• hey!! this is crazydiamond, also known as zee! hes new to the ruins and im really excited about him :3c some details that u might find interesting areeeee:

    * he's a delinquent through and through. not the sharpest knife in the drawer, either, so it's easy to get him riled up about being wrong about stuff. and, believe me, he's very easy to rile up

    * WILL kick ass if he needs to, and he's pretty decent at it
    * has a really strong weakness complex; will do anything to prove to the world that hes not weak

    * but he can also be very nice if he opens up to someone! it takes a lot for someone to gain his trust, especially with how abrasive and disagreeable he is to strangers, but hes Soft on the inside

    * minds his manners around women (it's how he was raised)

    more info can be found in his tags HERE

    hes open to just about everything EXCEPT killing and maiming! but if you want some ideas, i love plots like:
    * enemies to friends (he's easy to make enemies with because he's usually pretty blunt / rude)
    * GIVE HIM LOVE? GIVE HIM LOVE. he's a real slow burn type but i love one-sided crushes that are eventually reciprocated, as long as the dev is natural

    * (best) friends! he needs friends... pls give him friends. hes a real troublemaker so they could be troublemakers together if u want, or y/c could convince him to not be an idiot at all times, either way is GREAT

    * enemies are also great if u want to go that route! i like drama >:3c

    * ummmm i cant think of much else for now! but if you have any ideas im always open to hearing them!

  • runnin' through my hearttags (12/1)

    i could see these two becoming friends but with a really funny dynamic,, like she has a crush on him or something but she always wants to show him up to annoy him, in a teasing sort of way?? tons of (maybe not so friendly) competition, he could also teach her to fight since she has no clue how to, but she'll try to act tough and show off for him even though she's clumsy as h e l l

    but of course she'll be a good friend when it counts and they can run around pranking their clanmates for fun or something ha


  • oo, that sounds super fun!!! i can defo see them being friends and i really like that crush plot :3c i could see it being reciprocated someday if all goes well!! but it all sounds super fun and if youd want a thread for them id be down!!