear up just a bit. He's an emotional guy.

    "Thanks, man!" he wails appreciatively, before making an effort to compose himself. Golly, though, it wasn't just every day he got cred from a guy with such gnarly scars. Well... some of his gang members back home had had pretty gnarly scars, too, so maybe it was more common than he let on, but it didn't make it any less special. At the request, he nods emphatically even though it falls on blind eyes. "I dunno what exactly it's called, but it's this real soft clothy stuff with an even softer inside. Great for sitting beside fires n' stuff, if you're into that kinda thing." The thought to make Ren a sweater doesn't cross his mind quite yet, but it's clear that if he was asked to he'd complete the task enthusiastically.

    You named it? The scolding question is thrown to him by none other than Elian; the guy is so steely cold, Zee wonders if he has any body heat left underneath all that fur he's got.

    "Yeah, I named it," he retorts. He's not sure why he's sticking his ground, since he'd only been joking around when he'd demanded the apology in the first place, but he hates to be made fun of. "You gotta problem with it?" His tone is challenging, and his hazel eyes shadow with a fighting spirit, but he backs off immediately once Elian asks for a sweater. He tosses the wolf a gray sweater, then turns his attention to King as the other speaks up again.

    "Woah, for real? I was just kidding, haha," he admits, easygoing as ever. Hopefully King doesn't feel all too strange about putting on such an act for a sweater, but... "but, uh, if it makes ya feel any better, I bet he'd appreciate it. It was very... elegant." He grins wider as he sees the other paw his sweater closer, and his tail wags happily. For a serval, he's very puppylike.

    Finally Zee turns his attention back to Joy Division, and he laughs at her disbelief, but it's also nice to see her coming out of her shell a bit more. Maybe she'd only been so nervous because he was a stranger, back when he'd joined, but seeing the other serval around more often was nice, and he especially appreciated that she showed up to this whole event. Fuck it. I'll make one too.

    "Oh, really? Sure, what color d'ya want?" he asks, ears pricking.

  • — His look of minor disgust continued on full display, his head circling around to the many items lined up on display. Ugh, what was the point of all this? He'd swallow back the snarky words nipping at his tongue, begging to be expelled, and instead sink his pearly canines into his inner cheeks to prevent misbehavior. That was, until Dees retort reached his grumpy wolf ears. Elian's sterling glare would immediately turn cold, head yanking back in the serval's direction with a rumbling growl already forming at the base of his throat. "You couldn't even handle the problems I deal with." He had many counters for that comment, some being far nastier than others, but the tossed silvery sweater successfully halted the venom of anger that had sprouted.

    "Elian! Should we make one for mom?"

    Mom? Mom? Mom!??

    Reluctantly, the warlord's pools of dilute blue would peel away from the ebony toned wildcat to instead rest upon King. Ah, Lola's... project. Right. His leathery lips would momentarily press together in contemplation, his ears returning to their sideways position of ignominy. He struggled to see the apprentice as a member among his extremely limited family, especially after the passing of his own sons. It wasn't really anything personal against the tabby, being around him just left a rough feeling nagging at his stomach. His sons were Haaheo and Hauoli, his pride and joy, their unexpected death didn't change that and he certainly wasn't about to replace them.

    Still, he knew interacting with his lover's adopted child would make her happy. "Uh, sure. What color do you think she'd like?" This day just kept getting better and better.

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